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A new and interesting addition to Puffco’s lineup, the Puffco Peak is a boutique e-rig that sports a unique style and some interesting features. With the built-in bubbler, fantastic design and powerful heating elements, the Puffco Peak is shaping up to be a top-notch contender. Is the Puffco Peak able to bring you to the highest summits, or will it leave you stuck at basecamp?

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Review: Puffco Peak

Puffco Peak Review

Puffco Peak refill

How it Works

The Puffco Peak is a relatively simple unit to use. Starting off by filling the glass, you’ll add just enough to cover the air holes – don’t leave it attached to the device while filling though! After reattaching the glass, holding the main button for three seconds will unlock it.

A click of the same button will cycle through each the temperature settings, after which you’ll want to load your concentrates. After using the loading tool to load your material onto the atomizer, placing the carb cap back on will get you ready to go!

Double click the button again to let it heat up, and once the unit vibrates and the lights flash three times, the Puffco Peak is ready to go! The heat-up time is around 20 seconds, depending on the temperature setting used.

Puffco Peak side view

The Puffco Peak can also be used like a traditional dab rig in the sense that you can heat up the atomizer before applying your material and then covering it with the cap. Either way works quite well and will net you some pretty awesome results!

Puffco Peak power controlTemperature Flexibility

The Puffco Peak has four pre-determined temperature settings that step up in 50° increments, varying from 450/500/550/600°F, or 232/260/288/315°C. This is plenty of versatility for different materials and load sizes, though at this price range and with this technology, I would’ve expected precise temperature control like we see on a cheaper unit like the Focusvape Tourist.

At $379USD a pop, not including fully customizable temperature control is a big oversight in my opinion, as some people have found a precise heat setting for their exact material which gives the best results.

Though the presets certainly do the job very well, it’s a bit disappointing for it to only use presets instead.

Puffco Peak mouth piece

Vapor Quality

The Puffco Peak certainly has top-notch vapor quality! The hits are huge, flavorful and absolutely potent! The water filtration does a great job of cooling down the vapor before it reaches your lungs, while not dimming down the flavor at all.

The Puffco Peak is without a doubt one of the most luxurious e-nails/e-rigs I’ve had the pleasure of using, and the results are terrific!

It does bog down slightly with larger loads, especially compared to a large blowtorch rig, though it’ll have no problem for group sessions with four or more people.

Puffco Peak mouth piece detached

Puffco Peak front profile

Manufacturing Quality

Puffco did a great job with this, as we have seen with their other units like the Puffco Plus, as each part feels premium and well crafted. The glass top is very snug and holds on well, and it overall feels great to hold. Puffco includes the standard accessories kit which has a nice carrying case, loading tool, charger, cotton swabs, carb cap and spare ceramic bowl.

There’s nothing about the Peak that feels clunky or ‘off’, and overall is terrific to use! It’s definitely a piece that’ll impress your friends and thankfully feels as premium as the price tag suggests.

We’ll have to wait and see how long-term reliability goes, especially with the battery, though I wouldn’t put it past Puffco to have made a reliable unit.

Puffco Peak usb slotBattery Life

The Puffco Peak has reasonably good battery life. You can expect between 15-20 strong draws through it before needing to top up again. It charges using a standard Micro-USB cable, and the included charger tops up the Peak from empty until full in around 2 hours of time.

Unfortunately, the battery isn’t removable or user-swappable, so in a few years of time we may start seeing some of them with poor battery life. I would’ve really rather seen a removable solution or at least a little more juice to start with.

Puffco Peak with armor case


As far as full sized dab rigs go, the Peak is certainly portable. Of course, there’s no way you’re going to fit this in any pocket, though the carrying case is well sized and works well if you’re bringing it to another friend’s house.

It’s a good home portable, but certainly not for true on the go use. If you’re looking for a powerful e-rig type experience when out and about, I’d suggest looking at the Source Orb 4, or a Saionara atomizer if you already have a 510-threaded box mod.

Puffco Peak tank refill

Ease of Use

Handing the Peak off to a friend or stranger will require little to no coaching at all for them to get solid results – just inhale when it vibrates and they’re good to go!

For the beginner user or experienced veteran, the Peak will present no problems and getting it from 0 to 100 takes no time at all. You can be hitting milky rips within 30 seconds if you’re quick with things!

Puffco Peak in hand


The Peak isn’t what anyone would really consider being discreet. If someone saw you taking a hit from it, they’d certainly do a triple-check and really wonder what’s going on.

If prying eyes are a concern at all, the Peak really isn’t the best choice, though when not in use, someone may confuse it for a really fancy lava lamp.

Puffco Peak full kitOverall Experience

The Peak is a really great unit to have lying around. Especially for group settings or campground shenanigans, the Peak is both simple to use and elegant at the same time. The design and overall user experience are terrific and I love it for that. However, it does come with a hefty price tag which will certainly be too steap for a lot of people.

And because of that I do wish the battery life was a touch better and it had an OLED display that allowed for full temperature control.

If you are looking for an e-rig that won’t break the bank be sure to check out the Focusvape Tourist, which is also capable of handling dry herbs as well.

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  1. Product is a piece of hot trash, if you made it this far, don’t buy it. Bought it- day one had connection issues, contacted customer support, they responded after a week that I should send video and photo proof (I also sent my receipt proof) of it not working, I did, they responded back after ANOTHER week stating they would be willing to send me a free bowl.
    Whole unit defective,
    day one,
    their response?:

    “My apologies for the delay in hearing back from us. It looks like a new atomizer would likely correct this issue. While atomizers are not covered unde3r warranty, we are happy to make a one-time exception and get a new atomizer sent out to you.”

    New bowl.
    0/10 customer service,
    3/10 product. The 3 is for the dream of what the product could be, the rest is the reality.

    Again, avoid this product if you can. Sincere disappointment.

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