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The Puffco Plus is a portable vape pen with a coilless ceramic chamber and a built-in dab tool. There’s a lot to like about it at first glance, and it works extremely well right out of the box. So let’s dive right in and see how this wax pen sets itself apart. And if this is your first wax vaporizer be sure to check out our Wax Pen Buyers Guide for helpful info and tips.

Review: Puffco Plus

Puffco Plus Review

How it Works

The functionality of the Plus is pretty much the same as every other vape pen out there, with a few exceptions that help set it a step above some of the cheaper options.

On the basic side of things, this is nothing more than a battery, a chamber, and a mouthpiece. There is one button to control everything, and the battery charges by screwing it onto a charger.

While a lot of vape pens only have one temperature setting, this does have three. There are some out there with more, but it’s nice to see a little power flexibility. You adjust this by clicking the button four times when the device is on.

Unfortunately, the user manual doesn’t tell you what the temperature levels are, just that there are three settings for low, medium, and high temperatures. They are represented by the colors green, blue, and white, in that order.

When you take the mouthpiece off the top of the chamber, you’ll notice a little white piece that protrudes down. This is called the “dart” and is the built in dab tool. You can use this to load your chamber, which is actually extremely convenient.

When it actually comes time to vape, you can either press and hold down the button like usual or engage ‘Sesh’ mode. Sesh mode just keeps the unit heated for a full 12 seconds without needing to hold the button down. To activate it, just click the button twice on any heat setting.

Temperature Flexibility

I already went over this a little, but this gives you three different heat settings. In the user manual, the temperature levels are only indicated as either low, medium, or high. I did some digging on their website and found a support page with approximate temperatures listed. According to the page, these are the levels you’re dealing with:

  • Low/Green ~ 580°F
  • Medium/Blue ~  650°F
  • High/White ~ 720°FIf these are accurate, I’m actually very happy with the levels. I know some people like much hotter temperatures, but they’re really not necessary in my experience. If anything, I would have liked to see a lower one.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is very good, especially when it comes to flavor. If you’ve ever tried the Puffco Pro 2, you’ll notice a big difference between the flavor of these two.

This has to do with how your wax is heated. Coils will heat it up faster and deliver big, thick clouds, but they also tend to overheat and cause small amounts of burning.

A ceramic chamber like the one in the Plus evenly heats your concentrate and you end up with a much smoother and flavorful draw. A good ceramic chamber will beat a good rod and coil atomizer any day of the weak in this respect.

The downside is the vapor density and strength tend to be a little weaker, but by the end of a session you’ve consumed the same amount either way so it doesn’t really matter.

Manufacturing Quality

Manufacturing quality on the Puffco Plus is quite good. It does a few things right to set itself apart from most other wax devices. The first is the built in dab tool, while we have seen something like this on the Yocan Magneto, the Puffco Plus does it much better. Concentrates easily slip off the tool of the Plus and onto the heating element creating hassle free vapor.

This loading system is by far the easiest we have seen on a wax pen, which tends to be the trickiest part about switching to pens from a traditional rig. Some waxes are so sticky it can be almost impossible to get it off the tool and onto the atomizer.


Removing this step entirely by adding the tool directly to the build is a godsend.

The second thing we loved about the Puffco Plus is the “sesh-mode” as we touched upon forces the device to heat for a full 12 seconds. It sounds silly at first that this is more convenient than just holding a button for the same duration, but it is. This combines with the build in-tool make the Puffco Plus one of the easiest wax pens to use right out of the box.

Battery Life

The battery life could be improved a bit. The capacity of the battery is a rather measly 520mAh. For a $100 vape pen, this is much smaller than I would have expected.

Almost all of the better options out there have at least 650mAh, so this was actually pretty surprising to see. I’m not sure why they didn’t go with a bigger battery for the Plus. As it stands, you’re looking at less than an hour of continuous use on a full charge.

However we will note the battery charges rather quickly, usually in about 45 minutes.


The portability of this is good when you consider the size and shape, although that is true of every vape pen on the market. That is their biggest strength.

Where one pen can separate itself from another in terms of portability is battery life, and as we just established, the Plus doesn’t fair so well in this department.

With moderate use, this should still last you through a whole day, but you’ll likely be cutting it close.

Ease of Use

This is very easy to use. Once again, this is typically true of every vape pen. They almost all have one button and limited settings to control, and the Plus is no different.

Where it does distinguish itself is the built in dab tool. I really like this feature and wish more manufacturers would do something similar.

It allows you to quickly scoop up some concentrate and then just screw the mouthpiece on and vape.

This means you won’t have to carry a separate tool with you, and it makes it easier to get everything where you want it.

Overall Experience

What can I say about the Puffco Plus, when it works, it’s a great wax pen. The vapor production and flavor are very good, and I really like the built-in dab tool and session mode.

The only downside is the short battery life. But like I touched upon it does charge rather quickly, so topping up if your near power may not be that big of an issue.

If you are looking for something lower temp, I really like the Thunder 2 for it’s similar ceramic dish style atomizer.

If you are looking for a portable e-nail that has temperature control and the bonus of having a herb attachment as well, we would encourage you to check out the Focusvape Tourist.

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7.3 Good
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  1. DO NOT SUPPORT PUFFCO — Purchased a puffco+ almost a year ago. I’m on my 3rd replacement battery now. The first two batteries I had pulled apart and broke in the same way – because the parts are pressed… which means basically nothing is holding the pen together so the wires end up ripping and you’re left with a broken pen. I’ve been waiting on my 3rd replacement since mid December – supposedly they’ve fixed the issue and i’ll be receiving a “working” pen the 2nd week of February.. However when I asked what they changed in the design to prevent the pen from breaking they said that they “pressed the parts harder” which is complete bull crap. Meanwhile I’ve been forced to purchase yet another pen because i’m obviously not going to wait that long to smoke. Every time I try to leave a comment on a puffco page warning other consumers not to buy they immediately remove my comment which is why you only see positive things being said about this product. Strongly suggest you avoid this overpriced junk. It’s a total scam and they won’t refund you your money. They will just continue to replace broken parts with more parts that will inevitably break again until your warranty runs out. There are better pens on the market available @ a fraction of the price. Buyers beware. This company is pushing junk.

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