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While we at TVape like Sources products like the Orb 4, it’s always been slightly behind compared to units with water filtration. Now, our prayers have been answered and the intricate looking bubbler that tops the included power source does exactly that. Is the Source Bubbler 3 Premium Kit worth a buy or does it fall behind other budget portables with water filtration?

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Review: Source Bubbler 3 Premium Kit

Source Bubbler 3 Review

Source Bubbler 3 coils

How it Works

The Source Bubbler 3 with Premium kit functions practically identical to most wax pens on the market – load your material, turn on the unit by pressing the single central button 5 times, choose your heating profile, engage the heater and then draw.

The bubbler attachment slides right on over the top of the battery easily and has a handy little carb hole so you can tailor your hits accordingly.

The top of the unit also twists allowing you to adjust your airflow, really giving you plenty of flexibility with your hits.

Source Bubbler 3

Source Bubbler 3 power buttonTemperature Flexibility

There are three pre-configured voltage settings from 3.3v to 3.9v. While independent temperature control would be nice, it’s hard to ask for so much at such a low price point.

The present temperatures are pretty well chosen and for the majority of people, will satisfy any vaporizing needs you may have! Do keep in mind each of the different coils will provide a rather different experience.

Source Bubbler 3 mouth piece

Vapor Quality

With most units at this price point, vapor quality is typically good- yet not great. The water filtration on this seriously kills it.

While it has a strange design, the vapor gets cooled incredibly well and allows for huge, flavorful hits. You’re given four atomizers as well, each giving a different vapor experience. For real, at only $79, this is top notch for sure and I can’t think of anything else that bests the vapor quality at this price point.

So yeah, vapor quality is stellar from the bubbler. Cool, flavorful, heavy hits. The adjustable airflow and carb hole really allows you to dial in the perfect draw. There are units that are twice its price that deliver similar performance, so for its price, this is an absolute king in quality!

Source Bubbler 3 flat display

Source Bubbler 3 front profile

Manufacturing Quality

The quality of the glass, atomizers, and battery are all quite good.

Considering what you pay for, it’s pretty impressive what they’ve managed to include.

Fit and feel of the unit itself is rather nice, likewise with the glass piece – it feels sturdy and lightweight.

Everything that you’d get in the box is listed below.

  • Source Volt nano battery w/built-in container!
  • Source Bubbler 3
  • 1 Double-coil quartz atomizer
  • 1 Double-coil black ceramic atomizer
  • 1 Double-coil white ceramic atomizer
  • 1 Source Terra ‘donut’ ceramic atomizer
  • Large 510 FastCharge Charger
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Dab tool

A pretty impressive laundry list for such an inexpensive unit! The built-in container for concentrates is seriously a little feature that is so useful to have. I wish more portable units included this, it’s really handy!

Source Bubbler 3 usb slotBattery Life

While 650MaH is good enough for frequent use over many days, I find myself much preferring a 1000+MaH battery or a removable battery.

I couldn’t imagine there would be an actual way to manufacture a unit this size with both of those in mind though and with that being said, the battery will certainly go a few days of moderate usage before needing to be topped up.

Source Bubbler 3 with armor case


Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be considered a truly portable unit. The glass bubbler obviously is the culprit of that.

I believe where this unit really shines is with an Orb mouthpiece or Source’s slim mouthpiece for on-the-go usage, and the bubbler attachment when at home. At that point, it’s the best of both worlds and only beaten by units for up to twice the price!

Source Bubbler 3 in hand

Ease of Use

Loading your concentrate is easy, as is turning the unit on and firing it up. Sliding the glass piece over the unit is painless and easy as well.

Of course, cleaning becomes a concern with all glass pieces and while the main unit itself cleans easily with a cotton swab and some 98% isopropyl alcohol, cleaning the glass piece is evidently much harder.

If you don’t have a dedicated glass piece cleaner, I recommend some isopropyl alcohol, a teaspoon of salt, and a squirt of both soap & lemon juice.

Vigorously shake it around, letting any residue slowly dissolve and then rinse thoroughly. It should clean up well if done frequently and properly!

Source Bubbler 3 in another hand


Unfortunately, with the huge bubbler attachment, it’s about as discreet as a neon green jacket is. You’re not fooling anyone and anyone with the slightest clue of what a concentrate vaporizer is will instantly know what you’re up to.

Of course without the giant glass piece on it and a regular mouthpiece on it becomes an ideal stealthy hitter that gives the ability to take huge hits quickly.

Source Bubbler 3 full kitOverall Experience

At the price point, the Source Bubbler 3 is a big winner for me. The water filtration works so well, delivering massive clouds, delightful flavor and of course smooth vapor.

The four included atomizers give you plenty of customization, likewise with the airflow adjustment and carb hole for the bubbler. It’s pretty astonishing what so little money will get you nowadays and for anyone looking at a dedicated wax vaporizer who wants top-notch performance and versatility, this unit delivers exactly that!

Those wanting a bit more portability from a wax device be sure to check out the Source Orb 4 Premium kit.

Those looking to spend a bit more on a dedicated e-rig that can also handle dry herbs be sure to check out the Focusvape Tourist.

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7.2 Good
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