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SOURCE Vapes has always been known for putting out quality wax pens units. Their Source Orb 4 has been a massive hit already and today we are looking at another addition to the Series 4 line, which addresses some of the critics issues with portability when it comes to Source products. The Source Slim 4 is their answer to these woes and because it can be used with almost any other Series 4 atomizer, its one of the most versatile pens to date. So let’s jump right in and see if the Slim 4 is right for you.

Review: SOURCE Slim 4

Source Slim 4 on desk

Source Slim 4 Atomizer

How it Works

The Source Slim 4 operates similarly to most other wax pens on the market, 5 clicks turns the device on and 3 clicks toggles between the 3 available temperature settings.

To load the Source Slim 4 remove the mouthpiece and screw in one of the two included atomizers. With the loading tool place your wax either on the exposed coils for the Dual Quartz atomizer or to the bottom of the chamber for the Coil-less atomizer.

Place the mouthpiece back onto the Source Slim 4 and you are ready to vaporize. Now simply press and hold the power button while drawing from the mouthpiece.

Source Slim 4 with green glowing power buttonTemperature Flexibility

There are 3 temperature settings for the Slim 4. Actually, these aren’t true temperature settings. Like the Orb 4, you only have control over the voltage.

This isn’t a temperature control battery, and it will heat different atomizers to different levels depending on the resistance of the materials in each.

3 settings may not seems like much, but it’s actually better than most pen vapes which only offer 1. These are indicated by the color of the LED on the power button.

Green – Low (2.6v – 3.2v)

Red – Medium (3.2v – 3.7v)

Blue – High (3.7v – 4.2v)

Because the Slim 4 comes with 2 different atomizers you technically are given a larger temperature range simply based on the coil you choose.

What I mean by this is that the dual quartz atomizer tends to produce hotter, punchier hits. While the coil-less atomizer produces some nice flavorful low temperature draws. You can then toggle the strength of your hits with either atomizer based on the voltage you use.

Which takes us to…

Source Slim 4 laying down

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality from the Source Slim 4 is in-line with the rest of the Series 4 devices like the Source Orb 4 premium kit. This is mainly because 4 series all feature the same atomizers, the model you choose basically determines the size of the device, amount of control over your temperature, and the included atomizers.

In the Source Slim 4 kit you are provided with the Source Nail Coil-less quartz atomizer and the Dual Quartz coil atomizer.

As we touched upon earlier, the dual quartz atomizer is geared towards the cloud chaser and can produce some serious vapor. However because the quartz coils seem to fire a bit hotter, we did expect a bit of irritation on our throat, especially with the unit set to its highest voltage.

Source Slim 4 taken apart

The coil-less atomizer on the other hand produces smooth and extremely flavorful vapor and is in fact our preferred atomizer to use on the Slim 4.

The coilless atomizer produces more of a sipping experience allowing you to take a couple of nice draws with average vapor output. It also allows the flavor of your wax to really shine.

Source Slim 4 top off

Manufacturing Quality

The manufacturing quality is excellent, and right on par with the other vaporizers that Source makes. Everything is well machined, and the exterior is all stainless steel which lends a high quality finish and appearance.

The most impressive thing about it is probably the size, which comes in at just 4.7” tall.

The top of the Source Slim 4 is far more rugged and utilitarian in nature than the other Series 4 mouthpieces. It may not have the sexy curves of the Orb 4, but the design is simple and it works.

The top of the Slim 4 mouthpiece features an airflow control which will allow you to either open or restrict the airflow to your own preference.

Source Slim 4 kit

I also really like the atomizer versatility though, which is Source’s claim to fame. Only 2 come in the box, but there are 9 total that will work with this. I don’t have any complaints about the design or build, actually. It even comes with a lifetime “no-hassle” warranty.

Source Slim 4 with USB chargerBattery Life

The battery in this is 650mAh, which is the most common battery size among top-tier pen vapes. This is the size that offers the best blend of battery life and portability.

Expect to get about an hour of continuous use out of this. That may not seem like all that much, but considering how short each session will be, it should be plenty for most people.

Source Slim 4 in Zeus Armor


This is where the Slim 4 really shines. Everything about this was optimized for portability. From the 4.7” size to the built in silicone wax jar, you won’t find anything that is more convenient than this to carry.

I especially like the jar, because that’s just one more thing you don’t have to carry with you. You can only fit enough wax for a few sessions, but it’s plenty for most excursions.

Source Slim 4 with wax cannister

The thing that really takes the portability of this over the top though is the included carrying case. It’s small, very slim, and makes carrying this around stress and hassle free.

Source Slim 4 with airflow

Ease of Use

This is very easy to use. With just one button, the only trick is remember how many times to press it.

The mouthpiece just pulls right off when you want to access the atomizer, but it’s snug enough that it would never just slide off when you didn’t want it to.

Obviously the storage jar is convenient as well. For the most part, this is no more or less convenient than the majority of wax pens on the market though. 

Source Slim 4 in handDiscreetness

Other than portability, this is probably the Slim 4’s biggest advantage over the Orb 4. The small size makes it extremely easy to keep fully concealed in your hand, and it also has a less noticeable design.

Use the bucket-style atomizer and lowest temperature setting if you want minimal clouds when you exhale. The carrying case also adds a bit of discretion in its own right. You could carry it in your hand and no one would have any idea what was inside.

Source Slim 4 final kitOverall Experience

The Source Slim 4 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a highly portable and discreet wax pen.

The less than 5” size and built in silicone storage jar make it incredibly convenient for anyone looking to enjoy wax while they are out on the town, travelling, or even taking a hike. The battery size is average, which isn’t a bad thing considering how small it is.

As far as build quality goes, I’d put this up there with something like the Thunder 2. The Thunder 2 has better flavor and I like its design better, but this has a more robust feature list. Either one would be a great choice!

If you buy this or get a chance to try it, be sure to report back with your opinions on it…

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