The Mysterious Habits of Vapers (Survey Data)


Everyday we do business, we learn and understand more about connoisseurs. Be it Customer Service that raises common issues, Sales that mentions frequently asked questions or Marketing that runs experience surveys with our customers – we do our best to use this data to better meet your needs. The results of these learnings are constantly being implemented in the background but sometimes, the information is so useful and relevant, that we feel compelled to share it. We hope you find these results interesting and urge you to participate in the exciting contest noted at the bottom of the page!


Contest: Can you guess which big Canadian vape company used these survey results to develop a revolutionary new product? Submit the company name (along with your name) as a comment below to enter the contest! All correct answers will be raffled for a chance to be 1 of 3 lucky winners to get this revolutionary new product!!! Winners will be among the first connoisseurs in North America to have this product, as it has not yet been released on the market! Stay posted for the winner announcement the 1st week of November 2015 on our Social Media!

Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’! 😉

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  1. Was it Toronto Vaporizers? Kind of a silly contest.. Why not ask us our opinion on the stats? That way you could get even more statistics. Anyways, I’m a customer of yours but I don’t feel inclusive in this contest.. just saying.

    • But if I had to guess, Arizer? I have an Arizer Extreme Q and it’s excellent.
      It’s really difficult to find information on the companies that produce these products, they’re all very clandestine about their company information it seems.

  2. Arizer is a more affordable and just as effective as the more expensive vaporizers. Easy to get replacement parts also. Great article

  3. Arizer. I have ordered both the Air and Extreme Q by Arizer from Toronto Vaporizer. Terrific Vapes! Easy to use! Great service and a wide array of vapes that fits the customer needs. From small to big budget vapes Toronto Vaporizer has got you covered!

  4. Of course it’s you guys! Toronto Vaporizer. Love your product. I am still enjoying the Zeus Thunder. Worth every penny. Thank you guys. hope to win.

    Michelle Wong

  5. I’m going to go with Arizer.

    Cool interview guys, it’d be interesting to see what job and life styles of daily vapers are like.

    I’m a computer engineer and I vape erryday!

  6. Arizer. The solo is amazing. And the company is wonderful to deal with regarding warranty replacements, and all forms of communication. They really do listen to the consumer.

  7. I’ll have to go with ZEUS.
    I own two Arizer products as well, but the Smite made all the right changes in the new PLUS.

  8. I believe Zeus Arsenal is the Canadian company that used the survey & they make the best grinders ever but PROPS!!! to Airizer & their products as well!
    -Dwayne Richards

  9. The issue I have is my problem. The bowls gets hot and I grab it too soon to clean it out. Then it hits the floor and smashes. Oh boy time to buy parts

  10. Debbie Manishevitz on

    Wow…lots of comments already! My answer to the contest question is Arizer. I’ve convinced 3 people to buy the Solo and they LOVE it!!

  11. Jean-François Sauvé on

    The excellent canadian compagny, Arizer of course!! 🙂
    L’excellente compagnie Canadienne Arizer naturellement!! 🙂

  12. Gotta be Arizer, I have become a collector having just got the Air from TOVape adding to my Solo and Extreme Q also purchased from TOVape. I still would like Arizer to make a personal device that that draws more like the ‘Q’ if that is possible. I enjoy having and using all 3 of these well made and well finished Canadian products. Keep up the great work.

  13. I would definately have to say It`s arizer. I believe its the best canadian vape maker. It takes so many things into consideration for the consumer when making a product I think.

  14. Toronto Vaporizer

    Started with the Arizer V-tower 3 years ago and still going strong.
    Picked up the Zues Smite last year and loving the portability it offers.

  15. I would say Arizer. I’ve had the V-Tower for over a year and I think it’s a Great unit… I will never combust again.

  16. Richard Patenaude on

    Is there a better vape brand than Arizer ?
    I own 2 solos and love them..looking to add another one of their product to my collection.
    Richard Patenaude

  17. Thanks to all the connoisseurs who participated in this contest! The correct answer is ZEUS / ZEUSArsenal! Congrats to those who guessed right :). And the 3 winners are: Kaleim N, Allie R and Jesse T! Keep your eyes on your inbox, we’ll be emailing you shortly with the details of your prize!”

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