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In 2014, Utillian launched their first vaporizer, and every year since, they have been improving on their already fantastic technology to bring you the best experience possible. Last year, they introduced the world to the Utillian 420, an affordable, pocket-sized vaporizer that took the market by storm. But they didn’t stop there – they wanted to improve it even more. And out came the Utillian 421; with 6 preset temperatures, full airflow control and 60-minute battery life the 421 is sure to blow your doors off without breaking the bank.

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Review: Utillian 421

Utillian 421 Review

Utillian 421 coils

How it Works

Loading the Utillian 421 is incredibly straightforward – unscrew the mouthpiece to expose the ceramic heating chamber, load your freshly ground botanical into the chamber and gently tamp down with the mouthpiece. Unlike the 420, we recommend a tighter pack now that you have the flexibility to control the airflow.

To turn it on, press the power button on the side of the unit five times rapidly. The display will light up and show you the set and current temperature. The Utillian 421 will automatically begin to heat up to the last preset temperature you had it at.

To change the temperature of the 421, simply press and hold the power button and the 421 will cycle through the available temperatures.

The device has a 7-minute auto-shut off time, but if you want to manually turn it off, simply press the power button 5 times rapidly again.

Utillian 421 available colors

Utillian 421 temperature display

Temperature Flexibility

The Utillian 421 features 6 pre-set temperatures (180C, 190C, 200C, 210C, 220C, 230C) perfectly calibrated within the optimal range for vaporization.

Though the unit does not have precise temperature control, because of the wide range the Utillian has you covered, whether you’re a cloud chaser or a flavor taster.

Utillian 421 mouth piece

Vapor Quality

After experiencing the 420, I was not aa surprised this time that the vapor quality from the Utillian line is glorious for the price point. The 421 works hard and has a very consistent draw.

The glass mouthpiece provides great flavor and the full airflow control really allows you to customize your experience. Because of the long vapor path of the 421, the vapor is cool when it hits your lips and it is just a cut above other units at the same price point. 

Utillian 421 front display

Manufacturing Quality

Just like the 420, the 421 has an anodized aluminum shell that is rigid and uncompromising. For under a hundred dollars, most units on the market have a plastic shell and mouthpiece. The Utillian shrugs off these stigmas, delivering a quality product once again for a phenomenal price.

The 421 comes with a one-year warranty in case any of these highly machined pieces do ever break on you, honored through TVape.Utillian 421 mouth piece detached

Utillian 421 usb slotBattery Life

This tiny vaporizer has 60 minutes of battery life, an impressive feat. The 420 is great for carrying around, and with the improved battery life, the 421 is even better. This should get you 6-8 sessions in a single charge.

For the average user, it should last you at least a full day. For heavy users, I’d suggest taking a look at the ZEUS Charge, a portable backup battery that will keep your 421 in the green all day. 

Utillian 421 with armor case


The Utillian 421 stands about 4 inches tall, a great size for any vaporizer. It fits well in your pocket and is perfect for travel.

It is wonderful for stealthy, smooth draws on the go. And because of the temperature flexibility, you can keep those clouds down to a minimum on a lower setting. The 421 is a fantastic travel buddy.

Utillian 421 in hand

Ease of Use

With one button operation, the 421 couldn’t be easier to use. Interacting with this unit is simple – load your botanical, 5 clicks to turn the unit on, adjust the airflow to your liking, wait until it heats up, and you’re good to go!

Utillian also added set and current temperature to the display, as well as the battery life always being on the screen. These are, of course, handy things to know at any given point during your session.

Utillian 421 full kitOverall Experience

Utillian just keeps lining them up and knocking them down. They know their price bracket and crush the competition in it, coming out with another high class, affordable unit.

The 421 has an excellent battery life, wonderfully calibrated airflow, and an anodized steel finish that newcomers will love. The portability and vapor quality will have experienced connoisseurs wanting this as a backup unit. Overall, we were very impressed with this addition to the Utillian line. If you are interested in one head over to our shop to secure your Utillian 421 today!

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