Bo One near a laptop

Bo One

Simple Vapor

Bo One near a laptop

Bo One

Simple Vapor

For the no nonsense connoisseur

French design, 1.5ml Prefilled pods, 380mah internal battery, and auto-puff technology are just some of the ways that make the Bo One the future of vaping.

Bo One with pods
Bo One colors


Exterior Finish

Rubber Coated Anodized Aluminum

Heating Modes


Battery Capacity


Available Colours

Bo One Gray
Bo One Black Rubber
Bo One Snow Camo


Black Rubber 

Snow Camo

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No Watts, No Ohms, No Hassle

Producing convenient, full flavored vapor without the engineering degree.

Bo One in hand

Critic Reviews

“I’m really new to vaping and was scared about making the switch, my friend has a big mod and always talked about coils and wattages. It all seemed so confusing, until I found out about the Bo One. It made switching easy and there are tons of great flavors, personally I like the Jücee line, tons of great flavors.” - Phil T

“At first I was interested in a Juul, but I heard the Bo One is a better unit so I decided to take the plunge. I’m really glad I did, the Bo One has better battery, more flavor choices like Jücee and other various pod lines, and the pods come with more juice. It was a no brainer, the Bo One rules.” - Scott F

“The Bo One is a fantastic device that helped me make the switch. I love how intuitive the design is and how you get vapor by simply drawing. With the variety of flavors, especially from Jücee, I am sure to never get bored.” - Tony P

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