Pax 3 vs Crafty Vaporizer – Star Studded Street Fight


This is the showdown we’ve all been waiting for ladies and gentlemen. In one corner the newest kid on the block the Pax 3, a fan favorite in terms of size and functionality. In the other corner, the reigning showdown champion, the Crafty by Storz and Bickel, boasting impressive volcano like vapor through convection heating. Each of these units has strengths and weaknesses, but which one will reign supreme? Well there’s only one thing left to say, “LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!”

Pax 3 vs Crafty

Vapor Quality

Pax Labs has always impressed over the years with the vapor quality achieved from a conduction unit and the Pax 3 is no exception. Draws are smooth and flavorful and at higher temperatures you can really get some decent vapor production. However because the Pax 3 is a conduction unit it suffers from the same pitfalls most conduction units do, which include diminishing flavor over the course of the session and harsher vapor at higher temperatures.

The Pax 3 also has a fairly restricted airflow which can make one feel they are sucking on a milkshake. For best results the Pax 3 requires slow smooth draws.

The Crafty easily has some of the best vapor offered by a portable unit. This is due to the fact that the Crafty uses convection heating, so rather than the herbs being cooked by direct conduct with the heating element, it is cooked by the hot air draw into the unit and pulled through the herbs to create vapor.

Convection vapor is more flavorful, even at higher temperatures, and the flavor lasts much longer throughout your session. The airflow on the Crafty is also fairly free-flowing so you can draw from the unit much quicker and doesn’t require a special draw method for best results.

Manufacturing Quality

Pax units have always been known for their sleek design and the Pax 3 is no different. Many may criticize Pax for using the same build for the Pax 2 & 3, but hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

The Pax 3 is small, sleek and fits comfortably in your hands, it has a glossy finish that looks great from afar but is a bit of a fingerprint magnet.

The other big advantage of the Pax 3 is it is backed with an impressive 10 year warranty which gives the user a full decade of peace of mind.

Overall the Pax 3 is a well-designed and well-made unit that offers users a bit of flare to go along with the function.

Let’s be honest, when it comes to the Crafty it is not the sexiest device available. It looks closer to a Black & Decker power tool then it does a high end vaporizer. We don’t love that the exterior is made entirely of plastic and have seen cases where a small drop can cause damage.

But the manufacturing power of the Crafty comes from the convection based heating element and its unique cooling system that is built into the mouthpiece which works together to deliver impressive vapor.

The Crafty does lose some points when it comes to the internal battery which is said to last 40 – 60 hours before it needs to be replaced. From experience you can easily rack up 40 hours in the first year of owning the device and if the battery fails after that amount of time it is not covered by warranty.

The Crafty warranty is also significantly shorter than the Pax 3, offering only 2 years of coverage which for some may seem a bit short for such an expensive unit.

Ease of Use

Both units operate with only 1 button and feature a Bluetooth app which can help customize temperatures. The Pax 3 allows you to access 4 pre-set temperatures by pressing and holding the power button to enter the temperature select menu. There is also a 5th temperature setting which can be programmed through the mobile app. This makes interacting with the Pax 3 a fairly hassle free experience and really does not require a mobile device if you so choose.

Where the Pax 3 loses some points in this category is the learning curve associated with drawing from the unit. The curve may not be as steep as say the Firefly 2, but it does require you to modify your draw speed in order to achieve the best possible vapor.

The Crafty only provides you with 2 pre-set temperatures out of the box, the base temperature of 180C and the boost temperature of 195C. In order to change these temperatures you require the Crafty app, which will allow you to set the base and boost modes to your desired temperature. If you use the Crafty with the app open you can use it like a “precise temperature control” unit. But without the app you are stuck with only 2 temperatures.

Where the Crafty makes up ground is with how easy it is to get the unit to start producing vapor. There really is not draw technique like there is with the Pax 3, infact we would say drawing from the Crafty is dummy proof.

Despite the lack of available temperatures through the device itself we have to give the edge in this category to the Crafty for its simple and satisfying draws.


Pax 3 is easily one of the smallest vaporizers available and will easily fit in a pocket, purse or bag for easy transportation. The magnetic cap on the bottom of the device makes it really simple to pack the device on the fly and the small profile keeps the unit discreet.

The only thing that hurts the units portability is it requires a separate charging dock to charge the unit which makes charging the device on the go a bit dicey.

The Crafty is certainly a portable device but it is not nearly as portable as the Pax 3. It will still fit in a pocket but you will definitely notice it. Also the design of the device makes it anything but discreet. The battery life on the Crafty is also not the greatest usually only providing users with 3 sessions max, which is not great if you want to use your device throughout the day.

The Crafty however does charge via micro USB so finding a spot to plug in can be a bit easier.

Battery Life

Pax Labs actually improved the battery when moving from the Pax 2 to the Pax 3 improving battery life from 1 hour to an hour and a half. The extra half an hour really does make a significant difference allowing users to get in 1 or 2 extra sessions.

The Crafty is known to have a weak battery due to the fact that convection heat is far more demanding on the unit. Battery life on the Crafty usually maxes out at about 45 minutes which usually results in 2 – 3 sessions max.

Temperature Flexibility

The Pax 3 provides you with 4 pre-set temperatures  182C, 193C, 204C and 215C. It also gives you a fifth temperature option which you can customize and set down to the individual degree using the Pax 3 app. However the customized temperature can only be set in the 182 – 215C range so unfortunately you won’t be able to get the unit to reach a higher temperature.

The Crafty as we previously mentioned provides users with 2 base temperatures which can be customized to any temperatures within the 170 – 215 range. If you use the Crafty with the app open the unit turns in a precise temperature control unit similar to the Mighty allowing full control over your temperature.

Despite the fact that you are only given 2 “pre-set” temperature settings on the Crafty we have to give the edge to Storz & Bickel. We prefer the freedom to set our own base and boost temperatures to our liking or simply using the device with the app open rather than being forced to use the 4 pre-set temperatures on the Pax 3 and relying on a single custom setting for a more personalized experience.


It was a really close title bout this time around, probably one of the closest we have seen. Over much debating and gnashing of teeth we have decided to declaire the Crafty the overall winner.

While the Crafty has its downfalls with a bulkier plastic construction and a weak battery we find it far more user friendly than the Pax 3 especially when it comes to the draw.

If we were to hand you these 2 devices without prior vape knowledge we firmly believe people will look past looks and value the sheer vapor performance of the Crafty. The draw is much easier, the flavor of your herbs is better, and you are always greeted with an impressive exhale.

The Pax 3 on the other hand makes you work a little harder to achieve decent vapor and even the best draws from the Pax 3 will not rival the raw power of the Crafty.

If portability and battery life is your main concern by all means, we cannot recommend the Pax 3 enough, it truly is a great unit. If you are looking to pick one up from us be sure to check out our pricing here and give us a call to place your order.

But ultimately we had to choose a victor and it is the Crafty that still remains our favorite unit and is at the top of the vaporizer world.  If you are looking to get yourself this vapor beast be sure to head over to our main site and place an order, you will get free shipping and be eligible for a free gift!

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Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’! ;)

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