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Vaporizer technology is among the fastest growing tech in the market. As battery technology improves, new devices continue to make strides in size, temperature, and discretion. Designs vary, and the variety in extracts means that the “ideal piece” changes regularly. Improvement is happening so quickly that the very concept of ideal is a difficult thing to define in this market. Are you using flower? Concentrates? Wax? Is your main concern stealth? Cloud size? Throat feel? A market this active means that you should never settle for a vaporizer that does not precisely fit your needs. There are so many vapes made by so many companies that it is entirely reasonable to hold out until you find exactly what you want. This article is going to discuss some of the major factors to consider when purchasing this particular kind of vaporizer. We’ll cover the specifics of this vape, and we’ll discuss the difference between a good vape and a bad one. When you’re done with this article, you’ll know everything there is to know about the AtmosRx Ruva!

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Review: Atmos Ruva

How it Works

The Ruva has a pyramid shaped mouthpiece with two large magnets on either side of the opening. The magnets are impressively strong. You’re unlikely to have any problems with the mouthpiece while you hit it. That being said, I probably wouldn’t risk loading this vape with botanical and then putting it in your pocket.

When you remove the mouthpiece you see a ceramic heating chamber. This chamber is of a pretty average size, given the size of the vape, and holds 0.5 grams of finely ground flower. We recommend using a herb drying box with any vaporizer before use to help prep your flowers for vaporization.

Three clicks of the power button turns the AtmosRX Ruva on. The AtmosRx has a surprisingly lengthy 3 minute kick-off time. When the vape reaches the desired temperature, it vibrates (with significant intensity).

The packaging is attractive and sturdy. When you open the box you’ll find pointed cleaning swabs (these can be dipped in isopropyl alcohol and used to clean your vaporizer), a cleaning brush, a USB charger (no wall adapter), a packing tool, and a user manual.

Temperature Flexibility

The Ruva has two buttons to toggle back and forth between temperature settings. The Ruva can be set to show the temperature in either degrees fahrenheit or celsius. The vaporizer has a heating range between 166° Celsius and 221° Celsius (330° Fahrenheit and 430° Fahrenheit).

This is great for those who like to fine-tune their vaping in order to achieve the ideal experience. I tend to vape between 196° Celsius and 204° Celsius (385° Fahrenheit and 400° Fahrenheit). I find this temperature range gives me the best middle ground for both smoothness of hits and thickness of cloud.

Vapor Quality

The first hit off the AtmosRx Ruva was decent. The taste of the flower was bright and clear. The pollen of the flower that I tested it with gave me the wonderful nose-tingle that I’m always looking for in a vaporizer. The cloud was thick, and the vapor definitely made me cough.

The airflow on this vaporizer isn’t terrible, but it isn’t great, and the vape has a long lead time. You have to draw for three or four seconds before the vapor starts to flow, and the stream is so slow that a full hit will take you 10 to 15 seconds.

Manufacturing Quality

The quality level of the Ruva is good but not great. The magnets hold fast when the piece is being passed or handled, but I wouldn’t risk putting it in my pocket for a hike.

I really like the look of this vape. The rubberized exterior is meant to diffuse heat and it does that, but it also adds weight to the vape, which is somewhat heavier than it looks.

The chamber only holds enough for 1 – 2 hits, so group sessions are going to require lots of reloading. The vape has a short mouthpiece located relatively close to the heating element, so extended use can cause the mouthpiece to heat up a bit.This heating mouthpiece is a much bigger deal than you would initially think. The mouthpiece is made of plastic, which can release fumes and chemicals when heated. At this price point, AtmosRx should consider including a glass mouthpiece with this vape.

Battery Life

The Ruva is powered by a 800mAh lithium-ion battery. This is fairly small even for vaporizers of this size. The Ruva can be charged via micro USB (the package comes with a microUSB cable but no wall adapter).

I found I could get about 3 – 4 sessions or around 40 minutes of vaping before it needed to be charged, which is not ideal and pales in comparison to the Zeus Smite Plus‘ 2 hours.


Portability is one of the best aspects of this technology. The Ruva is roughly the size of an old Nokia bar cell phone, meaning that it can go absolutely anywhere. Though the magnets aren’t suitable for any sort of rough treatment, this piece is still sturdy enough for a long term stay in a purse or gym bag, especially if  you pair it with a case like the Zeus Armor.

This piece isn’t the best as far as discretion is concerned. The vapor still smells slightly of the botanical matter that was being vaporized. The smell didn’t travel very far, but if you passed me on a park bench, you would certainly know what I was up to.


Ease of Use

This is a fairly simple vape to use, but it’s certainly not for beginners. The interior of the chamber has no indentation or marking letting the user know where to stop packing their plant material. An inexperienced vape user who purchases this piece is likely to find themselves wasting quite a lot of herb.

The vibration features both aid and undermine the AtmosRx Ruva. If the vape is sitting on a hard surface, the vibration is quite loud. It will draw your attention from the other room, without the jarring experience of beeps or buzzers. It’s also quiet when held in one’s hand or bag, making stealth vaping far easier. Still, if your vape is sitting on the couch in the other room, you won’t hear it.

Overall Experience

The AtmosRX is a piece that’s gotten a lot of attention online. It’s easy to see why. The piece is small, and efficient. The design is modern and attractive. The features are easy to understand and even easier to talk about. The AtmosRx is tailor made to attract attention.

After all of the hype, I’ve got to say the results are a little disappointing. Sure it’s a functional piece, but with so many other similar vaporizers on the market, consumers have a right to demand that their vapes be better than just “okay.”

The AtmosRx Ruva is a great vaporizer if all you ever intend to do is vape dry herb by yourself in places where the smell will be acceptable.

However for most of us this is just simply not the case and you may be better served by a unit like the Zeus Smite+ which does a much better job vaporizing your material without the aggressive odor.

If you are looking for something a little cheaper to introduce yourself to the world of vaporizers be sure to check out the Utillian 420, which is simply the best vaporizer on a budget.

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