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Atmos has put out a number of quality products which we’ve checked out already like the Atmos Jump and Astra 2. Though none were earth-shattering, Atmos doesn’t make an awful product by any means. We check out one of their newest vaporizers, the Atmos Swiss, and give you the entire rundown to see if it’s a worthy multipurpose tool or a mediocre compromise between the two.

If this is your first dry herb or wax concentrates vaporizer, check out our respective buyer’s guides on both dry herb and wax vaporizers to better understand what best suits you!

Review: Atmos Swiss

Atmos Swiss Review

Atmos Swiss coils

How it Works

The Atmos Swiss has several operating functions including a dedicated e-rig, an insertable rig, a wax pen, and even a dry herb vaporizer.

If using it with a glass piece, simply set it onto the female joint, engage the heater, add your material, and enjoy! The bottom of the device has a tapered 18/14mm base, which lets you sit it onto any compatible water pipe without the use of any additional adapters. It works best in automatic mode through a glass piece.

To use as an e-rig, attach the glass top to it, engage the heater, apply your concentrates and away you go! It’s also best to set the Swiss into automatic mode for use as an e-rig. If you don’t use the L-shaped glass (purchased separately), the included glass mouthpiece works well instead.

As a dry herb vaporizer, attach the chamber connector to the top of the Swiss and insert the desired heating chamber. Load the heating chamber and reattach the glass mouthpiece before setting it in either manual or automatic mode.

To power on the Swiss, simply click the button 5 times in quick succession. To change to automatic, simply double tap the button again after the unit’s powered on. Manual mode lets you engage the heater by just holding down the button.

Atmos Swiss parts

Atmos Swiss power buttonTemperature Flexibility

The biggest flaw of the Atmos Swiss is that there’s no independent temperature control. The temperature at which your material vaporizes at is a complete mystery, and for a mid-tier unit, that’s pretty unacceptable in this day and age.

If there’s one spot for improvement on the Swiss, it’s in temperature control!

Atmos Swiss mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Though there’s no temperature flexibility, the vapor quality is decent. That doesn’t really say much though since there are atomizers like the Saionara which outperforms it handily.

I would completely avoid this for use with dry herb. Though there’s likely a temperature/voltage regulator of sorts to prevent overheating, I can’t help but feel like it’d combust at some point.

The hits out of a water pipe are quite strong and vaporize your material quite well, though there’s plenty of units which in my opinion outperform it for cheaper even. It’s really not bad by any means and it certainly does the job but the lack of temperature control really hurts it in the long run. Flavor is okay, nothing spectacular, and cloud production is fairly good!

Atmos Swiss flat display

Atmos Swiss front profile

Manufacturing Quality

The Swiss is well made. Each piece feels great, the scratch resistant body feels sturdy, and the general engineering behind it’s quite solid. My only complaint is with the button, as it feels a bit cheap and finicky.

You’re given a strong amount of accessories too, including a packing tool, USB charger, wax container, base stand, glass mouthpiece, airpath removal tool, glass cover, silicone cap and titanium nail chamber.

The wax container is built right into the unit as well, which is always super convenient for use on the go. Overall, Atmos sorts you out handily with the overall build quality.


Atmos Swiss usbBattery Life

For the price you pay, the 1500mAh battery feels a little lacking. Though you can get a couple dozen sessions handily off a single charge, I feel like long-term longevity may become an issue. With battery degradation taken into consideration, the fact that the battery is non-replaceable and relatively small puts a damper on things.

It charges with the included MicroUSB cable in about 3 hours from flat until full. This is about average for most units with a similar battery size. There is no way to tell what your battery life is at until it reaches a certain minimum threshold, making the unit blink red/green 5 times.

This is also a big oversight since it’d be nice to know roughly how many more sessions you can get before it dies on you.


Atmos Swiss with armor case


It sits right in the middle. It’s not too big, but it doesn’t feel ‘right’ carrying it in your pocket. A jacket pocket or any bag would carry it well though. The strong build quality gives you confidence that it won’t self-destruct when being tossed around a bit too.

I wouldn’t consider it ideal for use while doing any outdoor sports or activities at all, but for casual out and about use, it works just fine. Not quite small enough to bring to a bar and have a hit outside though – the weight and size feel pretty notable in the pocket.

The concentrates container is built into the unit too and it’s quite handy as it allows you to have a couple sessions worth of material without needing a separate container!

Atmos Swiss tank

Ease of Use

The Swiss is a bit of a complicated device overall. The user manual will sort you out with all the information you’ll need in case you get stuck. The lack of any built-in display doesn’t do it any justice either when trying to configure any settings. Cleaning the Swiss is no easy feat either.

Though it disassembles relatively well, the dedicated airflow tube is a hassle to deal with. Use the small metal to fish out the tube. The included pipe cleaner works reasonably well, though getting it flawlessly clean is a lot harder.

If your pipe cleaner eventually wears out, you’ll be stuck with having to try and rinse it with isopropyl alcohol. Every other piece cleans out well with just a cotton swab soaked in iso, or with dedicated cleaning wipes like Zeus Grime Wipes.

If you’ve already set it up though and want to pass it to a beginner, they’ll have no problems getting a solid hit out of it. There are no complicated draw techniques or usability problems which is handy if you like to share with friends.


Atmos Swiss in hand


It’s by no means my first pick when trying to have a stealthy session, but it works! Being around the size of your average smartphone, it conceals quite handily and may just appear to be another typical e-juice vape. Still, I’d much prefer to use something like a Thunder 2 for discretion and great vapor quality!

Again, not the best pick when going out for the night or in situations where discretion is a must, but it does the job reasonably well.


Atmos Swiss full kitOverall Experience

I always appreciate it when a manufacturer tries something new and innovative, and the Swiss certainly is innovative! I can’t help but feel though that they missed the mark by not including a display of sorts for temperature control or to monitor battery life. I feel like the Swiss would be a great multi-purpose vaporizer if that were the case.

Unfortunately, many other vaporizers perform better at a lower price point and offer more functional features like adjustable airflow, multiple atomizers, OLED displays or changeable batteries. Perhaps a revised Atmos Swiss may come out one day, rectifying any complaints with it.

For now, if you are looking for a multipurpose vaporizer that can act as both an e-rig and is actually competent as a dry herb unit, we recommend checking out the Focusvape Tourist.

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