Zeus Arc vs Boundless Tera – Vaporizer Showdown


Today we pit two flagship vaporizers against each other in a sea skirmish like no other! Will the Zeus Arc have enough to sink the Boundless Tera’s ship or will it be the Boundless Tera that will fire shots across the bow of the Zeus Arc’s golden vapor path? Find out now ye land lubbers!

If you have read them yet, head on over to our Boundless Tera review, as well as the Zeus Arc review for a bit more in-depth commentary on each device!

Boundless Tera vs Zeus Arc
Boundless Tera vs Zeus Arc Review

Boundless Tera vs Zeus Arc mouth pieceVapor Quality

Both devices use different heating technologies – the Tera with full convection and the Zeus Arc with a hybrid heating style leaning more towards the side of conduction.

The Tera has enormous power and can deliver huge clouds of vapor. That’s if you can handle it. One of our bigger gripes with the Tera is how irritating the vapor is on the lungs and throat. The vapor path is far too short without a good cooling option unless you use a water pipe or aftermarket solution.

The Zeus Arc is also a powerhouse in the vapor department and easily the best conduction unit on the market if you are looking for lung-busting draws. The Zeus Arc despite its size can easily keep up with the Boundless Tera, while providing smoother vapor overall.

In terms of performance, it’s really up to your own preferences. Do you want a massive, heavy hitter running vapor through a bubbler or do you want the Tera, which also hits hard but in a much larger chassis with removable batteries?

We give this category a tie as they each have pretty different performances and neither is distinctly better than the other.

Boundless Tera vs Zeus Arc front displayManufacturing Quality

While we are impressed with a lot of devices by Boundless, the Tera had a share of its hiccups throughout its launch which lead many to be hesitant about adopting the Tera as their new unit.

We also don’t really like the looks and feel of the Tera in the hand, its bulky and the rubberized coating feels cheap.

The Zeus Arc, on the other hand, feels terrific to hold, looks sleek, and hasn’t given us any problems at all! The Arc GT features an all gold vapor path which helps better heat your herbs while at the same time keeping vapor smooth.

They both include a good bunch of accessories in the box, but the Arc with its haptic feedback, motion control, integrated tool, and upgradeable firmware really leaves us content! We don the point to the Zeus Arc here!

Boundless Tera vs Zeus Arc in handEase of Use

It’s a hard choice here. They’re both pretty straightforward to use and are beginner friendly. You need to be a bit more careful on how you pack the Tera to take advantage of the convection heater for sure, but the OLED display gives a nicer experience than the LEDs on the Arc.

The Arc is quite simple to use with one-button control, haptic feedback, and no complicated draw technique or steps in order to get quality results. Cleaning both devices is also pretty simple and have only a few pieces to clean which are easy to get at.

We are giving a slight edge to the Zeus Arc, it requires far less coaching when it comes to your draw technique to get great vapor. The Boundless Tera has a bit of a steeper learning curve.

Boundless Tera vs Zeus Arc with armor casePortability

The Tera is a bit chunky for our liking due to the two batteries. It doesn’t feel so nice in pant pockets and takes up a significant amount of room even in jacket pockets. The Tera is better reserved for being in your bag.

The Arc, on the other hand, is much smaller and much more convenient to take on the go. Comparable to the DaVinci IQ in carrying size, it’s a great portable companion! An easy win for the Arc in this category.

Battery Life

You would think with two removable 18650s, it would give a huge edge to the Tera. Unfortunately, those batteries run in parallel with each other, meaning they are used simultaneously to drive power to the hungry heater.

The result is a shockingly short battery life for a unit that has 2 batteries, topping out at around 90 minutes of battery life.  We expected a lot more with this type of setup, but clearly, the heater is too aggressive to run the batteries in sequence and optimize battery life.

The Arc has a solid 3500mAh battery which also provides users with 90 minutes of battery life, which is pretty impressive for a device this size. It offers the same amount of battery life as the Tera at a fraction of the size.

Boundless Tera vs Zeus Arc in handDiscreetness

Just like with portability, the Arc with its smaller stature and stealth black design makes it much more discreet device. It can be almost entirely concealed in the hand and just works so much better for this purpose.

The Tera does look like a conventional box mod vape, but still doesn’t quite match the Arc. Point for the Zeus Arc here.

Boundless Tera vs Zeus Arc power controlTemperature Flexibility

The Arc only comes with three presets to choose from for temperature, 205°C (401°F) / 215°C (419°F) / 225°C (437°F). This is some pretty great versatility and you’ll be able to squeeze every little bit of vapor out of your herb, but it would’ve been nice to have full control.

The Tera has fully customizable temperature settings which range from 104-428°F/40-220°C. Not quite as high as the Arc but you have much more versatility to vaporize other herbs and fine-tune your experience. Point for the Boundless Tera!

Boundless Tera vs Zeus Arc winnerSHOWDOWN

When it comes to which of the two we like better we have to go with the Zeus Arc, the Boundless Tera is a bit of a one trick pony when it comes to performance. It only truly shines when running it at home through a water-pipe. The standard mouthpiece setups do not hold a candle to the mouthpiece design of the Zeus Arc.

Furthermore, the Zeus Arc is a far more complete package when it comes to performance and portability. Offering great vapor quality in a smaller package.

For us, the build quality, portability, and simplicity along with vapor quality had us reaching for the Zeus Arc in most cases. The Tera is by no means a slouch and a very good device, but we found the Arc better for what we want!

If you’d like to see another comparison, check out our recent showdown between the Zeus Arc & DaVinci IQ and to see how these 2 units stack up against the field, be sure to check out our Portable Vaporizer Ranking Chart.

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