Dank Fung Florist Review – Dank fun or complete dung?


From a relatively small manufacturer, The Florist is a vaporizer made and distributed by Dank Fung. For the price, it’s a budget level vaporizer meant for users that are new to the scene. With an OLED screen, full temperature control and small form factor, it seems to be quite promising! Check out what we have to say in this review of Dank Fung’s Florist.

It this may be your first dry herb vaporizer, make sure you check out our handy Dry Herb Vaporizers Guide which will help you understand how it all works!

Review: Dank Fung Florist

Dank Fung Florist Review

Dank Fung Florist coils

How it Works

After twisting the mouthpiece off, you’re able to load the ceramic oven with around 0.25 grams of dry herb. Twisting the mouthpiece back on and then holding the power button down will get you ready to enjoy a session.

Next, just use the appropriate temperature buttons to dial in your ideal heat setting and wait for the chamber to heat up!

Dank Fung Florist mouth piece detached

Dank Fung Florist power control

Temperature Flexibility

With a reasonably wide range of 300-435°F, or 149-224°C, you’ll be able to vape a variety of materials and herbs with no problem. The maximum temperature is pretty good for to get full extraction, and is a touch above some other vaporizers on the market today.

The OLED screen helps relay the temperature setting to you as well, so there’s no guesswork or complicated steps involved.

Dank Fung Florist mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Entirely unremarkable is the best I could put it. It would’ve been okay if we’re going by the standards of 3-4 years ago, but in 2018, the portable budget vaporizer market is so fierce that the Florist is wholly underwhelming on all regards.

The cloud production is wispy, the flavor suffers from the typical conduction ‘roasted popcorn’ flavor after the 5th or so hit, and it doesn’t generate that strong of effects. The draw resistance isn’t too bad and the flavor is nice for the first few hits, however, that’s really all I can say that’s positive about it. The Florist is definitely not good to use with concentrates, and instead, I’d opt for a dedicated wax pen vaporizer instead.

Dank Fung Florist front display

Manufacturing Quality

If the vapor quality weren’t enough of an indicator already, the build quality certainly won’t leave you impressed either. There’s no doubt in my mind it was assembled in China, and there are many cheaper devices on the market with stronger build quality. The buttons, screen, mouthpiece assembly and more all feel finicky and untrustworthy.

Included in the box is the standard tool kit with cleaning brush, scraping tool, USB cable, spare o-rings and little carrying case. The carrying case is smell proof, which is a nice touch.

Dank Fung Florist inclined view

Dank Fung Florist usb slotBattery Life

With an unremarkable 840mAh battery, you’ll be wondering how it drained so quickly! Good for around 3-4 sessions, it’s not completely terrible, but so many vaporizers out there at this price point have over three times the battery life like the Zeus Smite.

To add to that, it does not have pass-through charging, and once the cells inevitably die for good, you’re left with a costly paperweight. 

Dank Fung Florist with armor case


Perhaps one of its only redeeming qualities, it’s decently portable. Still, it’s much larger than units like the aforementioned Starry or Zeus Arc without better battery life or vapor quality.

The carrying case it comes with is its only saving grace, and definitely helps it in that regard. It does fit quite well in the hand and pocket, and won’t be a problem for those who like to travel light.

Dank Fung Florist heating chamber

Ease of Use

As it’s quite a simple device, there won’t be any problem with sharing it with friends or strangers. It’s very beginner-friendly and doesn’t require any complicated steps in order to get it working how it should.

Cleaning it is also quite simple, as a cotton swab soaked in some isopropyl alcohol will scrub any residue and build-up away with ease.

Dank Fung Florist in hand


It does look quite similar to a lot of conventional e-juice vaporizers, and won’t raise too much suspicion when in use.

Taking it outside of a bar or club won’t be a hassle at all, and it’ll work well for those who like to be stealthy.

Do be mindful of any odor still, since vapes still do make your herb stink! 

Dank Fung Florist full kitOverall Experience

In 2018 there are so many entry-level portable vaporizers that you really need to put out an exceptional product to gather any interest. Unfortunately, the Dank Fung underperforms in all categories compared to the many portables available now, and thus it’s hard to recommend it. Does it work? Sure. It is worth the price? Not even half of it.

If you are looking for a good entry level vaporizer we suggest checking out the Utillian 420, which is even more budget-friendly and performs much better.

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