Double Barrel Oil Pen Review – Is 2 better than 1?


One of the more interesting pieces we’ve come across, the Double Barrel pen for use with oil cartridges is a unique little device with a big twist! Currently available only in California and soon to come to other legal markets, it uses pre-filled oil cartridges. With the ability to use two oils at the same time, it’s quite an interesting device. Is two really better than one, or is it all unnecessary hype? Check out what we have to say about the Double Barrel pen in our review!

Review: Double Barrel Oil Pen

Double Barrel Review

Double Barrel kit

How it Works

As with other oil vaporizers, the Double Barrel is pretty simple to use. After removing the battery base from the device, screw on any two cartridges onto the base before sliding the whole assembly back into the unit. If you want to attach the knuckle grip to it, just click it on with the magnetic strip.

Once you’re ready to go, just inhale from the mouthpiece! It has a draw-to-activate heating element as with other oil pens like the Pax Era and G Pen Gio. If you only want to use one of the two cartridges, just cover the air hole for the one you don’t want to use!

Double Barrel parts

Double Barrel power controlTemperature Flexibility

The Double Barrel has no temperature flexibility at all. It’s all preset within the device itself. We’re sure the manufacturer put a lot of time and effort into choosing the one that’ll perform the best, however, we always like to see independent temperature control to help fine-tune the experience to what suits you best.

Double Barrel mouth piece

Vapor Quality

The real question – are two cartridges better than one? Well, yes and no. The amount of versatility and combinations you have access to is outstanding! On one hand, the oils you have available to buy are limited to the pre-filled choices and refilling the cartridges yourself is out of the question.

When using two at the same time, the vapor production is definitely above average in all aspects. Great flavor and big cloud production, the double barrel feature definitely does as advertised! Double Barrel inclined view

Double Barrel front display

Manufacturing Quality

We definitely find the design and function of the Double Barrel unique, innovative, interesting and pretty well built. The function is intuitive, the window to see the oil levels is a nice touch and it feels nice to use.

The knuckle ring itself we find is a bit of a gimmick. It definitely works however we found very few instances where we’d actually use it. There’s also one pretty big flaw in the design we’re not so fond of – the battery.

The battery itself is affixed to the oil cartridges you buy. This eliminates the need for having to charge anything, though on the other hand, it has some negative tradeoffs. Firstly, you can’t recharge the battery, meaning you can’t refill the oil cartridge at all. Once it’s out, it’s meant to be disposed of and you need to buy a whole new battery/cart.

This greatly increases the amount of waste produced. Depending on how ecologically minded you are, the amount of batteries and materials being disposed for a single oil cartridge may upset you.

Double Barrel battery slotBattery Life

With these disposable cartridges, the battery has just enough juice to power through one whole fill up before needing to be thrown away. We’re really not so fond of this for the reasons mentioned above.

Also, Double Barrel notes on their website that the batteries will slowly deplete over months as well, even if the device has not been used. This means if you pick up a Double Barrel that perhaps has been on the shelf for a bit longer, chances are you may run out of battery before you finish your cartridges.

We’d much rather have a rechargeable cell rather than one that has a one-time use.

Double Barrel with armor case


As with other oil pens, it’s very small and easy to take anywhere. Slipping comfortably into any pocket onto your fingers with the knuckle ring, it’s a great portable unit that can be taken practically anywhere with you.

The design is durable enough to take a few knocks and hits, likely with no impact on the integrity of the device itself.

Double Barrel in use

Ease of Use

Without the need to even engage a heating element, the Double Barrel is dead simple to use once you’ve affixed the oil cartridges to the battery base. Just inhale to activate and you’re ready to go! Though we dislike the lack of rechargeable battery, you won’t even have to think about topping it off which makes it one less thing to think about.

Cleaning oil vaporizers is often not required, and the Double Barrel is no exception to that rule either.

Double Barrel flat


Again, like other oil pens, it’s so compact and small that it can be used in a hidden fashion without any problem at all.

A considerable amount of odor will be made when using the device, so keep that in mind if you’re using it in places where you shouldn’t be. Not like we’d recommend doing that! 

Double Barrel full kitOverall Experience

With some great vapor quality, it’s a shame they made some design choices that really limits the unit. Disposable batteries tend to be a bit of a mixed bag and can ultimately lead to a negative experience. Simply allowing users to charge the battery would be a simple way to rectify issues like slow discharge from non-use.

Not allowing users to charge batteries increases the overall cost-per-cartridge to the consumer, creates unnecessary environmental waste and for a device as unique as this, simply feels out of place.

With a rechargeable battery, some form of temperature/wattage control and refillable/standard size oil cartridges, this device could be a real winner. Unfortunately, its limits hold it down and make it hard to recommend over other units.

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