G Pen Vaporizer Review – cheap, one might think?!

Small vaporizers shaped like pens have been flooding the market over the past few months. We at TorontoVaporizer appreciate such smart design ideas but we have tested many of these units and have to say that most did not even remotely pass our stringent TorontoV tests. Today we will review the G Pen Oil Vaporizer. It is probably called G because the company making it is called Grenco Science. Most pen style units (for example the Atmos Raw) are not even vaporizers, so it’s a bit of a mine sweeper game for people looking to buy a functional pen style vape.
G Pen does unannounced changes and updates on the unit quite frequently. So there is a huge problem with not being able to buy parts or buying parts that end up being incompatible with your version. This gets most people to buy a new pen when having issues with the old one. When we used to carry the unit, we had quite a lot of issues on that front and big problems when units came defective out of the box. That resulted in TorontoV officially dropping the unit, despite its pros and cons. Generally we would just recommend to go with newer technology and get something that will last like the Crafty Vaporizer, which can do the job the G Pen does 10 times better with its liquid pad and convection heating chamber. The cost is higher, but then again you will certainly go through 1-3 G Pens a year if you use it frequently. You will only have to buy one Crafty for the next few years as it is made in Germany. As the British used to say, “I am not rich enough to buy cheap stuff”.
G Pen Vape Review
G Pen Vaporizer Review

G Pen How it WorksHow It Works

The unit has a decent feel to it and the stainless steel components make the unit look very classy. In addition, the unit is extremely lightweight and can be easily passed as a high end pen. As this unit is for oils and/or concentrates only, it will not be able to vaporize botanicals. This explains why the G Pen works even though the heating chamber is tiny. Grenco eventually released their own pen vape for botanical, which snoop dog endorsed (Follow the link for a review). This unit is fairly popular, but is not a vaporizer by any means. 

G Pen Vapor QualityVapour Quality

The vapour quality achieved with this unit is surprisingly average considering the fact that this is a unit that is quite small and thin. The only drawback is that due to the small filling chamber, you really can’t get more than 3-4 very large draws from each filling, but it would be unfair to expect more from a pen shaped vaporizer with a tiny heating chamber like this. Many think that vaporizing isn’t as “visually appealing” as smoking, given that vapour has a tendency to be thin and whispy. With the G Pen though, you’re guaranteed to get that nice dense vapour that you’re used to with traditional combustion methods without much of the same dangers.
G Pen Manufacturing Quality

 Manufacturing Quality

The makers of the G Pen did a good job when thinking through the design of the vaporizer. The unit comes in a nice box that includes everything that you need to get started. The so called G tool is a spatula that is very handy when attempting to load the unit. The two oil containers can carry a lot of oil/concentrate, but are small enough to be carried around easily. The charging dock is also great, as it will enable you to charge your unit on any USB port or with the regular outlet plug. This is great as only cellphones have this type of charging setup and it shows how much research and development went into this unit, to allow connoisseurs to charge on the go.


G Pen Ease of Use

 Ease of Use

When you take the mouthpiece off the G Pen Vaporizer you can see a small whole in the middle of the opening. When you hold the button, a tiny element will start glowing red. That is the spot where you can put in your wax. Put the mouthpiece back on and hold the button. After holding the button for about 2-4 seconds, start drawing slowly.
When you put the unit in your pocket, make sure to press the button 5 times. This will lock the button so it won’t start heating when it is in your pocket. Just press the heat button 5 times to enable it again.

G Pen DiscreetnessDiscreetness

This unit is as discreet as they come. It is literally the size of a ballpoint pen and therefore can fit easily into your pocket, a briefcase and a purse. When transporting you just need to be careful if the oils you are using are extremely viscous, as having this unit upside down for a prolonged period of time may result in leakage. That being said, with thick, less viscous oils and concentrates, this is not a problem at all. There are a lot of great accessories available for the G Pen (sold separately). The most important and functional being the G Pen Travel Case. Seen to the left, this is a fantastic little accessory that comes with a USB charger, making it a great sidekick to your G Pen. It is also very convenient for travel and is no bigger than a business card holder!

G Pen Overall Overall Experience

This is a great little portable for the connoisseurs looking to vape oils and/concentrates. It’s compact, discreet, portable and produces decent vapour for its size. The primary appeal of the unit is its low price point and portability. However considering the percentage of units that break and the non-existant warranty, one may be better off investing in a proper portable vaporizer. Something like the Haze Vaporizer may be larger and more expensive, but in two years we will appreciate the decision. While the G Pen works you will probably like it And don’t forget the G Pen Travel Case for the convenient travel of your vape!

Enhance Your Experience

The ZEUS Bolt Grinder is a perfect pair for your G Pen. This combo will enable you to vaporize the most valuable part of your botanicals (the dust), found in the lower chamber of your grinder. It will make sure that you are using every last bit of your botanicals. This will actually save you some cash in the long run. The way to make the dust usable with the G Pen is incredibly simple. Collect the dust, add a tiny drop of water to the dust and form a little ball with your fingers. The combination of the water and dust will enable you to form perfect little “botanical dust balls” that are just absolutely delicious when vaporized with your G-Pen. This will give you a different and unmatched vaporization experience.

As you can see the G-Pen is a lot more versatile than one would think. It is a unit that is made for the most sophisticated of connoisseurs that love vaporizing oils, waxes or resins. In conjunction with the Bolt Grinder you can also treat yourself to some periodic accumulation of high quality dust as well!

Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system engineered by Canadian vape manufacturer ZEUSArsenal. The Iceborn is designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The vapour produced is ultra smooth and crisp and because of ice cooling, instead of water filtration, there is no loss of efficiency. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of this vaporizer and is a highly recommended vaporizer accessory.

Thank you for reading today’s G Pen Review. You can ask questions or share your experiences below in the comment section without signing up for anything. You can leave comments anonymously!
Take Care & Keep Vapin’
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  1. My g-pen worked fine for a few days now all it does is blink when i press the heat button.Tried unlocking the unit but still no go.Can anybody tell me why this is happening to my pen.Like i said it not a week old.

    • Usually when it blinks when you press it, that means it is out of battery. All you need to do is to charge it back up using the charger that came with the unit. 🙂

      let me know if that is not the case, and I will get customer service to contact you to trouble shot!

    • i have the same problem. although when hooked up to my charger, the charger itself blinks red and never changes. perhaps a bad charger? Its my new Snoop Dogg gpen 🙁

    • We don’t carry the Snoop version so we are not 100% certain if it works differently, but by the sounds of it, it doesn’t sound like the charger is doing it’s job! Definitely get in touch with the store you purchased your unit and accessories from and have them give you a new charger. If it’s a pen issue, you are covered under Grenco’s warranty and depending on where you bought it from they should have a store warranty too, so see if you’re within that time frame to get the pen exchanged for a new one if that’s the problem! Sorry we can’t be of any more help! If you had bought the unit with us, you’d be covered for 30 days no questions asked!

  2. The G Pen is the greatest vaporizer I have ever used, that is included top of the line models like the Volcano digital. The G Pen packs all the punch of a normal vape but with the size so portable you can take it anywhere. The battery lasts for more than you will be able to smoke and the tanks fill nice and full for long lasting enjoyment. Charge with USB and be on your way. This is the future, this is legitimization.

    • We couldn’t agree more! And if you love the GPen you won’t be able to pull yourself away from a similar vaporizer COMING SOON! The NEW ZEUS Thunder vaporizer is similar to the GPen in that it offers the same discreetness and portability BUT with better vapour quality and better build, with an indestructible, gorgeous PVD exterior finish, the likes of which can only be found on luxury items like ROLEX and Porsche watches! Check it out: This is indeed a great unit for discreetness! And if you’re looking for a vape along the same alley with even more power and better vapour quality, definitely check out the ZEUS Thunder! https://torontovaporizer.ca/blog/2014/03/zeus-thunder-vaporizer-launch.html.

      • My G pen keeps blinking on and off. Tried charging it a whole night And still nothing. It even came with two and their both doing that? What’s up with that?

        • Hey Danny, sorry to hear you’re having some issues with your GPen! Usually blinking indicates there is a connection problem between the battery and tank, so make sure where they connect it’s clean and the tank is threaded on properly. If the problem persists, we recommend contacting the shop where you bought your GPen to see if you are still covered under store warranty, and then contacting the manufacturer ( Grenco Science ) for customer support! Hope that helps. If you still have problems though and are looking for a replacement, we recommend checking out the ZEUS Thunder – very positive reviews and it’s a 3-in-1 Premium Pen style vape. Let us know how it goes with your GPen and if you have any more questions!!! 😀

    • the g-pen battery does not last long enough, my ego ce4 battery last longer lets not kid ourselves guys. the herbal coil is awesome i wont lie, packs a punch. the pen in general its a good size and i can walk around NYC and smoke all night…but i can’t because the battery lasts only half the night LOL i have to use a spare snoop battery So yeah. it costs a lot too

    • We’re very sorry about this inconvenience. That is absolutely no problem at all. Please give us a call at 647.858.8273 X3010 to speak to a Customer Service Rep and they will resolve this issue for you :). Please make sure to have your invoice handy when you call in.

  3. …so when filling do you just saturate the wicks or do you drip your oil down into the tank and the wicks will draw it up. How much do you put in? From what I can see, people are just putting the oil right on the ceramic thing.

    • This depends entirely on how viscous your oils are. Typically you can place your concentrates right on top of the heating element. However, if your oil is very viscous, you would fill your tank and let the wicks draw it up when you vaporize. How much you fill your tank in this manner is entirely up to you; however we don’t recommend filling the tank more than 2/3 of the way to prevent leakage.

  4. Only problem i have is my mouth piece keeps getting clogged… I ripped out one of the screens in the mouth piece and it worked for a little…. but then clogged again… any suggestions on how to stop it from clogging?

  5. Just ordered my pen today. The oil I am using is just like tar. Do I need to put any on the wicks before dropping a bit on the element? If I manage to put some of this oil in the tank would the wicks be aable to draw it up to the element?

    • Great choice getting the G Pen! 🙂 If you’re using thicker oils/concentrates you do not need to put any on the wicks. Simply use your G Tool to place a small amount on the element. Only place oils in the tank itself if they are more viscous in nature, as they will easily be absorbed by the wicks and drawn up to the heating element.

  6. every time i try to hit my pen nothing comes out its fully charged my mouth piece isnt clogged and it’ll work every now and then help please i just replaced the standard tank with the titanium and glass tank

    • Hey Jamico. Sorry to hear you’re having some troubles with your tank. This is certainly something that can be fixed though, we just have to determine if it is an issue with your tank of the battery itself. In order to fully diagnose the problem and resolve the issue, please contact our Customer Service line at 647.858.8273 x. 3010. 🙂

  7. Where is this product made? I need to know the manufacturer before I make my purchase. Not that I have anything against foreign made products just need to know the truth

  8. I purchased a G pen and 3 days ago and love it. Only issue os that it has now become clogged. Ive soaked the screens and that didnt help. It seems as if the issue is stemming from the air intakes. Is it okay to soak the piece with the coil in it? Certainly not huh….?

    You happen to have any suggestions of what to do?

    Thanks guys. …

    • Hey Andrew! It’s a small chamber so that can get clogged up once in a while with consistent use. No problem though, here are some cleaning tips for you: https://torontovaporizer.ca/blog/2013/09/cleaning-g-pen-vaporizer.html. Now in terms of soaking the whole piece with the coil, don’t do it! It will ruin the element and it will likely not work anymore :(. That being said please keep in mind Grenco made these tanks “disposable” so after a couple of weeks to a month’s use (of course depending on frequency) you should toss them and throw on a new one. There’s no amount of cleaning after that long of a time period that will fix the problem and get you good vapour! But 3 days is definitely too short of a time, so follow those cleaning tips and I’d recommend not overpacking your tank, really small droplets is all you need! Hope that helps!

  9. is the “second chamber” of the essential oil tank just the space near the lower vents between the glass and metal or does the top portion come apart somewhere im not noticing

  10. Hi, can you just clarify something for me please? I’m using the snoop gpen and love it, while its charging the pen is lit up. Is this normal?

  11. is there a difference between 2013 gpen threading and 2014? i’ve heard the old glass tank doesnt fit the new battery and i don’t want to buy the wrong type of coil cause i’m on a student budget and gpens cost a load

    • We stopped carrying them when they started changing things every few months. We switched to ZEUS Thunders as the prime pen vape, since they are much higher quality and come with more stuff in the box. it made it very difficult for customers to keep their unit maintained. I would recommend you get in touch with them directly at grenco science. We were in direct contact however and it was still difficult to get concrete data on what changed when. I hope you have more luck 🙂

  12. these grenco pens are all garbage…. everyone i bought 2 now… one of them snoop dog…. have not worked right out of the box… either element is junk ad or battery or charger doest work right……complete waste of time and money…… be aware do not buy!

  13. When i went to charge my g pen i unscrewed it and all my oil was down in the bottom part. Is that normal? I didn’t want to mess the charger up

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