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The GURU — from Grizzly Originals — is an interesting take on a multi-material device. It’s designed as one of the few portable vaporizers that can be used for dry herbs, extracts, and liquids. According to the company, the GURU is the first traditional dry herb vaporizer with the ability to connect with 510 threaded atomizers for vaping liquid and wax. They wanted to create a device that didn’t lose the flavor of the vapor like cheaper vaporizers do. We wanted to see if their claims were true and if we would like this multi-material vaporizer as much as the Prohibited 5th Degree.

Review: Grizzly Guru Multi-Material Vaporizer

Grizzly Guru review

Grizzly Guru coils

How it Works

Let’s start with how the GURU works for dry herbs. The atomizer for this function is the larger of the included attachments, with air holes and an open glass top. First, remove the glass mouthpiece using a little force and fill the herb chamber to the top.

We recommend you grind your flower, though this is not necessary because the herb chamber typically heats up efficiently so no material is wasted.

Now for switching to the e-liquid and wax atomizer. This is the smaller attachment, which screws onto the battery of your vaporizer. First you’ll want to snap on the e-cartridge adaptor, which locks into place using the tab on the back of the vaporizer. Lock the atomizer into place using the tab on the back of the vaporizer.

Guru in hand

There are two attachments that screw onto the atomizer: the all-black one is for concentrates and the clear one for e-liquids. Load on your desired concentrate or liquid chamber and screw it on tightly. Fill the chamber with your concentrate or liquid by twisting off the mouthpiece.

The GURU has an OLED screen, a power button above, and a plus and minus button below to control the temperature. The vaporizer automatically detects which atomizer is in use and adjusts the voltage used. Press the power button 3 times to turn the unit on. 

Grizzly Guru power button

Temperature Flexibility

The Grizzly GURU comes with a neat feature — you can change the temperature in the middle of a session.

Using the plus and minus buttons, users adjust the temperature by 8°C with each press.

We suggest starting at a low temperature and going up from there to burn all the product.

Grizzly Guru mouth piece

Vapor Quality

We definitely prefer the vapor quality of our herb to wax or liquid while using the GURU. The ceramic dry herb chamber uses both conduction and convection heating, allowing for a cool and flavorful hit each draw. It’s easy to tell when the flower is burned through because the GURU will stop producing vapor.

As for concentrates, we recommend you only use one session’s worth at a time so the substance doesn’t lose flavor. The chamber has a ceramic donut over the coil which helps to vaporize the concentrate more evenly. But if you’re looking for a multi-material vaporizer for tasty concentrates, we recommend the Prohibited 5th Degree.


Grizzly Guru display

Manufacturing Quality

Overall, the Grizzly GURU feels bulky and clunky, and though it fits in your pocket, it’s not the most appealing vaporizer on the market. Similar in size and function to the Yocan Explore 2-in-1 Vaporizer,

However, we appreciate the use of safe materials in making the GURU. The all-glass and ceramic air pathways are non-toxic and allow for the vapor to keep its flavor at a cool temperature.

The digital display makes for ease of use in controlling temperature and voltage levels, and the battery is rather lightweight for its size.

Grizzly Guru full kit

Grizzly Guru usb chargingBattery Life

This vaporizer has a decent battery life, making it a good pick for on-the-go users. A full charge lasts about 2 to 3 hours, and a handy automatic shut-off feature that kicks in after 5 minutes is a bonus feature.

One setback to the GURU is that it uses a DC charger, or does not use a USB port. In other words, if your charger breaks, it will be more difficult to replace than a common micro USB charger.

Grizzly Guru in armor case


As we already mentioned, we found the GURU to be bulkier than units that have the same functions, like the Utillian 721.

It is still small enough to carry around on your person, but with all its attachments, it becomes a lot to hold onto.

Grizzly Guru in hand

Ease of Use

Because of its many parts, the GURU can be hard to navigate the first time around and for those new to vaporizers. The way the atomizers connect to the battery is quick and easy, but it also makes it easier to break.

Though the OLED screen is a cool feature, we found it to be unreliable at times and the battery level to be faulty.

The Grizzly GURU isn’t for beginners, but we would recommend it for anybody transitioning or looking to experiment with different vaporizing materials.

Grizzly Guru in another hand


The size of the GURU makes it more obvious when being used in public, but it holds the appearance of a typical box e-liquid vaporizer.

It’s relatively easy to clean, making the chance of it producing an odor minimal. The vaporizer comes with cleaning wipes and brushes so you can be prepared to take your GURU anywhere in public.

Grizzly Guru kitOverall Experience

Though we enjoyed the versatility of the Grizzly GURU, we ultimately think that it is not worth the price for most users. Rather than invest in one unit that does multiple functions decently, we would prefer to purchase cheaper devices that produce one function perfectly.

Purchasing the Zeus Smite for dry herbs and the Thunder 2 for concentrates, for example, would be cheaper than the GURU with better performance.

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