Kanger Xlum Kit Review – What the does Xlum mean?

It’s no secret that Kanger is known as a company that’s mostly played it safe in the vaping industry. While there are a few notable exceptions, the vast majority of their devices are designed with practicality and ease of use in mind. This is exactly why the Kanger Xlum comes as a huge surprise as Kanger breaks free out of its tired old traditions and basically blows our expectations with this psychedelic new box mod. The radical redesign isn’t just skin deep either as you’ll soon find out.
The Kanger Xlum promises a lot of impressive specs that make this kit worth some serious consideration. But enough talk, let’s take a closer look at the kit and see exactly what it has in store for us. Be sure to check the vape buyer’s guides for important information to take into consideration before making your purchase.
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Review: Kanger Xlum

Kanger Xlum Review

Kanger Xlum front dispaly

Manufacturing Quality

Bear in mind, this device isn’t exactly meant for the heavily prudish. The Kanger Xlum sports an in-your-face aesthetic which is surprisingly unique amidst a market where manufacturers are continuously attempting to one-up each other with radical cosmetic upgrades.

True to the devices name, the Xlum features a large “X” patterned on its front end with a circular and highly ergonomic menu/up/down button right smack in the middle.

Loaded with a tactile feedback that resonates with a satisfying click whenever pressed, the firing button on the side gives you a great amount of control over the mod, always letting you know the moment it fires up.

The screen while not the largest, easily conveys its displayed information with a bright TFT color display. It’s unfortunate that Kanger didn’t opt to include an OLED like most flagship devices do as outdoor viewing of the display takes some getting used to.

The user interface is easy to read and intuitive, giving you an instant glimpse of the device’s current wattage setting and vaping mode. It also lets you know the installed coils’ current resistance and how many volts are being pushed to the atomizer whenever the mod if fired.Kanger Xlum available colors

As for the Kanger Xlum’s coup-de-grace, it features an illuminated customizable RGB panel that gives off an effervescent and tantalizing glow when turned on. The colors can easily be interchanged via the onboard menu, giving you a good measure of control over the mods aesthetics to better match your mood.

The back panel that houses the device’s dual 18650 battery configuration is pretty sturdy as well. Held in place with magnets, the battery door isn’t prone at all to any wiggling or rattling when manhandling the mod.

Kanger Xlum mouth piece

Flavor Quality

The Kanger Xlum comes with its very own newly designed tank. The Xlum tank packs a wallop of vapor with every inhale thanks to its relatively large chamber size, not to mention this kits inclusion and usage of Kanger’s own kanthal mesh coil rated at 0.18ohms for no-holds-barred cloud chucking.

As an alternative, a standard nichrome coil rated at 0.2 ohms is also included. When it comes to flavor production though, we’ve usually been bigger fans of standard round coil setups as these tend to produce a much more intense flavor burst compared to most of the mesh coils available.

The airflow on the Xlum tank is no joke either, delivering smooth and consistent inhales regardless of airflow settings which are easily adjusted at a moments notice by the freely rotating airflow ring located at the base of the tank.

While there is a tiny bit of whistling audible when dialing down the airflow to a bare minimum, the Kanger Xlum tank performs better when opening up the airflow due to the strong power capabilities of this device.

Kanger Xlum power controlPower Flexibility

With a strong power ceiling of 200 watts, the Kanger Xlum gives users a lot of potential headroom to play with the device’s wattage settings in order to find the configuration most suitable.

Unfortunately for the Xlum, it does have a noticeable firing delay which can be distracting, a problem that their older devices also had. This leads us to assume that the Kanger Xlum hasn’t made any real changes to the chip design or internals of this kit.

Temperature control while supported straight out of the box is best left untouched as it tends to produce inconsistent results and a rather lackluster vape. Wattage mode is perfectly fine though despite the delay as power output seems to be consistent throughout each pull.Kanger Xlum tank

Kanger Xlum in another handEase of Use

The Kanger Xlum operates just like any other box mod making it rather straightforward in its setup and actual usage. Insert a pair of charged 18650 batteries in the sled.

The battery sled of the Kanger Xlum has clearly marked and highly visible polarity indicators instantly letting you know how to orient your batteries as you insert them into the device.

The Xlum tank screws in smoothly onto the 510 connection on top of the device and is easily outfitted with the kits included a set of coils which are simply threaded onto the tank base.

The Xlum tank uses a push-to-open top fill design making instant refills a snap so once you’ve got your favorite e-liquid in the tank, let the coils slowly saturate with e-liquid over a 5 minute period to ensure a good first hit. Turn on the device with 5 clicks on the firing button and the Kanger Xlum is good to go.

Kanger Xlum with armor case


Being a dual 18650 box mod, the Kanger Xlum definitely has some heft and girth to it but it’s not really anything to complain about as similarly powered devices are sized almost identically. The dual battery setup definitely makes this a great all day device as its able to produce strong and long-lasting performance throughout the day.

The top-fill mechanism makes refilling the tank a non-issue even when on the go, something that cant be said about other tanks. While the Kanger Xlum does feature a micro USB port which can be used to charge the device quickly, its always recommended to use an external charger when working with multi-battery setups.Kanger Xlum inclined view

Kanger Xlum full kit

Overall Experience

The Kanger Xlum features an interesting new design which makes it a compelling option for vapers who are always on the lookout for hot new aesthetic features in their devices.

On the other hand, the rather dated chip design makes this a rather lackluster device performance wise, especially when compared to the large number of budget offerings that manage to output stellar performance at similar or lower prices.

If you’re really a fan of the Kanger Xlum’s aesthetics, it would be too harsh to say that it deserves a pass. But if you’re looking for a reliable daily driver that gives you all the bells and whistles, the Kanger Xlum kit probably isn’t for you.

If you are looking for the best pre-filled unit on the market we suggest checking out the Jücee Slice and if you are looking for the best mod-style unit we suggest checking out the Smok X-Priv.

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