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The Utillian 420 vaporizer is the latest release from vaporizer giants Utillian. This release comes on the heels of the popular Utillian 721, which has been praised for being one of the most affordable convection vaporizers available. The Utillian 420 looks to offer users the best vaporizer experience on a budget, providing users with 4 pre-set temperature settings, a large ceramic chamber, glass mouthpiece, and a digital display, all in a sleek, pocketable vaporizer. So if you are new to the vaporizer scene or just looking to have a backup unit, the Utillian 420 is sure to meet your demands with your budget in mind. Let’s take a closer look!

Editors Note: Utillian has released a follow-up to the popular 420, the Utillian 421, which features 6 temperature settings, increased battery life and airflow control. Check out our comparison of the Utillian 420 vs 421.

Review: Utillian 420

How it Works

Loading the Utillian 420 is very straight forward; simply unscrew the glass mouthpiece to expose the heating chamber. Load freshly ground botanical into the heating chamber packing it down slightly with your finger, we have found for best results to pack the chamber to a medium tightness. This way the heat radiates properly through the herbs with less of a chance of the herbs moving around in the chamber and becoming stuck on the mouthpiece screen.

To turn the unit on, press the power button on the side of the Utillian 420 five times quickly. The display at the top will illuminate and will read you the current charge level. Next, it will display your last pre-set temperature and then begin to automatically heat up.

To change the temperature on the Utillian 420, simply press and hold the power button for about 3 seconds, the display will then show you the next pre-set temperature and begin heating. Repeat this process to toggle between all 4 available temperature settings.

The device will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of operation, to turn the Utillian 420 off manually, simply press the power button 5 times again. The device will show you the current charge level before shutting down.

Temperature Flexibility

The Utillian 420 features 4 pre-set temperatures (190C, 200C, 210C, 220C) perfectly calibrated to offer users the best ranges for vaporization.

Though the unit does not have precise temperature control, we found that these 4 temperatures were more than enough to satisfy our vaping needs and actually found this device worked really well when you started from the lowest temperature and slowly increased the temperature to the highest. This way you are able to slowly and efficiently extract your preferred herbs.

Vapor Quality

For the price of the Utillian 420, we were not expecting much in the vapor quality department, boy were we wrong!

The Utillian 420 does an excellent job at maintaining flavor, especially on the first 2 temperature settings. The glass mouthpiece really allows the purity of your herbs to flow through.

At higher temperatures, you are able to achieve some nice dense vapor, without experiencing too much irritation on the throat. Once again the glass mouthpiece does a decent job at cooling the vapor before it reaches your lips.

This unit does a much better job than the Pulsar APX at providing great vapor quality on a budget, mostly because of the glass mouthpiece and a longer vapor path (check out our full comparison of the 420 vs APX here). The airflow on the Utillian 420 is also a bit more free-flowing that the APX, which requires more of a sipping draw. The Utillian 420 is by no means free-flowing like units like the Crafty but is far smoother than most introductory models.


For an even smoother experience at higher temperature, we highly suggest taking the Utillian 420 for a spin attached to the Zeus Iceborn. On the highest temperature, you can get some serious vapor with nothing but a smooth icy exhale.

Manufacturing Quality

As to be expected with Utillian products, the 420 is very well machined especially for the price point. It features a beautiful, yet rugged anodized aluminum shell and is topped off with a glass mouthpiece. It is much nicer than other similarly priced units that tend to feature plastic shells.

Just like all Utillian units, the 420 on features single button operation for a user-friendly experience.

Utillian was able to integrate an LED display into the unit and even if it doesn’t allow for precise temperature control, it allows users to see each set temperature, track heat up and battery life.

The 420 also comes with a 1-year warranty which is honored through TVape. This means no hassle of contacting a manufacturer, you just deal with our store directly for the entire year of your warranty. 

Battery Life

For such a small unit the Utillian 420 boasts a pretty impressive battery life, lasting roughly an hour of charge time. Considering a typical session on the 420 lasts about 10 minutes this will get you roughly 4 – 6 sessions out of the 420 on a single charge.

For the average user, this should be more than enough for a days’ worth of vaping. For those who do not use their vaporizer more than twice a day, you should be able to go a few days before needing a charge.

For heavier users, you may need to charge your device at some point during the day, but the 420 features a micro-USB charging dock making it really easy to find a charge source during the day.


The Utillian 420 is an extremely portable device, measuring just 11cm tall, 5cm wide and just 2cm deep. It is the smallest unit on the Utillian line and it can easily be slipped into a pocket or bag for easy transportation.

For hassle-free transportation, we recommend pairing the Utillian 420 with the Zeus Armor Hard Case, which has enough room for the 420, your Zeus Grinder, your charging cable and your herbs. It’s the perfect companion for almost any portable vaporizer but works especially well for the 420.

Ease of Use

As we mentioned, the Utillian 420 only features one button making it an extremely user-friendly device. 5 quick clicks turns the device on and off, and pressing and holding the power button cycles through the 4 available temperature settings.

The LED is easy to read and will highlight the units heat up cycle, temperature settings, and battery life, providing users all the necessary information to make sure their device is operating properly.

This device also heats up extremely quickly and can reach its highest set temperature in less than 20 seconds.


The Utillian 420 is a fairly discreet little portable vaporizer. It can quickly be palmed or pocketed to be kept out of sight.

The body and mouthpiece of the 420 also make it look similar to smaller models of e-cigarettes, so chances are most people who spot you will just assume you are puffing on an e-cigarette rather than enjoying your herbs.

Overall Experience

For such a budget friendly device, we could not be happier with what the Utillian 420 has to offer, giving customers worthwhile features like a digital display and glass mouthpiece, which are usually reserved for higher priced units.

Vapor quality is easily the best for the price point with 4 calibrated pre-set temperatures for vaporization and the included glass mouthpiece to help preserve flavor and provide smooth vapor.

The sleek and small design of the 420 makes it the most portable Utillian yet, capable of easily slipping into a pocket or bag for a night out.

If you are new to vaporizing and looking for the most cost-effective unit to start with we cannot recommend the Utillian 420 enough. It gives you a ton of high-value features at a very budget friendly price and is the perfect way to be introduced to the wonderful world of vaporizers.

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  1. I would like to retract my previous review. It just so happened that the first vape I bought several weeks ago (not Utillian) did not work from the get go. The store and the company were less than helpful. I was angry, frustrated and disappointed with my first vape experience. I did some additional research and bought the 420. It did not work out of the box either! I figured I was out $$$ again but complained immediately to TV and they replaced it free. It arrived priority post and cost me nothing. So far, it works great. Thanks Utilian and TVape.

  2. This is almost a perfect vapor but to bad they couldn’t improve the intake the screen always
    gets plugged but over all it’s a real nice unit….

    • I pop the screen out every couple days, hold it with tweezers and use a lighter to burn the resin off. Works like a charm, clears the screen right off. I do it in the bathroom and there is a small bit of smoke but not enough to even smell. Blow it out, put it back in the unit. I use it every day and I’m still on my first screen.

  3. I can tell you hands down my first vap and this thing is the $hiznit! I love this thing the durability the quality, like Douglas said above me. The only bad part seems to be the screen gets gummed up but honestly nothing an old toothbrush and Isopropyl can’t fix. Plus they give you like 5 extra screens. Don’t cheap out this it is the best entry level you can purchase and its strong. Easy to work and easy not to drop.

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