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While Aspire, Innokin, and Smok have always been on the forefront of many a beginner’s selections, smaller and not as popular brands are usually forgotten. The day has finally come where a cult favorite steps into the limelight in the form of the Voopoo Mojo. Voopoo has produced a number of excellent devices such as the Drag and the Alpha One. Now its time for the Voopoo Mojo to shine. Powered by the excellent Gene chip that rivals more expensive DNA boards, this portable little kit just might change the face of starter mods altogether. Let’s take a look at the details of the kit in the review below.

Be sure to check the vape buyer’s guides for important information to take into consideration before making your purchase.

Editors Note: For those who are looking for the easiest and most efficient way to make the switch, we suggest checking out the Jücee Slice, a pod-based vaping system that offers a hassle-free approach to vaping, no settings, no ohm law, just vapor.

Review: Voopoo Mojo kit

Voopoo Mojo Review

Voopoo Mojo front profile

Manufacturing Quality

First and foremost, it has to be said that the Voopoo Drag sports quite an unconventional design unlike any that we’ve seen from any starter kit so far. While the overall shape shares a general semblance to your typical mini box mod, the details are what sets it apart from the pack.

For starters, the fire button and up/down buttons are all cleverly integrated into what comprises the modern/industrial design of the Voopoo Mojo. The fire button sits on top of the OLED screen on the front of the mod but excellently blends in with the well thought of styling.

The curvature of the button gives it a comfortable and intuitive feel that’s easy to find and press, and the tactile feedback from firing the device is both satisfying and unmistakable.

The up/down buttons are similarly fashioned, taking the form of chrome-like rivets on either side of the mod. One aspect where the Voopoo Mojo deviates from its predecessors is the larger and more detailed OLED screen, capable of displaying more information at any given time.

Sunlight legibility is also excellent, making it easy to check the status of your device even when under direct exposure from the sun. The bottom of the device holds some battery venting holes to ensure that the internal 2600 mAh battery stays nice and cool as well which is always a welcome addition to any device.

Voopoo Mojo available colors

The top of the device is where you can find the same yet excellent 510 connection that Voopoo uses in all their devices. Constructed out of solid stainless steel and featuring a spring-loaded mechanism to facilitate greater compatibility with a variety of atomizers, its one of the most secure 510 connections in the market.

The top of the mod has a diameter which can accommodate atomizers up to 24mm in size without overhang, and while this might not be enough to fit all the tanks and RDA’s available in the market currently, it’s still compatible with a large percentage of them.

Voopoo Mojo mouth piece

Flavor Quality

One of the unique traits inherent to the bundled UFORCE tank is its triple channel airflow system as opposed to the dual channel airflow that the majority of tanks use nowadays. This results in an extremely smooth, cool, and relaxed vaping experience that also yields lots of vapor.

While the dual coils that come with the kit don’t venture outside the ordinary, they still manage to provide a very satisfactory vaping experience, which just goes to prove that sometimes simple concepts done right can still provide exceptional results.

Another major strong point of the Voopoo Mojo is the Gene chip which is built into the device. Firing delay is the lowest out of all the non-premium devices standing at a low 0.10 seconds, and I’ve yet to experience any misfires with any mod that uses the Gene chip, the Voopoo Mojo included.

Voopoo Mojo temperature displayPower Flexibility

Powered by the internal 2600mAh battery, it’s no surprise that the Voopoo Mojo can fire up to a maximum of 88 watts at full blast. Also, keep in mind that most mods that fire up to 100 watts on similarly sized batteries don’t really produce a consistent vape, and instead pulse the output of the device, resulting in a somewhat wonky vaping experience. You won’t get any of that when vaping with the Voopoo Mojo.

Aside from variable wattage, the Voopoo Mojo also supports temperature control for stainless steel, nickel, and titanium coils. While many mods manage to do a decent job at temperature control, none but the most premium devices can do TC at the level that the Voopoo Mojo does.

The temperature control is both accurate and consistent, without any of the annoying issues that plague cheaper devices such as poor detection of the coils resistance which results in a sub-par TC experience.

Voopoo Mojo mouth piece

Voopoo Mojo in handEase of Use

Probably my one and only complaint about the Voopoo Mojo and all Gene chip devices by Voopoo is that the mod fires too quickly. It’s too fast to the point that when attempting to perform the standard 5 clicks to turn the device off, I almost always end up inadvertently firing the mod.

And since my fingers aren’t fast enough to accomplish this almost superhuman feat, I simply resort to locking the device with the much easier shortcut which involves holding down the fire button as well as the up button.

When it comes to refilling the UFORCE tank, its good to see that Voopoo has taken a few pages out of its competitor’s books. The top cap easily slides off with a simple push and is still held in place, making it an extremely simple affair top your tank up with e-liquid even when on the go.

The detailed OLED screen also makes menu navigation relatively easier than the older Voopoo devices, but like most regulated mods with advanced functions, there is still a bit of a learning curve involved.

Voopoo Mojo with armor case


For such a small device, the Voopoo Mojo has definitely got some heft to it. Weighing in at 223 grams, its no lightweight considering the mod itself measures out to a mere 82mm in height, 27.5mm in width, and a length of 38mm.

The high weight to size ratio gives it a nice premium feel to it which is always welcome since not only does the mod look high quality but it feels high quality as well.

While the 2600mAh battery might be a bit on the low side especially considering that its non-swappable, it did manage to get me through an entire day albeit with conservative use. Heavy or chain vapers will definitely find the need to recharge the mod mid-day.

Voopoo Mojo mouth piece detached

Voopoo Mojo full kit

Overall Experience

It’s hard to dislike the Voopoo Mojo as it’s got so many things going for it. A sleek and premium aesthetic paired with the durability typical of most Voopoo mods make this a great everyday driver.

The Gene chip alone should make this kit worth the purchase as it presents an awesome value with its DNA-like performance at a budget price.

If you are looking for the most portable and straightforward unit we would probably chalk that up to the Jücee Slice.

If you are looking for a mod-style vape to start with we suggest checking out the Vaporesso Swag.

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  1. Have purchased a voopoo mojo noticed the button was not working properly only had it days I contacted the company they wanted name date receipt time of purchase pics of the mod and video of the problem also serial numbers I sent that in they later said nothing was received even though on my end shows sent so I resent the pics other video and they said they cant replace or honor my claim so for only having it 2 days didn’t want my money witch I should get back I just wanted my mod replaced guess what they cant do it all that running around showing the proof that it’s not a lie and I’m the one who just purchase this item there warranty stinks i will never buy this product again I suggest others dont either I was happy with my purchase but dont feel I should be treated like that for my money voopoo is poo poo dont buy it there are much better mods and tanks out there for the money

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