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Here at TorontoVaporizer we DON'T carry every Vaporizer. We only carry the BEST Vaporizer in each price category. (Milad G., Product Expert)

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Vaporizer Store Advantage

We keep our Inventory inside the country and therefore avoid all the wasted time and paperwork that a customs clearance can cause. At TorontoVaporizer, you can find the best of both worlds: the competitive prices of an online store and the after sales support of traditional retail stores. Located in the heart of Toronto, we focus on keeping our customers satisfied! 

We only carry vaporizers that have been thoroughly tested by our review team. You can read up on the pros and cons of each vape on our blog or watch the "How it Works" or "Review" videos on each product page to understand which vape is better for you.

Transparency is key for us. You can visit our offices to pick up your vape and even pay in cash if you wish to do so. Most of our customers get their orders shipped, since we ship North America wide, but having the ability to drop by, call in, chat with us over the website or even leave your reviews on our Facebook page for all our fans to see are all big parts of our commitment to transparency. This openness and ease of access to us, should serve to give you confidence that we care about our customer's vaporizing needs and satisfaction.


Vaporizers have taken off in the last few years. The advantages of vaporizing are endless and no longer a secret. These devices offer combustion prevention, efficient extraction, convenience, pure taste and above all are intended to relieve respiratory symptoms.

By 2050, we predict everyone will always have three items on them: a cell phone, ID, and a portable vape! What else would they really need?

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Fastest Processing & Shipping Times

To get the orders to our customers in the shortest time period physically possible, we keep our warehouse in the heart of Toronto. Unlike most online stores that don’t keep stock and drop-ship, we make it our mission to keep and maintain our own warehouse. As a result, it only takes up to 48 hours to process your order!

Our close proximity to major shipping hubs is the second factor that makes us by far the fastest source for vaporizers. Combined with the fact that our packages never go through customs like all the other “drop-ship style” online stores, you can be rest assured that we will get your package to you faster than any other online vape store.

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Selecting Your Vaporizer

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as the best vaporizer. Every person has different preferences and habits, and based on these, there is a vape best suited for you.

To assist you in the process of selecting the best vaporizer for you, we have compiled comparative charts that illustrate what each vape has to offer. Also, check out our very own review channel on YouTube. Going through this information will give you a clear indication of the vaporizer that best matches your needs. If you are still in doubt, please don’t hesitate to call us (toll free). Our customer service representatives are more than happy to provide you with all the vape specific information you need.

Discreet Packaging

Detailed information on all Portable and Stationary Vaporizers can be found on each dedicated product page. Please take your time to browse and watch the videos and if you need any further information, feel free to contact us at anytime.