Cleaning the Volcano Vaporizer

A Volcano is a great investment, and you want to ensure that yours keeps working well for as long as possible. Cleaning the Volcano Vaporizer is easy and all vaporizers work better when all the pieces are clean. This is especially necessary for the excellent vapor quality the Volcano is known for. Here’s how to clean the Volcano valve sets to make sure you always get the best vapor. First make sure unit has cooled down and you have a space where you won’t lose any small pieces. We recommend that you use a gentle, organic cleaner for everything. Contact with rubbing alcohol can eventually damage the soft Volcano parts.
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Cleaning the Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano base unit doesn’t need much care. Make sure it’s unplugged before cleaning it. The casing can be cleaned with a damp soft cloth. Don’t use anything at all abrasive on it. Just use a mild soap in water if there are any major stains on the metal. Don’t open the unit up to clean the inside, as this may void your warranty. Since no botanicals should get inside the unit anyway, it shouldn’t need it.
At the bottom of the Volcano is an air filter. You should inspect it for contamination about once a month. Turn the air filter cap counter clockwise and pull it out. Extra air filter sponges come with your unit, so just replace the sponge if it seems to need it.

Volcano Solid Valve Starter Set

For the Solid Valve set, the mouthpiece, valve, and filling chamber should all be cleaned every time you replace the balloon. The hardest part is disassembling everything to clean the insides. To disassemble the mouthpiece, just pull the lip piece from the mouthpiece cylinder and slide the cylinder from the housing.
To disassemble the valve, take off the balloon as usual and remove the slip ring and the balloon ring. Push the valve cylinder up until you can unscrew the valve cap. If this is difficult, heat the parts in warm water to loosen them. Remove all the small parts inside the valve, remembering their position and order so you can put them back again properly.
Remove the filling chamber insert from the filling chamber. Once you unscrew the nut at the bottom of the insert the rest will come apart easily. Push the lower screen out of the filling chamber and pull the bottom ring off the end with tweezers. You can then unscrew the filling chamber cylinder from the housing.
Clean all the parts separately with a cleanser and the included cleaning brush or a cotton bud. Do not leave them immersed in alcohol, as this will damage the material. Rinse the parts in warm water afterwards to remove any residue. Reassemble them in the reverse of the order they were disassembled in, using the illustrations in your instruction manual as a guide.
If your parts have depreciated with time and you prefer to replace those, you can always visit our Volcano Vaporizer Accessories product page.

Volcano Easy Valve Starter Set

The Easy Valve mouthpiece and balloon don’t need any cleaning: they’re designed to be thrown away every month or so. The only part of the system that needs regular cleaning is the filling chamber. Every time you replace the balloon set, you should also clean the filling chamber. This will make sure no germs are transferred and the flavour remains excellent.
To disassemble the filling chamber cap, push the upper screen out from the top of the chamber. Remove the cap cylinder from the plastic housing and the ring at the top will come off at the same time. Push the lower screen or liquid pad out of the filling chamber. Remove the filling chamber cylinder from the housing and that will release the filling chamber clips.
Clean all the parts separately with an organic cleaning solution and cotton buds, and then rinse them in water. Reassemble the parts in the reverse of the order you disassembled them. Make sure the filling chamber clips and the screens are in the right positions. Otherwise small particles of your botanical may end up in the vapor to be inhaled.
This procedure is easier if you keep the pieces of each component lined up in the order they were assembled, or only take apart one part at a time. It’s really not as complicated as it sounds, though, and it will keep your vapor quality high all the time. 
Thank you for reading today’s post on Cleaning the Volcano Vaporizer and if you have any tips and tricks you’ve found when cleaning your Volcano, share them in the comments!
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