PAX vs DaVinci Vaporizer, Vape Showdown ! (Video)

pax-vs-davinci-vaporizer-showdownThe PAX vaporizer has been on the market for just over a month now and already has taken the vape scene by storm. The hype surrounding the release of this unit was unheard of in the world of vaporizers and it has not disappointed. One unit that is often overlooked though is the DaVinci Vaporizer which was also released this year. With the PAX getting all the media attention, the DaVinci has still managed to be highly successful. Today we will compare both units to let all you guys know which unit is good at what.

The Comparison Review of the PAX vs DaVinci Vaporizer

Vapor Quality

This section is about the clarity and pureness of the taste of vapor. Cooler vapor is generally better vapor as it is easier to consume and more flavorful. Better vapor quality is relatively easy to identify by vapor connoisseurs, as it is richer in flavor. Below we will compare the two units.

Vapor Quality of the PAX Vaporizer

Although the PAX is a tiny unit, it still packs a great punch. When we tested the unit we were very surprised at the thickness of vapor that the unit could produce. What is also nice about it is that it works very well on the lower temperature settings as it still produces vapor of great density. The only drawback is that the vapor is quite hot upon inhalation making it a bit harsh at times and not allowing the unit to reach its full potential in terms of flavor. The resedue will also stay in the narrow channels inside the unit and ensure that the mouthpiece does not click out. You have to clean the PAX inside out every second-third time you use it, otherwise the mouth piece will stick inside the unit and it wont be usable. Also the Chamber cooks the botanical, leaving oils to escape from the back. You can see this when you open the lid after you vaporize a batch. It is not the most efficient of portable vapes.

Vapor Quality of the DaVinci

DaVinci Vaporizer Heating Chamber
This handheld unit is small in size but still a top notch unit in terms vapor quality. What we like about the DaVinci is that it has a digital temperature display allowing you to set your temperature to the nearest degree. This allows you to fully customize your vapor, having thinner and more flavorful vapor at lower temperatures (190-205) and thicker denser vapor at higher temperatures (205-221). The vapor is warm like with the PAX Vape, but the advantage with the DaVinci is that you can use the snorkel accessory which will get you surprisingly cool and smooth vapor even at higher temperatures. The design of the DaVinci Vaporizer’s heating chamber makes the vapor easy to pull and flavorful.
The DaVinci Vape, clearly beats the PAX in this category as it has a digital display, smoother Vapor and better airflow. The snorkel accessory adds to this advantage, though it is not included with a new DaVinci Vaporizer.


This category mainly compares how convenient it is to carry this unit around. Factors like size, weight and form are very important.

Portability of the PAX

Ploom’s unit is hands down the most portable vaporizer in the world. Its small, lightweight, has no loose parts and will fit into any pocket. You will not find a unit out there that is more portable. The form is very good and fits comfortably in one’s hand. The only issue is the cover for the heating chamber, as it is magnetic and can be lost. The PAX might not be the best unit to take to clubs or concerts. You can think of it that way: While the guys at Ploom decided to achieve portability with sleek design, the guys at DaVinci tried to achieve with a robust design.

Portability of the DaVinci

Although the DaVinci is an ultra-portable unit in its own right, any unit is going to have trouble to compete against the PAX Vaporizer in this category. The DaVinci is still great though. It is a little larger and heavier than the contender. The unique flexi-draw stem makes this unit very robust. Furthermore, it has a little storage compartment to store an extra round of botanical. This comes in very handy when you are outside with your Portable Vaporizer. You don’t need an extra storage like you would with the PAX.
The PAX has a sharp edge in this category that the DaVinci cannot beat that easily. While the later is geared more towards robust design the PAX is more like a cell phone; sleek and cool. It is just more convenient to carry this unit around on day-to-day activities and therefore our decision is to make the PAX the winner in this category.


This category compares how stealthy the unit is. While form plays an important role, the complete design of the unit becomes very important in this category. Units that are small or look like other devices generally rank high on discreteness. In some cases the speed in which the units heats up is also relevant as the vape can be used quickly and put back into the pocket.

Discreteness of the PAX

PAX Vaporizer DiscretenessJust as in portability the PAX by Ploom was made to be discrete. It’s small size make it hard to see and the fact that you can quickly put it in your pocket make it very discrete. You could walk down the street with this unit in your hand and only fellow PAX owners might notice what you are holding and that is if they can see the unit in your hand. The only drawback in this section is the magnetic cap to the heating chamber. Ploom wanted to use magnets in their design as it give off the perception of “high tech” and they did it well. But when making the back magnetic, we believe that they sacrificed functionality. The odor of the botanical, though it might smell like burned popcorn, will easily escape the unit. And if this unit is in your pocket for an extended period of time, that might not be ideal. The odor is limited but present.

Discreteness of the DaVinci

Although the unit is not as small and sleek as the PAX, its design makes this unit incredibly discrete pocket vaporizer. Because of the unique look of the flexi-stem and due to the fact that the unit has a small display, it absolutely looks like a small walky-talky. It is small enough to hide in your pocket and the design is also very sleek and modern. What we liked about this unit is that no one would ever think that it is a small vaporizer. So many handheld devices have a similar design and you will leave everyone guessing to what you are actually holding in your hand. Most importantly however the botanical is completely locked into the unit. This will prevent any odor from escaping and any need to carry around storage.
In this category the DaVinci has an edge. It locks in the odor and the botanical. The PAX does look a bit more discrete, but the downside of the magnetic back is too great of a discreteness drawback to compensate for. The DaVinci Vaporizer looks like a walky-talky, doesn’t emit odor and has extra storage space.

Manufacturing Quality

In this category we generally compare how well the unit is manufactured and what materials have been used. The reliability and low defective rate are also critical.

Manufacturing Quality of the PAX

PAX Vaporizer Manufacturing Quality
The unit might just be the best looking vaporizer on the market. The anodized material looks incredibly sleek and the shape of the unit is just beautiful. There are a few improvements that can be made to this unit though (we hope Ploom is listening). First of all the cover over the heating chamber can be lost rather easily. It has no fixed attachment and is held in place by a magnet. I could see many people lose this part. Furthermore, to access the temperature button one must remove the mouthpiece from the unit. The mouthpiece is attached to the unit with a spring that allows you to remove the cap when pressed down. We will have to see how well this mechanism does in the long run especially since it has a lot of residue buildup to deal with (as with any other portable vaporizer). Generally the more moving parts, the lower lifespan a product has. The magnet on the bottom tends to loose power over time through the constant heat, which will require you to change it every few months and the battery weakens quite fast because it is right over the heating chamber. These are big downfalls. All in all, the unit will look and feel more techy right out of the box, than the DaVinci. This is because Ploom has used magnets in conjunction with one button to operate the unit. The design is very smart.

Manufacturing Quality of the DaVinci

DaVinci Vaporizer Flexi StrawIt has a very nice casing and the blue display makes it look great. What is nice is that the parts all seem very sturdy and functional design aspects, like the Flexi-Stem lets everybody know that this unit was manufactured with the user in mind. What we found most important though is that this unit really has no parts that can break easily. The draw stem is virtually unbreakable and the buttons on the unit are of great quality.
In this category, the Davinci seems to have been made for the long run with functionality in mind. The internal battery is sectioned off on the side, which is not the case with the PAX. All parts are very robust and the return rates are very low with this unit. While it wouldn’t worry you if you dropped the DaVinci multiple times, dropping the pax will certainly leave deep scratches and result in the magnetic cap flying off. In this category the DaVinci has a clear edge and is a much more functional and robust gadget.

Final Thought

Overall these units are great portable vaporizers and both deserve a lot of respect. The PAX is just beautiful and incredibly portable. The DaVinci Vaporizer on the other hand was designed with functionality in mind.
It is hard to pick a winner, but I would give the DaVinci the edge. I think the vapor is better and the unit has a digital display to set temperature. Furthermore, the parts used in manufacturing do seem more reliable in the long run and you will never have to deal with your vaporizer suddenly not working because you didn’t clean it enough!
One thing is for sure though, no matter which one of these units you choose to get, your fellow connoisseurs will envy you and you will own one of the best portable vaporizers that money can buy.


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  1. The PAX vaporizer is a sleek design, but has a number of drawbacks. The mouthpiece tends to get stuck or come off altogether and the charging system has some problems after repeated use. The main problem with the unit is the heating chamber and magnetic cover, which comes off really easily. Also the design of the heating system and air-flow leave much to be desired – the product is unevenly heated and is inefficient. It looks great, but doesn’t function very well in practice. Not recommended.
    The DaVinci appears to be a much better unit, although I haven’t tried it yet.

  2. I have the Da Vinci. Great vaporizer. It has gotten me a solid 8 months use. It’s on its last legs due to a charger port failure but other wise works like a charm. Only other gripe is that the moth pieces tend to fall apart.

    • if it is a charger port issue it should be covered under warranty. Get in contact with the manufacturer and go through warranty :). Just make sure you clean your unit with cotton swabs and alcohol 100% before sending it into warranty. They will give you all the details about the process. The warranty center is in BC! hope you kept your receipt!

    • What about battery life? How long does the PAX last vs. the Davinci in a nonstop session and also if you don’t use it that frequently?

    • Well on that front the PAX is a bit disappointing. There is no good insulation between the heating chamber and battery. They all sit in the same chamber (you will see if you open up a pax). So the battery not only depletes faster but it has to be completely replaced sooner as well. With the solo the battery is exactly twice as large and the heating chamber and internals are completely separate. Performance is the following between a 3 month old Solo vs PAX. Solo still does up to 85 minutes (as compared to the initial 90 minutes when it is new), the pax in contrast decreases to 25 minutes (as compared to 40 minutes with a new PAX).

      AWESOME question, we should have included this in the blog post from the beginning :)!

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