Battery Replacement - Solo

Battery Replacement - Solo
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This product is a replacement battery for the Arizer Solo. The battery is an exact match to the original battery in terms of specifications. It is recommended to opt for a battery with the same specs as the original to ensure maximum performance. Batteries get old, lose their capacity, and otherwise can just stop working correctly. If you find yourself frustrated with your Solo's battery life, you may want to consider replacing it. A new battery should last 60-90 minutes on Level 3 when fully charged. There are two different options for replacement. If your Solo is still under warranty, you can send it in to have the battery replaced. Otherwise, you must perform the replacement yourself. Please read about each option carefully before choosing.


  • Arizer Solo

How To Replace

  • Option 1: Replace the battery yourself. This is the only option available to you if the battery is out of warranty. Detailed instructions for completing the replacement will be provided with the battery.
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