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The Pax 3 was recently released building upon the successes of the Pax 2 integrating bluetooth technology for more customization. Today its challenger will be the Firefly 2, the latest iteration from Firefly which boasts on-demand convection heating. Because there a just a few subtle differences between the Pax 2 & 3 we will be comparing both units directly to the Firefly 2 to give you the most informed decision on which unit you should choose.

Firefly 2 vs Pax 3

firefly-vapor-qualityVapor Quality

The Pax 2 & Pax 3 uses convection heating and a stainless steel heating chamber to provide users with smooth vapor. Because the Pax uses conduction your herbs are constantly cooking even when you are not drawing from the unit which will cause the flavor of your herbs to diminish more quickly.

The Firefly 2 offers on-demand convection heating and features a glass vapor path to offer some of the most flavorful vapor on the market. Because this unit uses convection heating your herbs are only cooked as you draw from the unit preserving the flavor of your herbs when you are not drawing from the unit. The result is a more flavorful and satisfying session throughout.

Convection really is the pinnacle of vaporizer technology and the Firefly 2 honestly does provide the best tasting vapor so we have crowned it the victor for this section.

Manufacturing Quality

The Pax 2 & 3 have a very slim profile to them and they feel great in your hands. However there are a few issues we have with the Pax 2 & 3 from a manufacturing standpoint, first is the magnetic cap on the bottom is somewhat secure but can easily pop out of place and go flying across the room, not to mention it can be easily misplaced when you are loading your unit.

The other issue is that the unit has a built-in battery, if the battery ever fails you will have to send the unit back to Pax directly to have it fixed or replaced. This means increased downtime whenever the battery does fail.

The Firefly 2 is not nearly as slim as the Pax but still looks and feels great in your hands. Unlike the Pax, the magnetic lid to the Firefly 2 is tight and secure and its basically impossible to pop off during use. It is also larger and less likely for you to misplace it.

The Firefly 2 also features a removable battery which means that if your battery ever fails you can simply purchase a new battery to get your device back up and running which is much more convenient than having to return the unit to the manufacturer.

We also love the fact that the Firefly 2 offers on-demand convection heating a first for the vaporizer industry. For this and the fact that it has a removable battery we give this round to the Firefly 2.

Ease of Use

 The Pax 2 & Pax 3 are pretty straight forward units to use, remove the magnetic cap at the bottom to expose the heating chamber, fill it with your herbs,  and place the magnetic cap back on. To turn the Pax on simply press the center of the mouthpiece to access the power switch. To switch between temperature press and hold the power button to enter temperature mode and then press the power button to cycle through the 4 temperature pre-sets indicated by the glowing logo. Press the power button again to set the temperature and the unit will begin to heat. Next take slow smooth draws from the mouthpiece to enjoy your vapor.

To use the Firefly 2 remove the magnetic lid to expose the heating chamber, fill it with herbs and place the lid back on the unit. The Firefly 2 is always in standby mode so there is no on and off button. Just press and hold both finger sensors and the device will begin to heat up. Changing temperature requires you to connect the unit to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. This is not the most convenient way to change temperature and forces you to stay tethered to your phone if you want to slowly increase temperatures.

While the Firefly 2 provides users with on-demand vapor and a very short 5 second heat-up time achieving decent vapor from this unit does take some trial and error, the unit does have a bit of a learning curve.

So while we enjoy the innovation of the Firefly 2, we wish you could change temperatures without the use of a smartphone and that vapor production was a little easier right out of the box.

The Pax is much more straightforward and thus is crowned the winner of this section.


Let’s be honest here, there are few vapes that are smaller than the Pax 2 or Pax 3 and the Firefly 2 is not one of them. So while we applaud Firefly for significantly shrinking the size of their unit over the previous Firefly it still does not compare to the Pax.

And for this reason we got to give the edge to the Pax units with portability.

Battery Life

The Pax 2 & 3 actually has a decent battery life considering the size of the units.  From our testing we have found the Pax 2 lasts roughly an hour of vaping which is roughly 3 – 4 sessions and the Pax 3 almost an hour and a half.

The Firefly 2 will provide you with about 2 – 3 sessions per battery, however the Firefly 2 also includes 2 batteries to start with the ability to purchase more. So if you have both batteries charged you can expect to get between 4 – 6 sessions in total. And as we mentioned you can buy additional batteries to further your charge time. So for this reason Firefly 2 wins battery life.

Temperature Flexibility

The Pax 2 offers users 4 pre-set temperatures which range from 180 – 210. This offers users a decent range of temperature to experiment with but in today’s market it does fall a bit short.

With the Pax 3 there is a fifth temperature setting available that can be programmed down to the degree between the 180 – 210 range.

The Firefly 2 offers users 5 base temperature settings for herbs and 1 temperature setting for concentrates. If you update the Firefly 2 via the smartphone app you will be able to fine tune each temperature setting with the “Power Tuning Mode” which allows you to increase and decrease the base temperature by 11% in each direction.

The power-tuning of the Firefly 2 gives you far more flexibility over your temperature than the Pax units so we have to give this round to the Firefly 2.


If you are looking for a portable vaporizer that is at the end of the day truly portable and that is all you care about then by all means go with either the Pax 2 or Pax 3. However when it comes to quality of vapor, manufacturing and battery life we cannot recommend the Firefly 2 enough.

It may have a bit of a learning curve but when you get the hang of it the vapor quality and convenience of on-demand convection heating will blow almost every other unit out of the water.

So if you truly want a satisfying session we would say the Firefly 2 is the true winner. But if you simply want portability go with the Pax.

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