Flowermate Aura Vaporizer Review – Glow or No?


Another release by Flowermate, a popular budget brand, the Aura has now been around for a couple years. With a small form factor and reliable reputation behind the brand, we check out how the Aura performs in 2018, and see how it stacks up compared to other bargain vapes available today.

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Review: Flowermate Aura

Flowermate Aura Review

Flowermate Aura coils

How it Works

As with most dry herb vaporizers, using the Aura is pretty simple. Remove the mouthpiece, load the ceramic chamber with your herb, and power on the device.

Choosing your temperature is easy with the two appropriate buttons, and in about 30 seconds you’re able to have your session! Since it’s a conduction based unit, I like to let the herb heat soak for a few more seconds before having my first draw.


Flowermate Aura flat display

Flowermate Aura temperature control

Temperature Flexibility

You’re given a healthy temperature range to choose from, letting you choose anywhere between 104-446°F/40-230°C.

The OLED display allows you to adjust the temperature in small increments, giving you full control over your experience!

Flowermate Aura mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Using the standard ceramic chamber that Flowermate uses on most of their devices, you’re given decent conduction-style vapor from it. The first few draws from the Aura are quite strong, however, the flavor tapers off quite quickly.

At higher temperatures, you get the standard ‘toasted popcorn’ flavor that’s characteristic of most conduction vapes.

The Aura is capable of doing waxes with the included concentrates pod, and it works.  But it’s really nothing spectacular, especially compared to a dedicated wax pen like the Thunder 2, but it’ll do the job. I’d much prefer saving my concentrates for use with something that was made for it though.

The mouthpiece being plastic though doesn’t give you as clean of a vapor path as something like glass does, and the draw resistance isn’t anything great either. By today’s standards though, I feel as though it doesn’t stack up to other budget portables that use hybrid heating. For what it is though, it still does the trick! 

Flowermate Aura front display

Manufacturing Quality

Flowermate is known for highly reliable products, but the Aura seems to deviate from that slightly. The plastic mouthpiece has become a notorious problem for many people – cracking and breaking constantly. Though Flowermate has been known to help people out who encounter this problem, it’s still not exactly an issue you want to run into.

You’re given a healthy accessories package with a cleaning brush, plenty of replacement screens, dry herb pod, concentrates pod, and a USB cable. I’m glad Flowermate sorts us out with the two pods, as they’re definitely quite useful!

Aside from the mouthpiece problem, the Aura feels good to hold. The build of it reminds me of an industrial design that the Boundless CF or Crafty possess. I wouldn’t put it at the same quality of either though – understandable due to the cost.

Flowermate Aura mouth piece detached

Flowermate Aura usb slotBattery Life

You’re given a 2600mAh battery which can yield around 7-10 sessions per charge! That’s fairly impressive for the price!

It charges using a conventional Micro USB cable, and in about 3-4 hours you’ll go from flat until full. This is pretty average for most vaporizers, even ones more expensive!

Flowermate Aura with armor case


At only around 6 inches tall, the Aura is easy to stow away into any pocket or bag! You’ll have no problem bringing it outside, and the rugged design brings comfort to the mind if you’re someone who’s particularly gentle with handling. There are smaller units like the Pax which are even more portable, though you’ll certainly be paying more for that!

The included dry herb pod makes it really convenient for having two sessions when out and about. Preload your chamber before heading out, and after your first session empty it out. Toss in a preloaded dry herb pod and then you’re ready to go again. It’s a lot quicker and easier than having to manually reload an empty chamber and I appreciate any pod system greatly for that reason.

Flowermate Aura heating coils

Ease of Use

Like all Flowermate products, using the Aura is really straightforward. This was meant to be a no-frills entry-level device, and it certainly does that well! A complete beginner could pick it up and get some good results with minimal coaching. There are no special draw methods or loading techniques that requires fine attention – just gently pack down your herb and you’re ready to go.

Cleaning is just as easy. Both the chamber and mouthpiece clean well with just a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol, and the included stainless steel pods clean best when submerged in some iso.

Flowermate Aura in hand


Compliments to the small size, the Aura is easy to conceal and looks like a typical e-juice vaporizer when in use. Though any smells might pique curiosity from some, you really won’t raise much suspicion if someone saw you taking a hit from it.

If portability and discretion are things you really value, the Aura covers you well then!

Flowermate Aura full kitOverall Experience

If you’re looking at getting your first dry herb vaporizer, the Aura leaves a bit to be desired. If you’re someone who has more than a couple of sessions a week, I’d highly recommend bumping your budget up a little more for something more significant, like the Zeus Smite Plus, as you’ll get a much better vapor quality from it, and won’t be tempted to upgrade for awhile.

The Aura certainly isn’t bad by any means, but the vapor quality isn’t anything special. When it first released in 2016, it was average by those standards. Two years down the line, I can’t help but feel like it’s a bit below the norm. They can be found at quite a low price nowadays, so if you’re really just looking for a device to pick up and use occasionally and not invest too much into, the Aura is a good bet. But for the price the Utillian 420 may be a better budget buy.

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  1. I’ve had this for nearly a year and the mouthpiece has broken from the inside. It seems the heat from the device weakened the interior plastic that holds the metal piece that holds the filter. This doesn’t just address a quality concern but also a health concern. Have I been vaping fumes form a melting plastic mouth piece? Not Cool… Will eventually replace this unit with some other ultra portable device live the v5.0 pro mini or a Pax 2

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