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If you’ve been keeping updated on our recent lifestyle video game posts you’ll now know which games should be your go to for multiplayer or solo console gaming! Now, video games and comedy movies are great for some loafty vaping sessions, but sometimes we connoisseurs want to put those creative juices to work, think outside the box and round up the pals for some fun table top competition! Yep…we’re talking about some good old fashioned table top games! It’s a known fact that if you don’t use it, you lose it, so board games are a great way to boost your brain power to add another dimension to your new healthy lifestyle! Trade in that smoke for some vapor, the TV remote for a stack of cards and bring out the healthy munchies! So, If you’re looking for a way to spend the night laughing your ass off, spark up some friendly competition, and boost your brain power, look no further!  Try your hand at our top ten, tried and true, classic table top vaping games!

Good Old Fashioned Vaping Games

Table Top Vaping Games

#10 Monopoly

Monopoly is an essential vape session game! It can last anywhere from 1-4 hours, the same time as an average vape session (coincidence? We think not!) and is played sitting down! We know you’ve played this one before so rekindle those childhood memories of rainy day Monopoly with the sibs. Monolpoly has come a long way from the classic version so depending on what your into you can pick up the original or even ( our favourite) despicable me monopoly! If you used to “steal money from the bank” or build hotels you could afford before… well get back to it!

#9 Poker

Poker is a classic card-game for any type of party or gathering but take it from us is best played at a vape party 😉 Be warned: if you don’t know how to properly play poker to start  be prepared to make up rules as you go and trade in those poker chips by gambling with this favorite by gambling with munchies and even clothes if you feel daring (strip poker anyone?). If rules get too loosey-goosey and the cheaters come out to play, make the penalty that losers give up their turn to hit the vape for that round…watch how quickly people gain back their  poker skills and the journey will take a turn back to friendly competition! 

#8 Scattergories

Don’t let the fact this game was first released in ’88 fool you, it’s stood the test of time for over 2 decades of connoisseurs looking to put their thinking caps on and get a little competitive. Roll a 20 sided alphabet dice, and uses the letter it lands on to match words staring with that letter to 12 pre-determined categories per round. After the 2 minute round is up, all players say their answers out loud and best answers gain a point, or depending on how outrageous and creative things get, play points for “funniest answer”. A timed round really puts the pressure on but you be surprised how quickly you can search the corners of your brain for the best answer. You’re most likely to find this game in your parent’s attic or at a garage sale so get to rummaging and grab the crew together to prove your scatergories’ skills!

#7 Cranium

This is truly a game for the whole vapin’ crew, and will really expand your mind! Cranium is basically a board game containing elements of Pictionary, charades, trivial pursuit and all classic word games. How can this be you might ask? Well, simply put, players draw cards and based on the category, must either draw/ sculpt (yes…play dough is involved!), act/ sing out people and classic tunes or wrack your brain to fact based questions and word scrambles, spellings and anagrams. The nice thing about this game is it keeps your mind and body stimulated so the fast paced variety of cranium will never have you bored or sinking back into loaft-ville.

#6 Headbands

For those of you who have never played headbands while vaping, well …you are just really missing out here. Each player receives a headband with a picture on it that only the other members can see, as it’s strapped to your forehead. Pictures on the headband can range from people, places or things and you must ask strategic questions to figure out who, what or where “you”are. But we recommend you ditch the written rules and play however you want. First member to guess their headband correctly wins. Seems simple but its wide range of possibilities are guaranteed to have you in stitches when you figure out that you’ve had a pickle strapped to your face the whole round…ha! 

#5 Pictionary

Basically like charades but good news… You don’t even need to get up! You can buy this game at any board game shop but it’s usually more fun to just put your own collection words in a hat and get to playing. Split your party into two teams and in a timed round team members must guess what their designated drawer is trying to draw. Simple concept, yet freakin’ funny! Contrary to popular belief, those who suck at drawing are usually better at this game so keep your pictures simple, and think out of the box to have your team reign supreme and gloat the rest of the night that they are the Pictionary vape champs!

#4 Charades

A TorontoV Vape party classic! Similarly to Pictionary we recommend you make up your own rules and categories. So, grab some pens, paper and collect your thoughts. The more abstract the charade, the funnier it gets. Technically you’re not supposed to make any noise and instead do these weird categorical hand signals but we say screw the “rules” and allow sound effects or any category of charade. In our experience it really bumps up the hilarity factor of this one, and really, the point here is to have a good chuckle…So sharpen up your acting skills and see which connoisseur clown can cause the most outrageous uproar!


#3 Twister

Ok you caught us…twister isn’t rally a “board game” but man who doesn’t love this game… I mean unless you have terrible balance, but hey…more laughs for the rest of us! So put hand over hand and foot over foot in this classic party game. Our tip? Do some vaporized inspired yoga before you hit the deck to stretch out those muscles and focus yourself. If you want to add another twister element, try passing a balloon and taking draws between the players, using whatever limbs or body parts are left not touching the colored circles. No one likes sitting out being the “spinner” …so first person to drop the balloon or fall down has to tell the players where the spin deems their next move. But, bonus! Sitting out means more vaping for you! Oh yaaa! 

#2 Jenga

Jenga: the game of mental and physical skill! For those of you whose childhood escaped the mental anguish associated waith loosing at Jenga, we’ll give you a low down on how this game works. Basically you’ve got 54 identical, rectangular wooden blocks. You stack these blocks in a tower alternating the direction they face. Then, each player attempts to remove a block, and replace said block on the top of the tower. The game ends when the tower collapses. Now this game is a bit more difficult when vaping, but we challenge you connoisseurs to switch this former children’s game, turned drinking game, to a vaping game success! The person whose move caused the blocks to come tumbling down is deemed the loser and misses their turn with the vape for that round. Pretty good incentive to stay focused eh?


#1 Taboo

Taboo may not have been the obvious choice for the #1 spot, but let’s just say, this game has put most of us connoisseurs either on the edge of our seats or on the floor dying of laughter. Essentially, you are trying to get your partner, or team to guess a word on the card without saying commonly associated words on that card. For example, if your word is “vaporizer,”you cannot use the 5 most obvious words associated with that word, to describe it. It can get quite tricky (especially after vaping), but it is no doubt brain-rattlingly fun! Especially when the clock is ticking and you are down by quite a few points. You wouldn’t believe the things your buddies will come up with/do to try to get you to guess the right word! Tip for this game, pick a partner that you know SUPER well. All the inside jokes you’ve shared over the years we guarantee will come in handy! 😉
Board games are rarely a go to these days but we think it’s time to get back to the old fashioned way of having fun. Not to mention, challenge your self and your friends to these classics to sharpen your mind and skills. If you decide to bet or make up vape-inspired rules hey, you might even walk away with some extra botanicals! Remember to head over to our website if you are looking for a vaporizer or accessories for you eventful night. Ballon-style vapes are best for these gatherings, so be sure to check out the Volcano or Extreme Q.

If you have any suggestions or comments leave them below and let us know who took home the crown! 

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