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Arizer Extreme Q

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Quick Overview

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizers are one of the Highest Quality Stationary Vaporizers currently available in the market.

The Extreme Q Vaporizer has three options. It may be used with forced air (inbuilt fan filling balloon), direct airflow (with the whip) or potpurry option. The Extreme Q vaporizer has been one of the top sellers for years. Arizer units are all manufactured and sourced in Canada.

The Extreme Vaporizer is easy to use, very efficient and tastes flawless. In terms of performance second only to the Volcano Vaporizer. We have been unable to find another vaporiser that does the same without being unnecessarily over-priced.

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We apologize for the lack of customer reviews. Due to a system error we lost 70-80 customer reviews from the past years, rating the Extreme Q at 4.82 Stars out of 5. As time goes on we will have reviews accumulate again. The Arizer EQ has is one of the top selling Stationary Vaporizers and customer satisfaction is only second to the famous Volcano Vaporizer. (Milad G., Product Expert)

Extreme Q Vaporizer Performance Specs

The Q is Arizer's top Stationary Vaporizer and has been a big seller for years. This vape is made in Canada with the highest quality components. Arizer is a family owned business and the owners have put exceptional effort into maintaining their image and brand, producing excellent products with amazing value for money.

Unlike most other vaporizers, the extreme vaporizer comes with three different vaporizing options and a remote control. The options are:

  • Balloon: This option allows you to capture vapour inside a balloon. The vapour can then be conveniently carried around. It is recommended to use the slow fan option in order to capture consistent, thick vapor in about 1 minute.
  • Whip: This option allows for direct vaporization from the cyclone bowl into the whip.
  • Potpourri: This option enables direct vaporization into the air. This option is useful to release a natural smell into the environment.

This unit is easy to use, very efficient and offers flawless taste. In terms of performance, it comes only second to the Volcano Vaporizer. We have yet to come across another Vaporiser that offers the same experience and vapour quality, without being unnecessarily over-priced.

Package DetailsArizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

  • 1 pc. Extreme Vaporizer Unit 
  • 1 pc. Extreme Remote Control
  • 2 pc. Glass Mouthpiece 
  • 2 pc. Glass Cyclone Bowls
  • 1 pc. Glass Potpourri Warming Dish
  • 1 pc. Glass Stir Tool
  • 2 pc. Replacement Screens
  • 1 pc. Power Cord 100V-240V
  • Manual Balloon Assembly: 2 pc. Inflation Balloons
  • 2 pc. Glass Fittings
  • Vapour Delivery Whips: 1 pc. Vinyl Short Whip
  • 1 pc. Vinyl Long Whip
  • 1 Instruction Manual

Top Performance Criteria
  • Vapour Quality
  • Manufacturing Quality
  • Temperature Flexibility
  • Utility Options

User Profile

The EQ is best suited for you if you are looking for a top quality experience at home and want a unit with all the features you can imagine and more. Whether you prefer direct flow or inflating bags, Arizer's EQ has it all. This is also a solid choice for you if you intend to vaporize in groups of less than five people.

More Product DetailsExtreme Q Vaporizer

The dual wall stainless steel housing works to reduce internal heat and keep the unit as cool as possible. Internally the unit is insulated with a safe non-toxic insulation. Attached to the Vaporizer's stainless steel housing is a digital display control panel. Temperature control can be managed using Celsius or Fahrenheit. The display comes in cool blue lighting.

This vertical design vaporizer with a ceramic heating element encompasses many hours of testing to create a filling chamber and whip combination. The key to the success of the Extreme Vaporizer is the patented upright Cyclone Bowl. The Cyclone Bowl and Cyclone Tuff Bowl are rated as some of the top chamber bowls on the market, as they are all heat tested lab grade glass, have a rubber stopper and a safe holding spot. The bowl stands vertically allowing the air to be distributed evenly and efficiently.

The remote is also very useful. It enables you, for example, to spend the time with your guests, while remotely turning the vaporizer on and off. Also since no other vaporizer comes with a remote control, it constitutes one of the many competitive advantages of this system, especially since the remote does come with pre-programmed buttons that make the whole experience just so much more convenient. The remote includes buttons for on/off power, fan speed, temperature, timer, and the LCD light on the base.

Also, one more thing worth mentioning is that the Q in "Extreme Q" Vaporizer stands for "quiet". This system is as quiet as it gets and after opening up the device to review the internal components, we certainly invite all our clients to do the same. It is a very well engineered device that truly honours the Canadian standard!

Heating Time

The EQ takes on average 2-3 minutes to heat up. This unit allows for optimal vaporization to be achieved quickly with a temperature range that goes from 0 - 260 degrees Celsius (0 to 500 degrees Farenheit). The cool down time is approximately 5 minutes.


Since the Cyclone bowl allows for perfect vertical airflow, the vaporization is perfectly thorough. The glass cyclone bowl allows enough airflow for even vaporization.

How It Works Video



The Extreme Q has a lifetime warranty on the heating element and a 3-year warranty on parts and labour. Please note that glass items are not covered under warranty. All replacement parts are also available at minimal cost if the unit is out of warranty.

Warning: The lowest allowed price in North America for this unit is $199 Canadian. Anyone advertising below this price is an unauthorized seller or is dealing refurbished units. In both cases, be aware that you will not be provided with any warranty support. You must purchase from an authorized dealer to take advantage of the warranty for this product.

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Regular Price: $239.00

Special Price: $199.00

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