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The Micro Vaped FOB is an ingenious portable vaporizer that is cleverly disguised to look like a run of a mill car key-fob. But underneath it’s stealthy exterior lies a vaporizer complete with 6 pre-set temperatures, a metal or silicone mouthpiece, and small stainless steel heating chamber. While the size and shape of this vaporizer drives us wild, does this unit have enough power to unlock its full potential? Our review has the photo finish.

Review: Micro Vaped FOB

How it Works

The Micro Vaped FOB is fairly straightforward to use despite its deceptive exterior. Remove the plastic chamber cap at the bottom of the unit to reveal the stainless steel heating chamber and charge port and fill the chamber with your desired herbs. You will have to load the herbs in with a bit of finesse as the opening is not that wide and there is potential for herbs to find their way into your charge port (which you don’t want). Once the chamber is loaded put the magnetic cap back in place.

To turn the device on press the “Truck Pop” button 5 times quickly. The two LED lights on the vaporizer will begin to flash to signify the unit is heating up. To change the temperature on the FOB, press the lock button to increase temperature and unlock to decrease temperature.

The LED’s will change color to indicate which temperature is set. Turquoise is 360F, Blue is 380F, Green is 390F, Purple is 400F, Yellow is 410F, and Red is 420F. When the device is heated the LED’s will turn solid to signify you are ready to start drawing. Next pull up the mouthpiece from the top of the unit and begin to take long slow draws.

Temperature Flexibility

The Micro Vaped FOB gives you 6 temperatures that range from 360F to 420F giving you a wide range that you can vaporize within. For such a small unit we were impressed to see so many settings available to the user.

This range gives the FOB the ability to cater to a wide range of users and their vapor preferences. Personally we found starting at Green and ending on Yellow provided the best results.

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality from the FOB was decent but not amazing. The vapor path on the FOB is rather short which can lead to warm vapor on your lips or in your mouth. Also vaping at higher temperatures can be rather harsh on the FOB due to the aforementioned short vapor path.

If you are a person who enjoys lower temperatures and thinner vapor than you may find more function with the Micro Vaped FOB as lower temperatures are where this device truly shines.

But if you are a person who prefers higher temperatures you may want to consider a unit like the Utillian 720 which does a much better job at handling higher temperatures and offers convection vapor. 

Manufacturing Quality

From a purely aesthetic standpoint  the MicroVaped FOB is a well built unit, it looks exactly like a key fob and I found myself on more than one occasion trying to unlock my car with the vaporizer instead of my actual keys. The size is very impressive, having similar dimensions to a typical key fob, rather than an over-sized key fob that may look suspect.

The body of the unit is made up of a mix of plastics and metals making us worry about the durability of the device and how well it will hold up over time.

One thing we were not fond of about the FOB is how hot the unit can get, because the device is so small the entire unit can get pretty hot pretty quickly and after a session can almost be too hot to hold. It also does not make us want to put the unit back in our pocket after enjoying a session, forcing us to let it cool down first.

Battery Life

Battery life on the Micro Vaped FOB is a little lackluster which is to be expected because of the size. It is marketed to last between 7 to 10 sessions, but those session lengths must be only 5 minutes because we could not get more than 30 minutes off the FOB before we needed to recharge the unit.

The FOB has an internal battery so unfortunately there is no way to swap the battery on the go for an extended session like with the Arizer Air. Instead you will be frequently looking for your charger to keep this vaporizer topped up.


The MicroVaped FOB is by far one of the smallest and most portable units we have ever used. They even include a keychain ring you so can have the FOB alongside your other car keys and fobs for maximum portablility.

Unfortunately it is the battery life that ultimately hurts this units portability as you will only be able to use the device for about 30 minutes before rushing off to find another charge source.

micro-vaped-fob-vaporizer-ease-of-useEase of Use

We were happy to see Micro Vaped kept things simple with the FOB, opting for an intuitive control scheme cleverly designed around a key-fob. The trunk pop button operates as your power button, while the unlock and lock buttons act as your temperature increase and decrease buttons.

The FOB is a bit of a pain to clean though, especially due to the size of the device which will have you struggling to jam tools into the tiny holes to ensure the vapor path and mouthpiece are clear from oils and obstructions.

Overall Experience

The Micro Vaped FOB is yet another addition to the growing line of stealth-centric vaporizers currently available.

While the FOB’s succeeds in being covert, it begins to spin its wheels when it comes to the lackluster vapor quality.

Hot vapor on the lips, harsh vapor at higher temperatures, and a short battery life leaves a lot to be desired with this itty bitty vaporizer.

So while we applaud Micro Vaped for their attempt at a truly discreet unit, it unfortunately does not meet our requirements as a fully functional vaporizer.

If discreetness is your main concern we definitely recommend checking out a unit like the Utillian 651 which is shaped like a flask for a more discreet portable session.

Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system engineered by Canadian vape manufacturer ZEUSArsenal. The Iceborn is designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The vapour produced is ultra smooth and crisp and because of ice cooling, instead of water filtration, there is no loss of efficiency. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of this vaporizer and is a highly recommended vaporizer accessory.

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