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Glass Set - Ascent

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Product Description


This is a replacement glass set for the DaVinci Ascent. These pieces are identical to the ones included with purchase of the unit. This includes one glass mouthpiece and one internal stem. If you are an Ascent owner that has broken or chipped the glass pieces of your device, or if you want spare parts to ensure uninterrupted enjoyment, this set is what you are looking for.


  • DaVinci Ascent

Package Contents

  • 1 x Glass mouthpiece
  • 1 x Internal glass stem

How To Clean

  1. Remove all glass from your Ascent.
  2. Discard any loose herbs or botanicals inside.
  3. Allow glassware to soak in diluted ZEUS Purify Cleaning Solution for about 30 minutes.
  4. Use ZEUS Bristle Pipe Cleaners to remove any remaining residue.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and allow to dry.

Note: Glassware is not covered under warranty, and should be handled with care.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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aScent GlassReview by Simonsays
First of all this is the only device that works with the machine, that means if you don't have it then you're shit out of luck.
Now for my review. Nice glass, very well casted and smooth, to lips and touch. the pick up tube is hard to clean but this can be mitigated by filling often and not jamming bud up against intake. This means small loads wont glog the intake pipe holes as often, not be greedy.
Best vape kit I've used. (Posted on 2016-02-18)
Most Essential Part Of Your Ascent Review by Darth-Viper
The stem and screen must be treated with kid-gloves of course, being made out of Glass. I've fashioned some cases from small containers, using the foam from the shipping for the insert. Keep a few of these for leaving the house. I find the screen good for about two heavy 30 minute sessions before it gets too clogged up. You can take a pin and carefully clean out the four holes in the screen if you are stuck and want to get more out of it between cleanings. Take a used gum wrapper to put around the dirty stem for putting back in the case until you can clean it. To Clean: soak in Iso overnight, then use a soft bristle pipe cleaner to ream it out. This has to be repeated a few times and you have to swish the screen around in the iso and it will eventually come up clean. Cleaning the screen is about the most annoying part of the Ascent, but on a scale of about 4/10. I purchased another 9 stem / screen combos for extras and my own supplies. I already broke one screen not knowing what I was doing. Note: The area around the bowls will build up, so I lightly clean the top and bottom with Iso. Cotton swaps are handy here. (Posted on 2013-12-28)

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