Utillian 720 with stones and feathers

Utillian 720


Utillian 720 with stones and feathers

Utillian 720


For The Ambitious Connoisseur

Convection heating, 8 preset temperatures, wax and herb compatibility and simple loading with the magnetic mouthpiece are just some of the ways the Utillian 720 enriches your vapor experience.

Black Utillian 720 vaporizer
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Exterior Finish

Anodized Aluminum with Rubberized Finish

Temperature Settings

170°C l 175°C l 180°C l 185°C l 190°C l 210°C l 215°C

Battery Capacity

18650 Polymer lithium-ion 2100 mAh

Available Colours

black color swatch


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Quality Convection, Superior Flavor

Providing easy to draw, high end convection vapor without breaking the bank.

Utillian 720 with high end silver watch

Customer Reviews

“I always wanted a convection vaporizer but most like the Crafty were out of my price range. When I saw this unit I knew I had to try it for the price. All I have to say is wow, this thing packs a punch. The convection heating provides great flavor and big clouds.” - JasonM

“I love my 720, its super simple to use and the vapor I get is amazing. The magnetic mouthpiece makes it really easy to load when I’m on the run, great battery life and it fits easily in my purse.” - BarbaraG

“I enjoy concentrates as much as herbs (maybe a little more), wanted a unit that did both and well. The Utillian 720 exceeded expectations on both herbs and waxes. The little canister for wax is easy to pre-load and bring with you to pop in when you want to switch from herbs. I can’t recommend it enough” - TimD

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