Thunder 2 Lifestyle

Thunder 2


Thunder 2 Lifestyle

Thunder 2


For the Savourer Connoisseur

One button design, ceramic plate atomizer design, and hundreds of draws on one charge are just a few ways the Thunder 2 provides pure flavor.

Thunder 2 Wax Pen Sideview
Thunder 2 Vaporizer Colors


Exterior Finish

Porsche Design PVD Coated Finish

Battery Capacity

650 mAh lithium-polymer

Available Colours

black color swatch


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Low Profile, Pure Flavor

Quality meets convenience, Taste the difference.

ZEUS Thunder 2 Wax Pen Lifestyle

Customer Reviews

“This is my first wax pen, and I couldn't be happier. Super discreet, simple, and does the job very well. Battery life is excellent.” - Grump

“The flavor off this wax pen is insanely pure, I have noticed subtle flavors in my concentrates I’ve never tasted before. I love how smooth it draws and how long I can go without charging it. Definitely worth it.” - BeaverTweeter

“Awesome value! I definitely recommend this wax pen! Super easy to use! ” - Endero

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