Arizer Air vs Crafty Vaporizer Comparison – SHOWDOWN!

The past few months of 2014 have been awesome for the portable vaporizer scene. The big guns in the vaporizing world have released some awesome new units in time for the holiday season and many of them have some exciting and innovative features that are changing how everyone looks at portable units. Today, we’re going to put 2 new releases up against each other to see which one is superior, and they’re both heavy hitters. In one corner, we have the Arizer Air, the newest portable from the makers of the EQ, V Tower and the Solo. In the other corner, we have the Crafty, a portable made by the prestigious company responsible for the Volcano! Let’s get into this review to see who comes out on top!

Arizer Air vs The Crafty

Arizer Air versus Crafty Vaporizer Showdown

Vapor Quality Winner - CraftyVapor Quality

The Crafty has a great many advantages over your average unit that help it deliver amazing vapor quality. For starts, the unit uses both convection and conduction heating to deliver vapor quickly and efficiently. Secondly, the unit has a nice and wide chamber which makes for really even and total heating of your botanical. The last point, and probably the biggest deal, is the way the unit moves the vapor from the heating chamber to the mouth piece. The cooling unit funnels the vapor in a serpentine fashion to give it lots of time to cool before it reaches your mouth!
The Arizer Air takes notes from the Solo and uses a stainless steel heating chamber and glass stems to keep the vaporization efficient and the flavor pure. The stem also goes a long way in cooling the vapor on its way to your mouth, but it’s still not enough to take down the Crafty in this category.

Manufacturing Quality Winner - TieManufacturing Quality

The Crafty may use a lot of plastic in its construction, but to the surprise of our testing team, the plastic not only didn’t put a damper on the unit’s performance, it also still felt very high quality and durable. This is due to the fact that the unit is really well designed to maximize the space it takes up and how well it performs. The division between the main unit and the battery keeps the battery safe from the heat of the unit and the ribbing allows the unit to vent heat extremely fast without the use of any added features or functions that might otherwise drain the battery or increase the unit’s size.
The Air still doesn’t fall short in this category. In terms of machining, all the parts fit together beautifully and the unit feels quite reliable and very sturdy. The shell may not be the same aluminum shell you see in the Solo, but the unit still manages to feel much lighter without compromising the high quality feel or durability of the unit. In the end, the choice of materials and execution of both units’ design brings this category to a tie!

Temperature Flexibility Winner - TieTemperature Flexibility

The Crafty has 2 temperatures settings that can be used, the first being the standard temperature and the second being the booster temperature. This would normally be a huge problem for the unit as it would severely limit the unit’s ability to satisfy a large crowd of connoisseurs, but the Crafty has an ace in the hole in the form of the free app that comes with the unit. Using the app, you can link to your unit and customize the temperature of the standard and booster temperatures to whatever you see fit! This vastly improves the unit’s ability to satisfy just about every connoisseur who gets their hands on this unit.
The Air has 5 temperature settings that can be easily scrolled through using the up and down button on the unit. The temperatures range from 180 Celsius to 210 Celsius, and although you can change these settings on the fly, the range isn’t nearly as wide as the Crafty. This brings this category to a tie as well!

Portability Winner - AirPortability

The Crafty is a pretty small unit that is quite easy to carry around with you thanks to the mouth piece the swivels out. The unis is also nice and light so it doesn’t end up being a problem in your pocket for that reason. It does, however, end up being a bit of a problem due to the fact that the unit does convection vaporizing and as a result can do less sessions than the Air.
The Air is not only nice and light, but it’s also shaped like a tube which can be easily slipped into your pocket. The one problem that might arise when it comes to portability would be the glass stems, but Arizer has taken care of that problem by providing a carrying holster that can hold not only the unit, but also both glass stems that come with it! This takes the portability of the Air up a notch and makes it the winner of this category!

Discreetness Winner - AirDiscreetness

The Crafty does everything it can to be as discreet as possible. The mouth piece swivels in and out and the colour of the unit is black to keep the unit stealthy and it even avoids lots of flashing lights and loud noises while in operation.
The Air is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and the stems are shorter to keep them from sticking out like a sore thumb. The Crafty does what it can, but the Air is just easier to use for a stealthy session.

Ease of Use Winner - TieEase of Use

The Crafty is a really easy to use 1 button unit. The button takes care of turning the unit on and off as well as selecting the unit’s booster temperature. The app is also easy to understand and easy to use, allowing users the ability to change various settings on the Crafty, including the temperature settings, without any issues.
All of the Air’s functions can accessed from the same place. The button on the unit is used for turning the unit on and off as well as changing the temperature. This makes engaging with the Air a very simple process that doesn’t take much thought or energy!

Battery Life Winner - CraftyBattery Life

The Crafty and the Air both have very similar battery life, but the difference between the two is that the Crafty manages it’s battery power more efficiently. The use of the 60 second auto shutoff assures that the unit doesn’t waste any battery power, thereby allowing the unit to last longer. This is a small difference, but it puts the Crafty ahead of the Air by just a bit and secures its win in this category.
I am big fan of this video that Vapologist did. He basically opened up his Crafty and voided the warranty so that we can have a sneak peek inside. Check it out and see how much the Crafty heating chamber differs from all the other portable vaporizers.

Showdown Winner - CraftySHOWDOWN

The Arizer Air vs Crafty Vaporizer Comparison SHOWDOWN was a close battle with each unit taking an equal number of categories, but in the end there can only be one winner. The Air put up an amazing fight, but the Crafty edged it out by just a bit in points to take victory today. Since the Air is relatively inexpensive compared to the Crafty, it is still a great value for the price. Just like with high end cars, the majority of the cost is for a marginal improvement of performance. If you would like to buy the Crafty Vaporizer, follow the link or alternatively check out the review here. If you found a liking to the Canadian Vaporizer, you can purchase the Arizer Air from our Vaporizer Store. or browse the review for more details on it.
Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’! 😉

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  1. you forgot one important point. the cleaning.
    the crafty is a hell to clean. the air is so much easier to clean that i think, only because of that the air is the winner. i just have to clean the heating and the herb chambers with a bit alcohol and thats it.
    but try to clean the crafty and you see what a missconstruction this unit is!

    • The mouthpiece can be a bit challenging to clean, but with a bit of practice it’s actually not too difficult. It also helps make the vapor much cooler than the mouthpieces you find on other portables so we think it’s a fair trade. 😉

  2. Zeke Johansen on

    Great review, but I think I would still prefer the Air. As a long time satisfied Arizer Solo user perhaps I’m being partial, but from your review and others I’ve seen regarding both these units it seems to me the Air is easier to clean, has a changeable battery (which makes it better for camping, backpacking…), more instant on-the-unit temp settings, and as of my writing this the Crafty costs almost *double* what the Air costs, which really is not a trivial point. Also I think the one-minute auto shutoff would annoy me about the Crafty, but having never used it I can’t be sure of that, just speculating. Thanks…

  3. The batteries are a big deal. I have the Mighty by Storz & Bickel. After only 4 months of less than average use, maybe 3 sessions a day with less than full load in heat chamber. Sent machine to be checked/repaired because machine needed charging every day. Was told by email repair was anticipated to be free of charge so I mailed to Storz & Bickel repair in Oakland, California. After 3 days received email saying the batteries were found to be weak and should be replaced. No problem, but wait, also received an invoice for $96.40 for replacing 2 batteries (Mighty has 2 batteries, Crafty has one) @ $40.00 ea, $10.00 labor charge, $6.40 return shipping charge. I refused to pay and had my machine returned, only problem they sent me a different machine. How do I know? Different serial number than one I returned. Was told the serial number label was replaced but it was the same machine??? So why change the serial number? Machine now overheats every time it is used by at least 4 degrees. Set-point on display 356 degrees, vibration signal at 360 to 364 degrees, and tries to maintain this temperature. Returned a second time and told the unit is working properly and all newer Mighty and Crafty vaporizers operate this way. Anyone questioning the truthfulness of this I have the letter from Storz & Bickel telling me the Mighty is supposed to overheat the material being vaped? Look elsewhere for a high quality portable vape, yes these work really well, but so do lots of others, much cheaper, much much easier to clean, and much better customer service

    • Oh my that is pricey. To be honest we haven’t heard of any replacement issues with S&B’s portables and we wouldn’t have thought this issue would arise only 4 months in. That being said, with internal (non removal batteries) it is foreseen that replacement costs could be a problem when the batteries did start to lose their charge. We’re sorry to hear you had such an unpleasant experience dealing with the manufacturer. We’re extremely surprised actually because S&B is known worldwide not only for their quality products and also great service. This must have been one of those one-off situations which every company is bound to get here and there due to a variety of circumstance :(. We’re sorry again to hear about this.

      When it comes to battery replacement, we’d definitely recommend checking out the Vapir Prima if you’re looking for another unit. This unit offers vapor quality that matches the Mighty but the battery is conveniently removable and can be easily purchased anew should it need replacing.

  4. Hi,
    I’m a SOLO fun from 2013, but right now, I’m looking For a good upgrade, possibly the best in porta le vapes. Reading about ARIZER AIR, I think it is not a great goal from the SOLO, what do you think. So I’m interested in MIGHTY, but my questione are:
    1 – what about vapor quality? The SOLO is stil the best?
    2 – Plastic element vs glass element?
    3 – To clean the SOLO is so easy… What about the MIGHTY?
    Finally, would you change SOLO with MIGHTY (really don’t mind about other skill, vapor quality is the best I need!).

    • Hey D,

      Thanks for your question!

      1) In terms of vapor quality the Mighty actually has better vapor quality than the Solo. We rate the Solo’s vapor quality at a 9/10 and the Mighty 9.5/10. Not a big difference, but you will notice the flavor and airflow of the vapor is better with the Mighty.

      2) The plastic used in the Mighty is very good quality and does not impact vapor quality at all.

      3) The mighty is certainly more difficult to clean than the Solo. As you know, to clean the solo, all you need to do is clean the glass tube and swab the heating chamber with some rubbing alcohol. The mighty has a ‘cooling unit’ which is basically the upper chamber above the heating chamber. This cooling unit contains the mouthpiece. It comes apart into 3 pieces ( mouthpiece, top of cooling unit and bottom of cooling unit ), however it is more difficult to clean because of the nooks and crannies.

      Long story short, if vapor quality is your main concern, you will not be disappointed with the Mighty.
      Thanks again for your questions, hope I could help!

      • Thank you so much Holly,probably I’ll buy the Mighty this 2016, also because I saw a mouthpiece in glass!
        Vapor quality convinced me… but Solo is still one of the best.

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