Dazzvape Acus Review – Budget buyers beware


The Dazzvape Acus is a beginner-friendly nectar collector style wax pen often found for less than $50. With an appealing aesthetic, quartz atomizer, 350mAh battery and pen shaped design, it seems like a good choice for an entry level device. Does it perform any well, or does it leave a bit to be desired?

If this is your first wax vaporizer, head on over to our Wax Pen Buyers Guide for some handy information to help you get started!

Review: Dazzvape Acus

Dazzvape Acus Review

Dazzvape Acus coils

How it Works

If you’re not familiar with nectar collectors or wax pens in general, they’re quite straightforward to use. The Acus can be used either way – by dipping the hot tip into your concentrated material, or by loading it into the wax atomizer.

After clicking the button twice, the device will start to pre-heat. After around 10 seconds, holding down the power button will bring you up to full temp in a few more seconds, at which point you should inhale your vapor!Dazzvape Acus available colors

Dazzvape Acus power controlTemperature Flexibility

The Acus comes with one temperature/voltage preset of 3.6V. This is below average in every way as most budget devices nowadays even come with at least three temperature settings.

It’ll work, but not give you any flexibility or ability to dial in your favorite temperature setting for the material you’re using.

Dazzvape Acus mouth piece

Vapor Quality

I wouldn’t consider the vapor quality to come even close to average. The quartz atomizer in wax pen mode scorches and leaves your concentrates tasting poor while delivering underwhelming cloud size. The tip for the nectar collector function leaves you with poor quality, underwhelming vapor as well in every regard. From all the units we’ve tried out with concentrated material, this one actually feels like we’re completely wasting what we’re using.

To add to that the vapor path is not isolated, which presents a risk in itself. When hot air is passing over electronics that were soldered or glued, you have a great chance of inhaling fumes which can pose a variety of risks.

For this reason alone, we highly recommend against the Dazzvape Acus.Dazzvape Acus flat display

Dazzvape Acus front display

Manufacturing Quality

As with most budget devices manufactured in China, we’ve not very trusting of the device. It looks and feels good in the hand for sure, however, we doubt it’ll late through many heat cycles before the atomizers need to be replaced, costing more in the long run. The magnetic mouthpiece snaps on well and it a convenient feature.

In the box, you get a basic kit with the unit itself, the two atomizers, a basic manual, dab tool, cleaning brush, and charger. This is pretty average for these budget devices and we have no real complaints aside from everything is really cheap feeling.

Another thing we most warn against is the fritted glass material that the atomizers are made from, scraping the fritted glass can cause glass shavings, some extremely tiny. If these glass shavings are ever inhaled by mistake it could poise quite the risk.

Dazzvape Acus battery slotBattery Life

At 350mAh, the battery life is only barely above poor. It’ll definitely last for a good amount of sessions, but we’ve seen cheaper devices pack in more battery life in a smaller form factor. Clearly, this was a big cut to production costs, and we wonder where else they cheaped out on.

To add to that, it’s a proprietary charger which feels rather flimsy. If it breaks – you’re completely out of luck.

Dazzvape Acus with armor case


As it’s around the size of an actual large pen, it’s incredibly portable! It’ll store away nicely into any pocket or garbage bag without any problem at all.

Dazzvape Acus tank

Ease of Use

As with most budget wax pen vaporizers, the Acus is excessively easy to use and after a couple of sessions, you’ll have practically mastered it. Friends and strangers will have no problem at all getting poor results easily!

Cleaning is a tragedy. The atomizers are very easy to clean, however, the internal vapor path is extremely annoying and frustrating to try and swab out entirely. After the first few sessions, performance will start to drop off as the vapor path begins getting clogged up and air flow reduces drastically. 

Dazzvape Acus in hand


As it looks like a pen, it’s one of the stealthier units available on the market. In fact, no one will be seeing you using it because you’ll probably be using a different unit entirely.

Dazzvape Acus full kitOverall Experience

Of all the budget, made-in-China wax vaporizers on the market, we couldn’t warn you enough about this one. If you’re looking for a serious recommendation for a budget wax pen vaporizer, check out the Yocan Evolve Plus – it won’t leave you inhaling toxic fumes. For a quality electric nectar collector, check out our review on the Huni Badger or the Dipstick Dipper.

The best thing about this vaporizer is that serves as a template for other manufacturers to take inspiration on in terms of design and function. We’d love to see a high-quality 2-in-1 nectar collector/wax pen hit the market soon, this one isn’t it, however.

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  1. ‘Another thing we most warn against is the fritted glass material that the atomizers are made from, scraping the fritted glass can cause glass shavings, some extremely tiny’

    Can you explain this statement. which part is made of glass? I’m worried because I have this device myself.

    Appreciate your assistance.

    • We are talking about the heating element. It is not ceramic, it is fritted glass, and glass shards do come off when you rub it.

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