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The Huni Badger is a unique vaporizer with a strange twist. Being the first wax vaporizer that Huni Badger has made, we’re hoping that it leaves a strong first impression. Using an unconventional loading method and strong build quality, we check out how this unique little wax device performs. Find out how the Huni Badger stacks up against standard concentrates vaporizers in our review!

If this is your first wax vaporizer, head on over to our Wax Pen Buyers Guide for some handy information to help you get started!

Review: Huni Badger

Huni Badger Review

Huni Badger atomizers

How it Works

This is where the Huni Badger makes its first unique mark! As opposed to loading your material onto a nail or chamber on the top of the device, the Huni Badger does the complete opposite. Instead, you touch the hot heating element that’s protruding out the bottom of the device itself and inhale like you’re sipping through a straw.

Power on the device with 5 clicks of the single button, let the ceramic heating element heat up, touch the heated tip to your concentrates and inhale the vapor! The heating element is hidden by the magnetic bottom cap, which protects it when not in use. You can also find the mouthpiece in this cap, which you’ll need to screw on when you want to have your session


Huni Badger mouth piece detached

Huni Badger power controlTemperature Flexibility

Unfortunately, you’re not given any real concrete temperature control. Instead, you have two different tips to choose from: one for high temperatures, and one for low. The temperature gradually climbs throughout the session too, being as low as ~192°F/88°C 5 seconds in to as high as 703°F/372°C at the 1-minute mark.

For reference, there’s this graph that Huni Badger put out, showing the temperature over elapsed time. This leaves a lot of room for trial and error, and not really a practical solution though.

There is a notable difference between the two, and for smoother, more flavorful hits, the low temp tip certainly works better. Use the high temp tip for really blasting off with large clouds of vapor.

It’ll take only about 10-15 seconds for the tip to reach operating temperature, which is great for a quick session, while the auto-shutoff hits at the 60-second mark. You can do consecutive sessions without much problem, though the body does get quite warm after the third session.

Huni Badger mouth piece

Vapor Quality

Due to the design itself, there’s a reasonably long cooling path for your vapor to travel through. By the time it reaches your mouth, the vapor is considerably cooler than a traditional wax vaporizer where the nail’s located at the top.

To add to that, the flavor is certainly on point! Cloud production is definitely up there too, letting you get large rips pretty easily. I do wish there was precise temperature control, as I find each type of wax has a specific ‘sweetspot’ which you can’t really get with something that doesn’t have temperature control.

The included 14mm WPA mouthpiece lets you instead take your hit through a water pipe, which of course cools down the vapor even more, letting you get a really smooth hit! Thankfully, this is included in the package and not sold separately. With that being said, it’s a bit of a strange task using it through a water pipe. I’ll let your imagination think about how that exactly works. Hint: it’s awkward.

Huni Badger flat display

Huni Badger front display

Manufacturing Quality

The Huni Badger feels fantastic! With sturdy, reliable construction, well-machined parts and intuitive design, it doesn’t leave anything to be desired in the department. The accessories you’re given is pretty solid too, including a waterproof hard case, high & low temp tips, 510 eGo adapter, 14mm adapter/mouthpiece, 3 ‘HuniPot’ extract containers, a few pipe cleaners and a couple of spare O-rings.

A big bonus to the overall design too. The extract container and mouthpiece both being hidden in the removable bottom is intuitive and very useful! Especially since that same part also covers the heating element, they definitely nailed the convenience factor.

The only places I would dock marks for would be the lack of any display and temperature control – especially for a $189 device. I can’t help but feels as though it was wasted effort making two tips for different temperatures rather than the electronics for precise control instead.

Huni Badger chargingBattery Life

Though you’re given plenty of accessories, you’re not given a battery. As such, the battery life you get will vary depending on which battery you use. The manufacturer recommends an 18650 capable of discharging 20A or above.

The power of your battery will affect heat up time and even the temperature at a specific time, so it’s always best to leave your batteries topped up for consistent results.

Thankfully, the battery is, of course, swappable, allowing you to keep multiple charged ones handy, and so you’re not left with an expensive paperweight if one battery were to completely die.


Huni Badger with armor case


The Huni Badger is a double-edged sword in this regard. While the design is intuitive and allows you to stow away the mouthpiece, concentrates container and heating element safely within the bottom cap, it’s not quite as straightforward to use as a conventional vaporizer. Especially with the heating element getting incredibly hot during use, having it exposed while out and about is a recipe for disaster.

It’s really best left as a ‘stationary portable’ – one that can be used if you have a few minutes to sit down and have a session, rather than be walking around and taking hits. It’s not overwhelmingly big, around the same height of your average smartphone, but it’s a bit chunky and doesn’t feel so great in something like jean pockets.

I’d really opt for something different if you value portability, like the Source Orb 4. The Huni Badger works for use away from home, but it’s really not so ideal.


Huni Badger tank

Ease of Use

Though it has one button operation, it’s not as easy as a ‘push to go’ type vaporizer. The use of the heating element takes some getting used to, and a steady hand’s required so you don’t accidentally dip it into too much material, getting you a little more cooked than you wanted to be.

Once you get used to it though, it’s as simple as can be. When I looked at it at first, I was definitely confused, and I’m sure many people would share that sentiment. I wouldn’t say it’s a great vape for a complete beginner, nor someone who has shaky hands or a physical condition that makes fine motor function difficult.

With that being said, it excels in a group setting, since it’s easy to have a sip and pass it onto a friend. The draw resistance and technique isn’t too hard to master, barring the need for a steady hand. On the other side, cleaning is not nearly as simple.

The heating element and mouthpiece both clean very well with some isopropyl alcohol, but the vapor path is a different story. You can use one of the included pipe cleaners to do so, however, it’s really hard to get even 80% clean.

Not to mention, you’ll have to try and find some compatible pipe cleaners once you wear out the included ones. There’s a sacrifice with having the extended vapor path, and cleaning is certainly it.

Huni Badger in hand


In no way, shape, or form is taking a hit with the Huni Badger stealthy. To an outsider, you’ll gather more than just a triple take if they saw you sipping from a tiny puddle of wax through some electric straw! There’s a 0% chance you can take a quick hit when at a live music venue since you’ll probably burn your hand in the process.

I’d undoubtedly opt for something like a small wax pen if you’re looking for.


Huni Badger full kitOverall Experience

An innovating, unique device is always welcomed with warm hands. I can’t help but feel the Huni Badger misses the mark on a few fronts though.

With overall solid performance and build quality, the lack of temperature control and battery indicator, and even included battery leaves something to be desired.

It’s a great unit for stationary use or as a fun group party trick, and I’d be lying if I don’t like the act of taking a hit through some space-age straw, but there are a few places for improvement.

Especially at the price you pay, you can get a lot more for less from other vapes on the market. There’s definitely a niche in the market for vertical vaporizers, but the Huni Badger doesn’t completely win the nectar collector category. Personally, for a honey straw, I would go with the Dipstick Dipper and if you are just looking for a basic wax pen check out the Thunder 2.

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