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Updated: Sept 28, 2017

Wax pens have been around for a few years now and we have seen them come in all shapes and sizes.  When they first started out they were pretty basic and not much to look at. But in the recent years the “apple-fication” of the wax world has begun, turning these pen units into works of art. Today’s wax pen, the Linx Hypnos is by far one of the prettiest pens we have had the pleasure of trying. But does it trade fashion for function? Keep reading for our full analysis.

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Review: Linx Hypnos Zero

How it Works

The Linx Hypnos is very straight forward in its functionality. To turn it on press the power button 5 times within 2 – 3 seconds. To change between temperatures simply click the power button 3 times, the button will change color to correspond with the set temperature. Next load the atomizer with your concentrate, screw the mouthpiece on and press and hold the power button to enjoy your vapor.

Temperature Flexibility

The device offers you 4 temperatures to customize your session, the bottom 2 temperatures focus more on a flavor filled experience, while the top 2 will produce larger clouds. As we mentioned above changing the temperature is an easy 3 clicks on the power button.

The light of the power button will change to indicate your current temperature setting. Blue is the lowest temperature setting, green is the medium setting, yellow is medium high and red is the highest. A lot of wax pens don’t have temperature flexibility and others like the Dr. Dabber Aurora give you 3 temperature settings, so having 4 is really nice and gives you a lot of room to play with to find your preferred quality of vapor.

Vapor Quality

The quality of vapor from the Linx Hypnos Zero is very impressive to say the least. The unit features an all ceramic heating chamber with a ceramic donut style atomizer; these atomizers usually are known more for their flavor production rather than cloud production and the same applies to the Hypnos Zero.

However we did find with this pen that the higher temperatures did produce nice clouds of vapor, just not as thick as a coiled unit like the Source Orb 3.However the flavor off the higher temperatures is still far better than any coiled unit we have used, so even though clouds won’t be as thick, vapor is always going to be tasty.

We mentioned that this unit features a donut style atomizer, but it’s actually more like a reverse-donut atomizer (phrase coined). What we mean by this is that traditionally donut atomizers heat a ceramic donut that is located on the outside of the chamber while the middle of the donut remains cooler (see Pulsar Sirius+ for reference).

Linx has reversed this design moving the heating element to a center post this sticks a few millimetres higher than the rest of the trench. Your wax is melted by the middle heating element and pools around it in the “donut” part of the atomizer. Personally we found this setup much more efficient than the original donut setup and it resulted in a much more even cook.

It may seem like a small change but Linx was the first to do so and it paid off huge, so we have to give them props. This pen puts out some of the most flavorful vapor we have experience. 

Manufacturing Quality

This wax pen is gorgeous. The way it’s been designed it looks almost like an apple product and compliments my Macbook Pro very nicely, so if your one of those weird people like us who like all their electronics to match, this is one for the collection.

Besides the beautiful brushed stainless steel finish, the mouthpiece is actually made out of glass which helps improve the flavor of your vapor. Linx is nice enough to provide you with 2 mouthpieces to start so that the clumsy vapers out there don’t have to worry too much about breaking the glass.

The battery is a standard 510 threaded 650 mAH ego battery but the finish on the battery along with the Linx logo on the bottom add a certain aesthetic beauty to a simple battery.

And finally the gem of the Hypnos Zero, the atomizer, is nice constructed out of ceramic with 4 air holes located on the outside stainless steel shell. As we previously discussed we really liked the engineering of the Hypnos Zero atomizer and found the “reverse donut” design works extremely well to cook evenly and produce flavorful vapor. It’s going to be hard to find another pen unit that looks this great and has the function to back it up.

Battery Life

The Hypnos Zero has a pretty average life for a wax pen, which is to be expected since it only boasts a 650 mAH battery. From our testing it lasted about a day and a bit of moderate vaping before needing to be recharged. This will vary depending on your own use and heat settings.

While we do wish the battery was a bit larger, it would have ultimately added bulk and length to the unit. And we find the Linx is the perfect size as it is, so if a bit of battery life has to suffer for a sleeker profile then so be it. If you are looking for a similar unit that offers a bit better battery performance be sure to check out the Zeus Thunder 2.


This unit is extremely portable measuring just 10.7cm long and only weighing 46 grams. It can easily slip into your pocket and you will not notice it while it is in there. Because the device has a shallow dish ceramic dish, loading on the go is extremely easy to use.

The battery life as we previously mentioned is average but if fully charged you should not have an issue with it dying if you take it out for the night. The device also comes with a USB charger for the battery so if you do find yourself without battery power it is fairly easy to find a charge source so you can keep going while out.

Ease of Use

The Linx Hypnos is very easy to use and it’s probably a big reason why people in the vape community are enjoying it so much.

The hardest thing with most wax pens is loading; you have to be careful not to damage the coils while loading your wax using the applicator. Also a lot of wax pens have very deep dishes to hold the wax which adds another layer of challenge to loading.

The Linx Hypnos Zero’s dish is much shallower than most and is completely ceramic. I actually found myself loading the unit with my fingers, which wouldn’t be possible with a deeper dish and there are no coils to worry about. If a device is easier to load and use you will want to use it more, which is definitely the case when it comes to the Hypnos Zero.

Operating the device is easy as well, as we touched upon, 5 clicks turns the unit on and 3 changes the temperature. Then just press and hold to heat the unit. Now the only finicky part of the Hypnos Zero is how the auto-shutoff works. Auto-shutoffs are normal for wax pens, ensuring the unit doesn’t over heat and saves battery life.

However with most wax pens the auto-shutoff just cuts power to the atomizer and then you just have to press the button again to begin heating. With the Linx Hypnos Zero, the unit literally shuts itself down after 10 seconds, meaning you have to turn it back on to take your next draw. Coming from using a plethora of other wax pens, we found this feature annoying and had to remind ourselves to let go of the power button a few seconds before the cut-off so we wouldn’t have to turn the pen on.

We understand why Linx has done this, as it helps safe guard against someone leaving the unit on in their pocket or bag, but we just find it hinders more than helps. This tiny quirk wasn’t enough to turn us off the pen; it just caught us off guard because it is completely different from any other pen. Besides this one small gripe, the Hypnos Zero is an extremely easy unit to use and will have you tasting your wax in no time. 


Overall Experience

We can’t say enough good things about the Linx Hypnos Zero. It’s a really slick looking device that offers users a fantastic wax experience. It’s extremely easy to use and flavors are pure while providing users with decent cloud production at higher temperatures.We hoped battery life would be a bit better but it is on par with the competition so we cannot complain too much.

Overall this wax pen is great, especially for flavor chasers who prefer tasting the subtleties in their wax rather than ripping big clouds. If you are looking for a portable wax pen that is stylish and has great performance to boot it is hard to look past the Hypnos Zero. Be sure to get yours directly from our shop.

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