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The Rokin Cyclone is a newly released wax pen which promises superb vapor cooling and flavor through their proprietary waterless cooling technology. Check out our video below on how to use the Rokin Cyclone to get a general overview of the device!

If this might be your first wax pen vaporizer, do head on over to our Wax Pen Buyers Guide for some useful information to help you get started!

Review: Rokin Cyclone

Rokin Cyclone Review

Rokin Cyclone coils

How it Works

Like most concentrate pens, the Rokin Cyclone is very easy to use. Load your material into one of the atomizers – dual quartz for bigger draws or the ceramic donut if you would like longer & tastier sessions.

After loading your atomizer, screw it onto the battery and attach the cooling drip tip and mouthpiece over top of it.

The unit then powers on with a 5 clicks of the button, and holding down the same button for a few seconds will help you select your temperature.


Rokin Cyclone full kit

Rokin Cyclone power buttonTemperature Flexibility

While I often prefer precise temperature control, the four presets do pretty well at giving you a solid range of temperatures to choose from. The four settings are 3.2V, 3.6V, 3.9V, and 4.2V.

I do also prefer to know which temperature I’m vaping at rather than the electric power it delivers, and it’s much easier to know how a draw at 410°F will be like compared to 3.6V.

With that being said, many beginners and even experienced users will be satisfied with the power settings. The included 14-second active mode which lets you have a bit longer of a session is pretty decent, especially with the ceramic donut!

Rokin Cyclone mouth piece

Vapor Quality

The main focus of this wax pen design is to provide you with a cool vapor which is supposed to rival water-cooled solutions. While the design of the cooling chamber definitely does better than the majority of mouthpieces, it still doesn’t compare to a dedicated water piece setup.

As for flavor and size of the draws, both atomizers perform quite well and deliver good quality vapor and the dual-quartz setup lets you take pretty impressive hits!

When you bump the unit up to 3.9V or 4.2V the vapors flavor definitely falls off and there’s more throat hit as the material is definitely warmer than usual, though the clouds produced are pretty impressive! I’d place the vapor quality from the Rokin Cyclone above most budget wax pens, though still quite behind other premium product like the Source Orb 4 or Focusvape Tourist.

Rokin Cyclone flat display

Rokin Cyclone front display

Manufacturing Quality

The Rokin Cyclone is a bit of a mixed bag. While you’re given a healthy amount of spare parts and accessories, the build quality is so-so. The unit itself feels very sturdy and durable, though the threading and finer details aren’t quite so good.

Another thing to note is that the Rokin Cyclone really is not re-inventing the wheel when it comes to the included atomizers, we’ve seen the dual quartz and donut pairing ever since the Kandypens Gravity.

Don’t get me wrong the set up works well enough, but I would love to see a bit more innovation in the wax pen market, especially from newcomers.

The machining on a lot of the Rokin Cyclone parts feels just okay, nothing impressive. You are given quite a healthy amount of spare parts though such as a:

  • Dual quartz atomizer
  • Ceramic donut atomizer
  • Four spare ceramic mouthpieces
  • Two cooling drip tips
  • Loading tool
  • USB Charger & wall adapter
  • The battery
  • A silicone container

The feel of the ceramic mouthpiece feels quite nice, and is much more enjoyable than a metal or plastic mouthpiece. A 12 month warranty is also present, so any defects will be covered pretty well! Overall, the manufacturing quality is okay, though the included accessories kit brings that up a good margin.

Rokin Cyclone usb slotBattery Life

Slightly higher than most pens, the Cyclone has a 750mAh battery which will easily last a couple days of moderate usage. For those who use concentrates more often than others, I’d highly recommend a battery which boasts over 1000mAh though.

Unfortunately, the battery is non-replaceable so if you’ve run flat you need to charge up and once the battery inevitably dies, you’re kind of stuck with a $90 paperweight.

Rokin Cyclone with armor case


Definitely one of the smaller wax pens on the market, the Rokin Cyclone is impressively compact, and when you take portability into consideration, the Cyclone becomes quite a bit more impressive! It’ll easily slide into any pocket and fits very comfortably in the hand, almost entirely concealed.

Wax pens are made to be ultra-portable and the Cyclone is no exception. Unfortunately, there’s no built-in storage container like we’ve seen on units like the Yocan Evolve Plus. I’d love to see more vaporizer adopt that feature!

Rokin Cyclone in hand

Ease of Use

Just like most other wax pens on the market, the Rokin Cyclone is incredibly easy to get to know, and user-friendliness is a strong factor. Once you’ve used it once, you’ll have already mastered it. There are no extra steps or special draw techniques to getting this device to work.

Cleaning the unit is quite straightforward too and I’d recommend soaking the cooling chamber & mouthpiece in a small glass of isopropyl alcohol while gently agitating it to ensure any build-up gets cleaned out. Rinse with warm water and do a quick burn-off to get it back to new!

Rokin Cyclone in another hand


Of course, the small form-factor makes it an awesomely discreet device and taking a hit practically anywhere in public will be super stealthy and easy.

The only factors to keep in mind for discreetness would be scent and the clouds you produce. Other than that, it looks identical to any standard e-juice vape and no one would bat an eye if they saw you taking a puff from this.

Rokin Cyclone full kitOverall Experience

While the Rokin Cyclone certainly performs well, it does not really do anything differently than the competition. When it comes to ceramic-based atomizers I prefer the Thunder 2 and if I want a wax pen with a coil for some serious clouds I will use something like the Pulsar APX wax.

The only front the Rokin Cyclone wins on is temperature control, and battery life, and only hardly at that.

I can appreciate the innovation behind the cooling unit on the Rokin Cyclone, but the budget wax-pen market is extremely competitive and you really need to make something that shines much brighter than the rest now to really make it big.

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7.2 Good
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