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The popularity of waxes and concentrates are at an all-time high and with this increase in popularity comes a whole host of new wax-centric products. One of the newest wax pen designs to pop up is the “nectar collector” or “honey straw”, which aims to make it even simpler to consume waxes but doing away with the annoying loading process. Today we will be looking at the Boundless CF710, this is Boundless’ first wax unit, we have enjoyed previous products from Boundless like their CF and CFX models, so we will see if the wax pen boasts the same quality. Also if this is your first time purchasing a wax pen, be sure to check out our Wax Pen Buyers Guide which is full of helpful tips of what to look for when purchasing your first pen.

Review: Boundless CF710

How it Works

Just like other nectar collectors and wax pens, the Boundless CF710 is very straight forward.  There are 2 separate ways to operate the Boundless CF710, the first is on-demand heating which is more of a traditional method found in wax pens, you just press and hold the button to heat the coils while you take your draws.

The second way is geared towards users who want of a session style hit, if you click the power button 3 times the device will continuously heat for 15 seconds allowing you to take multiple draws without the need to constantly press the power button.

So when you want to use the Boundless CF710, you simply set the device to your desired heating mode, and dip the heated coils into provided quartz dish loaded with your concentrates while drawing from the top end, it really is that simple.

Temperature Flexibility

The Boundless CF710 actually does not feature any sort of temperature control, which is a bit disappointing when other similar nectar collectors like the Linx Ares offer users at least 2 heat settings.

The only real way you can control your temperature is with how long you hold the power button. Short pulses on the power button will allow you to enjoy lower temperature draws which will provide you with better flavor.

For those who want to get some serious cloud production we recommend holding the power button down for longer and taking longer draws. Vapor won’t be as smooth but it will yield some impressive vapor production.

Vapor Quality

The Boundless CF710 gives you 2 different atomizers to choose from, the first is a dual quartz coil, which when we tested it provided great flavor but thinner vapor production. Despite the thin vapor we were really impressed with the flavor produced from the quartz rod, allowing us to taste all the subtle notes of our wax.

The other coil is a single ceramic coil wrapped with a thick Clapton coil. This coil is geared towards the cloud chasers out there, producing an abundance of visible vapor. However we must note this coil is much harsher than the quartz coil and may have you reaching for a glass of water. Flavors with this coil are also muted because of the higher heat.

When all is said and done we were pretty impressed with the vapor that the Boundless CF710 can produce.

Manufacturing Quality

When it comes to manufacturing quality Boundless opted for fuction over fashion. When compared directly to a unit like the Linx Ares, the Boundless CF710 looks cheap in comparison. It is a chunkier design and is lacking a certain finished flair that the Ares has.

Nonetheless if you get passed the actual looks, the device operates at a high caliber, heating up the coils in seconds flat allowing you to go from zero to clouds in no time.

Despite the aesthetic quality of the unit, it feels solidly constructed when you hold it in your hands, it is well machined and there were no glaring defects in the unit we received. This seems to be par for the course for Boundless units which is something we are happy to see.

Battery Life

The Boundless CF710 comes equipped with a 900mah Li-Ion battery, which is pretty impressive for the size of the unit. Most wax pens on the market and even the Linx Ares Honey Straw only has a 650mah battery.

This means that the Boundless CF710 should last a bit longer than most wax pens. During our tests we found it was days before we needed to charge the Boundless CF710 which is great.

Because you are only using the Boundless CF710 for maybe 30 seconds at a time, you  tend to not put a lot of stress on the battery during daily use and as such the battery has a tendency to last for quite a while. This means you spend more time enjoying your wax and less time waiting for a charge.


This device is geared towards portability. It may not be as slim as the Linx Ares but it is perfectly pocketable and easy to take with you. As we mentioned the 900mah battery should be more than enough to last you a days’ worth of vaping while out, if not several days.

The other thing that makes this unit portable is how you use it. Gone are the days of fumbling with your wax while out, making sure you have a loading tool and struggling to get a piece on the coil. With the Boundless CF710 you simply open your jar of wax and draw to your hearts content making it super easy to get quick and hassle free sessions in on the go.

Ease of Use

How easy is this unit to use? Well if you haven’t got the message already from the rest of our post, its SUPER EASY! No loading required, which to be honest is the most annoying part of the wax pen experience.

It can be a real struggle to get very sticky wax to come off your applicator and onto the coils and you always have the fear of damaging the coils with your tool. With the Boundless CF710 wax sessions are effortless, just heat, sip, and enjoy.

Our only real complaint with this unit is how much wax you need to get the device to work properly, which seems to be an issue with all of these nectar collectors. In fact the Boundless CF710 is anything but efficient and you can easily blow through your entire supply of wax in minutes.

Not only that, but a lot of times there is melted wax residue left over in your jar which is hard to reclaim. If you are looking for a unit that favors efficiency than we highly suggest checking out the Zeus Thunder 2.

Overall Experience

The Boundless CF710 nectar collector is a very niche device for your waxes and concentrates and not everyone is going to find use for it. The main reason being the lack of efficiency, the Boundless CF710 requires you to use a lot of wax during one session which will deter most users who prefer to conserve there wax and want a unit that puts efficiency first like the ZEUS Thunder 2 wax pen.

The CF710 on the other hand really is geared towards wax-heads who have a lot of product at their disposal and want to achieve rig sized draws in a more portable package. But even those users may want to check out a unit like the Source Nail which is an E-Rig and provides a much more portable, convenient, and efficient way to enjoy rig-style draws.

If you have questions about our review or just want to let us know what you think, feel free to drop us a comment below! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with all our contests, sales alerts and other fun stuff! Thanks for reading and as always, keep vapin’!

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