Arizer Extreme Q vs VapeXhale Cloud EVO


Arizer’s Extreme Q vaporizer is the desktop unit that many budget-conscious connoisseurs go with because of the feature range and outstanding vapor production. VapeXhale’s EVO isn’t nearly as affordable, but you can get specially designed Hydratubes that provide water filtration and make it one of the coolest looking vaporizers on the market. While these are both high performing and very popular, we’re about to find out which one comes out on top in a head to head matchup…

Arizer Extreme Q vs VapeXhale Cloud EVOExtreme Q vs VapeXhale

Extreme Q vs VapeXhale Vapor QualityVapor Quality

The Extreme Q can deliver vapor in two different ways. The first is from a long whip, which delivers cool, flavorful vapor. The whip’s vapor is a bit on the light side though. The second is from a balloon, and this method is the way to go if you like your vapor dense.

Actually, you can achieve a range of vapor density with the balloon setting. This is because there are three different fan settings for filling the balloons. If you want lighter vapor, choose the fastest speed.

If you want really dense vapor, simply turn the temperature up a little and use the slow speed. It takes a long time to fill a whole balloon on the slow speed, but you can’t argue with the results.

Regardless of which method you use, you can expect great flavor and smooth draws with the Extreme Q.

The Cloud EVO also offers outstanding vapor. I’m personally not a huge fan of using the EVO without a water attachment, but you can. If you do, expect vapor that is less smooth than if you use a water pipe or one of VapeXhale’s Hydratubes.

If you do spring for a Hydratube, expect some of the smoothest vapor you’ll find from any vaporizer. You lose a bit of the flavor in the water filtration, but it’s still very enjoyable. For comparison, either of these vaporizers will outperform just about every portable on the market, and a lot of the desktops as well.

Extreme Q vs VapeXhale Manufacturing QualityManufacturing Quality

The thing I like the most about the build and design of the Extreme Q is the versatility. This vaporizer offers just about everything you could want from a desktop. The chamber is big enough to hold plenty of material for groups.

You get the two different vapor distribution methods that I mentioned above. All of the materials are high quality and food grade. The fan for the balloons is capable of running at three different speeds, and the digital temperature control allows you to set the exact temperature you want.

If all of that isn’t convenient enough, there is even a remote that allows you to control every last feature and setting. You may not think that you would actually use a remote for a vaporizer, but it’s surprisingly useful.

Especially when you are using the balloon setting and doing something else like watching a movie or playing video games and you want to turn off the fan so that the bag doesn’t overflow.

The EVO is also built well. I really like the way the vapor pathway is designed, because it keeps the air completely isolated from all interior elements, even the heater. There is a glass tube that runs through the center of the unit, and the heater surrounds it on the outside.

On the other side, it lacks a lot of the Extreme Q’s versatility. While it has a full range of temperature options, there is only a manual draw to change it. So you never actually know exactly what temperature you are using. This may not be a big deal to you, but I definitely prefer the digital display.

Once again, you are talking about two units that are near the top of the game in this department. Neither one is a clear favorite over the other.

Extreme Q vs VapeXhale Ease of UseEase of Use

The Extreme Q offers a full digital display, multiple ways to enjoy the vapor, and a remote to control it all. It’s extremely easy to use, and you can’t get any more convenient.

Being able to turn the fan on and off without leaving the couch is especially nice, though I also find myself changing the temperature with the remote a lot too.

The EVO is also very easy to use. You pretty much just flip a switch, turn a knob, and take a draw. If you’re talking about the easiest process to get vapor, the EVO would be the winner.

But I think the Extreme Q deserves bonus points for how much it can do so easily, which is why I’m giving it the win.

Extreme Q vs VapeXhale ReachReach

This really isn’t a contest. The Extreme Q is the far better option if you want a desktop with more reach than most. This all comes down to the balloon. Once you fill up the balloon, it can be carried and passed around as far as you like.

If you use it with friends, they never actually have to touch the vaporizer, which means there’s a lot less chance that something breaks.

With the EVO, every draw has to be taken from right over or beside the unit itself. The reach is simply the length of the power cord. This also means that if you use it in groups, your friends will be handling expensive equipment, a lot of which will likely be glass.

Extreme Q vs VapeXhale VersatilityVersatility

If you’ve been paying any attention to this matchup so far, then it should have been very easy to predict the winner of this category as well.

The Extreme Q is one of the most versatile desktop vaporizers on the market. You get everything from balloons and whips to multiple fan speeds and a remote control.

The EVO doesn’t offer nearly the same range of features and usage styles. There are quite a few Hydratubes to choose between, but these don’t offer that much different of an overall experience. The Extreme Q is the clear winner here.

Extreme Q vs VapeXhale Temperature FlexibilityTemperature Flexibility

Both of these vaporizers offer great temperature flexibility, but the Extreme Q does it better. Like I mentioned multiple times before, the Extreme Q has a digital display that allows you to set the exact temperature you want.

The EVO has a dial that you use to turn the heat up and down, but you never know exactly what the temperature is.

Extreme Q vs VapeXhale WinnerSHOWDOWN

This may be a shock to some people reading this. The EVO is generally thought of as the more premium vaporizer, but I don’t think this is a fair assessment.

Neither one of these vaporizers is better than the other when it comes to vapor or manufacturing quality, but the Extreme Q is so much more versatile. It won our last few categories easily for this exact reason.

While the Hydratubes may make the EVO look like the cooler vaporizer, the Extreme Q is a workhorse that will not disappoint. You get a lot more functionality, and it even costs considerably less. Especially if you plan on getting a Hydratube.

If you are convinced the Extreme Q is the right unit for you, be sure to pick one up from our store.

To see how these 2 units stack up against the field, be sure to check out our Desktop Vaporizer Ranking Chart.

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