2013 Top Portable Vaporizer Releases

Updated 06/16/2013

While 2011 and before was plagued by low quality and non functional portable vaporizers, 2012 was a great year for new vaporizers. While the IOLITE vaporizer used to dominate this field up until 2012, units like the MFLB and the Arizer Solo completely took the market away from IOLITE and enabled tens of thousands of connoisseurs to vaporize efficiently and  reliably. 2013 looks like it’s going to be even better. New portable units are coming out all the time, but this year we’re expecting some of the best manufacturers to come out with new high quality units. Here’s a rundown of what we know and when you can expect to see them around.

Top Portable Vaporizer Releases

2013 Top Portable Vaporizer Releases

Vapman – Very Promising!

The Vapman has a HUGE following in Europe, but it’s just coming out in North America this year. It’s a tiny Swiss-made portable that works with a torch lighter and focuses the heat onto the GOLD heating chamber. We had the pleasure to test this unit and it is absolutely AWESOME. The best thing is its super low price-point and high quality (starting below $100). It’s got a gorgeous design and wonderful craftsmanship. Since it works with a torch lighter, it doesn’t require any charging and can be taken anywhere. This is an awesome excuse to finally get a nice torch lighter! We will be reviewing it on our blog shortly, and we think it’ll outrank all the similar units available in its price category. You can read the Vapman review here.
Vapman Vaporizer

DaVinci Ascent – Promising!

The DaVinci is already known as a premium portable vape. Now the manufacturer is planning to release a new portable with amazing features. It will have an all glass vaporization system, which should give it excellent vapor quality. Like the DaVinci, it has a digital temperature control and a pretty short heat up time. Most amazingly, they claim it will have 4 hours of battery life. This would make it the longest lasting vaporizer on the market. We have not tested this unit but have high hopes. We’ve heard of lots of people looking forward to this unit. This unit is about to be fully released to the market, pre-orders can be placed on the Ascent Vaporizer Product page.


The Flashvape was officially released in November 2012, but it’s only beginning to build up a serious presence now and it really deserves more of a place in the market. This Canadian made vaporizer has a simple mechanism and amazing durability. It takes only seconds to heat up, and its large ceramic heating chamber gives it better vapor quality than similar units like the magic flight. This unit is already released and you can read the Flashvape Vaporizer Review here.
Flashvape Vaporizer

Wiz Vape

The Wiz Vape by Aura Medical showed up on Youtube a few months ago with an interesting video. It looks like it will be a small, slim Portable Vaporizer with adjustable heat settings. What’s really drawing attention is the ceramic and glass heating chamber with the built in stirring tool to ensure even heat distribution. This looks like it would be one cool vape, but more information is hard to come by, and they don’t seem to have a website which is pretty bad. The release date is Spring 2013, so hopefully we’ll know more soon. We will have to wait and see if this is just an interesting video or if there is actually a functional unit behind this release.

Thermovape Cera

Thermovape has been a promising company in vaporizer manufacturing. Unfortunately the first unit they developed (Thermovape), really didn’t work well and was overpriced. The Cera looks more promising and we look forward to testing it. It has a ceramic outer shell, giving it a classy looks and a high level of durability. It’s small enough to be discreet, and the battery is very powerful for its size. It’s one of the few handheld vaporizers that supposedly work well with loose botanicals, oils, and even e-liquids, although you need to order different cartridges for each. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. It formally launched in January, but it is still not available to the market. We suspect they are fine-tuning the details and will be looking forward to testing this unit. It might be awesome or horrible; we will review it as soon as it is available and let you know. 
Cera Vaporizer by Thermovape

Mystery Unit – Very Promising!

We’ve recently received word of a new high quality Canadian unit that may be coming out soon. We’ll let you know more when we know more. This one might be a bigger game changer than the Vapman, so stay tuned!

Portable Vaporizer
All these new units will change the face of vaporizing in the next year. We love seeing more people get into vaporizing as it is a healthier alternative. We hope these new releases will encourage more connoisseurs to take up vaporizing. Watch our blog for more news at it becomes available!
Thanks for reading today’s Top Secret Portable Vaporizer Releases in 2013 blog post. Feel free to ask your questions and comments in the comment box below.
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  1. This is the first I’ve heard of the Vapman. Does it already come with the torch lighter or do you have to get one separately?

    • The torch lighter is seperate, you have the option to pick between cheaper and more expensive ones. They start from 9.99$, so they are pretty well priced. They will cost twice as much even at a gas station :)

    • Have you checked out the Vapman review on our blog? We also have quite a few vape showdowns, where we put the Vapman head to head with other vaporizers in the same class, so that you can see which one is better value for your money! Have a look at those to see if the Vapman is for you :).

  2. There is so many different vaporizer’s, what is the easiest and most efficient one to purchase ?

    • That is a very good question. I will put that on the review board so we write a blog to answer that, but the short answer is.

      easiest to use:
      1- volcano (but very expensive)
      2- Extreme q, Solo & V-Tower (outstanding value for a medium price)

      most efficient:
      1- Aromed (priced high, but experience and vapor quality are the BEST)
      2- Vapman
      3- Extreme q, Solo & V-Tower (outstanding value for a medium price)

      hope this helps :)

    • They are very exciting! Glad to hear that this article was helpful :). Looking at getting any of these vapes? Stay tuned for more detailed reviews of the ones that haven’t hit the market yet!

  3. I think I know what the mystery is and I cannot wait until February!! I do not want to name the unit since you have not yet named it here yet, but the one I am thinking of just wrapped up a funding campaign. I hope they get the production down smooth and everything goes as scheduled and up to expectations. I was not cheap – I went titanium with a sweet case,it’s going to be a great year, who knows I may regrow my bald spot! Technology is awesome.

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