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According to survey data we published, which went viral with 742 comments, 81% of vapers preferred a portable vaporizer.

Each one of the portable vaporizers we rate are tested thoroughly by our review team, to ensure our ranking is as acurate as possible. The ratings are refined as post purchase customer feedback comes in through reviews and emails. The rating criteria themselves have been carefully selected and refined over the years. In case you would like to see more about our performance specs rating methodology, follow the link.

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Crafty Vaporizer Review



This unit is manufactured in Germany by the makers of the Volcano Vaporizer. With a high quality plastic construction and internal convection heating, Storz & Bickel defied what industry leaders percieved as rules to follow in developing an acceptable form. This device is all function and primarily geared towards the folks that care about getting the job done, the best way it can get done. The amount of vapor that the Crafty can generate is just unmatched among portable vaporizers.

Mighty Vaporizer Review



The Mighty uses the same convection heating as the Crafty and is also manufactured by Storz & Bickel. The difference with the mighty is that it is about 30% larger and has double the battery life. There are many vapers that prefer the Mighty over the Crafty for its ease of use, and are willing to carry around the extra size and weight.



Utillian 720

Convection is no longer reserved for the high rollers, Canadian based manufacturer Utillian is bringing convection to the masses with the Utillian 720. This is the worlds most affordable convection vaporizer, featuring a large stainless steel heating chamber, easy loading magnetic mouthpiece cap, USB charging and up to 2 hours of battery life. The Utillian 720 can also handle concentrates with the included wax canister making it an extremely versatile unit. A convection vaporizer fit for a King, but priced for a peasant.

Pax 2 Vaporizer with mouthpiece



The original PAX was a game changer in style, form and function in the vaporizer industry. Building upon their popularity and successes the PAX 2 looks to outshine its predecessor with a slimmer design, improved heating and better battery life. If you are looking for an ultra portable vaporizer that can still produce great vapor then the PAX 2 may be for you.

ZEUS Smite Plus Vaporizer


Smite Plus

Quality for gods, priced for mortals. ZEUS is known as the brand that provides exceptional value and to this day has not put on a sale. The Smite plus was released late 2015 and has been among the top sellers since. You get all the features that matter at the lowest cost possible. This unit boasts a ceramic heating chamber, digital display and the highest battery life available on the market. If you are looking to buy something that will make you happy, get the job done and have the best bang for your buck, look no further.

Prima Vaporizer Review


Vapir Prima

Vapir is one of the first companies in the vaporizing industry and the first to issue shares to the public. The Prima vaporizer uses conduction heating, but has a very smart setup to preheat the air that enters the heating chamber. That allows the unit to offer an almost unobstructed airflow, like with convection vaporizers, but without the limitations of that technology. Massive clouds and a very acceptable battery life are the result of this efficient setup.

Arizer Air Vaporizer Review


Arizer Air

Arizer is the Canadian giant and fully dominated the vaporizing industy worldwide up to 2014. The Air is one of the few portable vaporizers that uses lot of glass in its construction. That of course means that the vapor produced is pure and that cleaning the mouthpiece is very convenient. The heating chamber unlike other portable vaporizers is completely seperated from the internal components and that is one of the reasons why they tend to be the most relalibale in the market.

Ascent Vaporizer Review


DaVinci Ascent

Arizer is the Canadian giant and fully dominated the vaporizing industy worldwide up to 2014. The Air is one of the few portable vaporizers that uses lot of glass in its construction. That of course means that the vapor produced is pure and that cleaning the mouthpiece is very convenient. The heating chamber unlike other portable vaporizers is completely seperated from the internal components and that is one of the reasons why they tend to be the most relalibale in the market.

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer


V2 Pro Series 7

V2 Pro is a huge company in the ecig/vape industry and has just recently made some advancement towards the vaporizing industry. The 7 Series is quite unique in that it comes with one herb and one e-juices compatible heating chamber that are both removable. This means that maintenance over time is less of a hassle as one can just buy a new heating chamber after a few months. Also, one can purchase different heating chambers for wax, e-juice or herbs, load them and take them on the go.

Haze Vaporizer Review



Haze features a dual heating chamber that allows the user to vaporize through two batches before having to reload the unit making it a handy unit for those who are always on the go. This unit is extremely versatile and can handle herbs, concentrates and liquids making it a well rounded and approachable vaporizer.

G Pen Elite Vaporizer


G-Pen Elite

Grenco Science burst onto the scene with the original G-Pen and G-Pro. While the units were popular, the quality was a bit lacking. However their latest release the G-Pen Elite is a pleasant upgrade from their previous offerings. This is one of the smallest units available on the market, rivaling the PAX 2 in size and includes an LED display, precise temperature control, and a large ceramic heating chamber. Overall manufacturing and vapor quality is much improved over previous units leaving us confident to recommend as ultra portable, stealthy unit.

ZEUS Smite Vaporizer Review


Zeus Smite

Quality for gods, priced for mortals. ZEUS is known as the brand that provides exceptional value and to this day has not put on a sale. The Smite has been a top seller since it’s release in 2014. The unit was introduced at prices unseen before for a vaporizer featuring a ceramic heating chamber. The Smite also features the longest battery life in the market, beating units that cost 3 times as much. If you are on a budget, look no further as we have not reviewed any other portable vaporizer that gets more performance points per dollar spent as the Smite does.



Boundless CFX

The Boundless CFX features a large LCD display, precise temperature control, and large heating chamber. This unit has one of the largest heating chambers and is great for those who are looking for really large draws. The only downside is that such a large heating chamber struggles to evenly cook smaller amounts because the herbs tend to move around too much which leads to thin unsatisfying vapor.



Utillian 651

Successor of the best selling 650, the Utillian 651 looks to improve on an already winning design by including 3 pre set temperatures and a glass mouthpiece. These features make an already good unit great and improve vapor quality while still maintaining the stealthy flask profile. A 1 button design ensures that just like the 650, the Utillian 651 is an extremely easy unit to use.

V2 Pro Vaporizer Review


V2 Pro 3 Series

Like the other V2 Pro product in our portfolio, the 3 series features removable heating chambers that can be bought to vaporize herbs, wax or e-juice. This is one of the very few pen vaporizers that can actually vaporize herb. This unit comes with a e-juice tank, but wax or herb tanks have to be bought separately. If having someting portable is important to you and you dont need huge clouds to be happy, this is a nice portable vaporizer to have.

ZEUS Thunder Vaporizer Review


ZEUS Thunder

The ZEUS Thunder is a premium pen with high quality vape priced at mid market levels. It features a PVD coat similar to Porsche design pens and 3 tanks included in the package that can do wax, e-juice and herbs. When purchasing you get the option to add a Pro tank for free and that is when it becomes fun. The Thunder with a pro wax tank is by far the best pen vape we have tested waxes and concentrates. If you are looking for a very high quality, wax vaporizer, the thunder is your best option.

Arizer Solo Vaporizer Review


Arizer Solo

Arizer is the Canadian giant and fully dominated the vaporizing industy worldwide up to 2014. When the Solo came to market there were only a few other options available and those options don’t even make it into the top 30 portable vaporizers anymore. Not only has this unit made it into popular TV shows like “Hannibal”, but till today the Solo’s exceptional reliability have generated word of mouth that makes this portable vaporizer one of the most widely owned worldwide.




The original unit produced by Da Vinci is a tried and true unit. The DaVinci features a stainless steel heating chamber and an internal storage compartment that comes in quite handy. It also features precise tempeature control and an LED display which is great for a unit in this price range. The unit features a rugged design that can withstand some misuse before any function is impacted.




The Focusvape features a cermaic heating chamber, pyrex glass mouthpiece and 6 pre-set temperatures in a large pen-style unit. The included 18650 battery can be charged with either the built in micro USB or with the included external charging allowing maximum flexibility if you find yourself without battery life.




The first PAX set the vaporizer industry on fire. The unique slim design, magnetic bottom load chamber, and great vapor quality made this unit a hit with connoisseurs. But it was not without its issues like a short battery life, hot vapor, and an unreliable chamber cover. We are happy to see Ploom has listened to criticisms and addressed them with the PAX 2. That said the original PAX is still a solid unit and beloved by those who owned one early on in this industry.




Easily one of the most unique vaporizers in the market, the Vapman is a tiny tank that packs a punch. This unit requires the use of a torch lighter which means you have to worry about lighter fluid rather than battery life. It is made entirely of wood and the bowl is gold plated copper to provide smooth and flavorful vapor. The one drawback is that because you use a lighter there is no temperature control which can lead to combustion. But overall a solid choice for people looking for a very small portable unit.



Top Bond Odin

The Top Bond Odin features precise temperature control, a ceramic heating chamber and glass mouthpiece to provide free flowing vapor. It garnered attention through social media websites like Reddit and Fuck Combustion. While it is a decent portable unit providing good draws, it suffers from a slightly bulky design and a residual plastic odor.




The Firefly gained much fanfare when it first launched. It’s unique windowed chamber design and promise of instantaneous heating gained a lot of peoples attention. While vapor quality was decent, the unit was little larger than expected and it suffered from poor battery life. Firefly has since released an update to their original, the Firefly 2, which is currently receiving rave reviews and seems to be a big improvement over the former.

Puffit X Vaporizer Review


Puffit X

Big brother to the original Puffit Vaporizer, the Puffit X features a forced air inhale with an internal fan for smooth and easy draws. The unit is shaped like a puffer making it great for stealthy sessions in public. Vapor quality and temperature controls leave a bit to be desired but if your main focus is stealth these units are very discreet.



Puffit 2

The redesign of the original Puffit vaporizer. This units discreet design lends itself to those who are looking to get in stealthy sessions. The heating unit easily separates from the body for easy cleaning and upkeep. Unfortunately the vapor quality and battery life of this unit could do with some improvement, but it is a decent unit if you only need it for discretion.

Vapium Summit Vaporizer


Vapium Summit

The Vapium Summit is built with outdoor vapors in mind. It features a rugged exterior and slim design for maximum portability. Vapor quality from the Summit is decent but not spectacular. If you are looking for a device to bring camping or out for a day of rock climbing the Summit may be your best friend.



Pinnacle Pro

The Pinnacle Pro is a decent starter vaporizer, the vapor quality and battery life are good but not great. We wish a little more care was put into the manufacturing quality of the device as their are a lot of hard seems which shows it was not put together with much attention to detail. Overall it will provide a decent session but don’t expect it to last very long.

Magic Flight Launch Box Review


Magic Flight Launch Box

The small wooden Magic Flight Launch Box has been a staple of the vaporizer industry for some time now. While its a great introductory unit into the world of vaporizers, the multiple parts, lack of temperature control and use of rechargeable “AA” batteries make this unit really show its age. There is a slight learning curve when starting to use the Launch Box and the unit is prone to causing combustion when the heating element is engaged for too long. Still a noteworthy unit for its one of a kind design, but lacking features modern vapers look for.




7th Floor is known for their stationary units the Silver Surfer and Da Buddha. The Sidekick is their first attempt to make the transition into the portable market. While vapor quality and manufacturing quality is good, the unit is a little too quirky and far too bulky to be seriously considered as an every day portable. If you are just using the unit at home it would serve you well but it has too many parts which makes it inconvenient to take with you. We hope that future contenders from 7th Floor will be a little more streamlined and far more portable.



Vapir NO2

Vapir’s first attempt into the portable vaporizer world was a hearty attempt, but ultimately fell a bit short when it came to design and function. The unit was large, cumbersome, not the most intuitive device. We are happy to see Vapir’s latest edition, the Prima is leaps and bounds better than their first attempt, showing that Vapir has learned a lot along the way to bring us such an outstanding portable in the Prima. But we must never forget where we began and for Vapir it was a little rough.



Top Bond Torch

The Top Bond Torch features a cylindrical shape similar to that of the Arizer Air. It has 6 pre-set temperature settings, a ceramic heating chamber and USB charging. We did not enjoy the vapor quality from this unit due to its short vapor pathway. Draws were hot on the lips and harsh on our throat. We hope in future iterations they address the issue with the vapor path.

G pro herbal vaporizer with red light



Grenco’s first attempt at a true portable vaporizer gained popularity because of a clever marketing campaign involving rapper “Snoop Dogg”, however the actual quality of the G-Pro left a lot to be desired. Vapor was very hot at higher temperatures, manufacturing quality was lacking, and battery life was far to short. We are happy to see that Grenco Science put their money where their mouth was and developed a much improved vaporizer in the G-Pen Elite, one much more worthy of your consideration.

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  1. I have a Solo & a Smite. I love both of them. The Solo is the better unit, although the Smite is far more portable.

  2. I think I would go with the Ascent mainly because of the quality of the vapor. The review described it as the thickest vapor in a portable yet…sign me up!!

  3. Favourite is the arizer air. It’s discreet, good functionality, and good vapor quality. I’d like to try the storz and bickel line though.

  4. I really like the Z smite for quick sessions but i have to go with the Arizer solo because of the quality of the Vapor!

  5. i like the “air” cause it makes a good “on the street” vape .looks like an e-cig for the most part.we may be close but discretion is still key:))

  6. Last year I purchased the Crafty Vaporizer from Torontovaporizer, I put quite a few miles on the unit and unfortunately it didn’t last long after the unit was dropped and one of the lips that help secure the mouthpiece broke off. Even after Gorilla gluing the piece back on (which made due for a short time) the battery passed away about a month later. Replacing the Crafty was not an option right away as it is an expensive unit and I was left with a device for about 6 months.

    Recently I reviewed a number of portables and I decided to purchase a ZEUS Smite Plus. Well the Smite Plus arrived and it has FAR exceeded my expectations. The Smite Plus is a unit that is able to last me all evening on a single charge… I was never able to say that about the Crafty.
    Another great feature of the Smite Plus is that it heats up within 8-10 second and there is a light inside the chamber so when you unscrew the mouth piece the bowl is lit up making it easy to fill in low lit areas. ZEUS, thanks for offering a top tier vaporizer at a very reasonable price…. I am your newest fan!

    The only regret I have was not purchasing a glass mouth piece.

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