Zeus Smite Plus vs Arizer Solo 2 – Sequel Scrap!

Today we’ve got a Canadian vaporizer showdown, with the ZEUS Smite Plus going up against the Arizer Solo 2. Both of these are updated versions of extremely popular original units for the two companies, and they offer a lot of the same perks. With either you’ll be getting great vapor and full temperature control, among other things. Let’s see who comes out on top in a head to head showdown…

Smite Plus vs Solo 2Smite Plus vs Solo 2

Smite Plus vs Solo 2 Vapor QualityVapor Quality

The Smite Plus offers very high quality vapor in terms of both flavor and overall production.

The precise temperature control allows you to dial the experience into the perfect balance based on your preferences, and the vapor pathway is also designed to keep the flavor pure.

The chamber is made from ceramic and the stock mouthpiece is silicone. Silicone is better than regular plastic, but glass would be even better. A glass mouthpiece is actually an upgrade that’s available too. Despite the great vapor put off by the Smite Plus, we had to give this category to the Arizer Solo 2.

The original Solo was known for producing some of the best vapor money can buy, and the updated version only improves on this reputation for Arizer. The long glass stem is especially nice because it gives the vapor ample time to cool before actually entering your mouth and lungs.

Smite Plus vs Solo 2 Manufacturing QualityManufacturing Quality

This was another category that was hard to judge because these two are so evenly matched. The Smite Plus is a big improvement over the original Smite, with everything being improved from a manufacturing standpoint.

The edges are smoother, the buttons feel better, and the whole unit seems to be extremely sturdy and durable. Some of the best features are the precise temperature controls and the fact that the mouthpiece is stored inside the device when not in use.

The Solo 2 is also a big improvement over it’s predecessor. It now features a digital screen and precise temperature control, which is something that wasn’t available with the original Solo.

Arizer products are known for lasting a very long time, and there is no reason to expect the Solo 2 won’t follow in the footsteps of the others.

What really gives the Smite Plus the edge hear is the lack of breakable parts. There is an option to upgrade the Smite Plus to a glass mouthpiece, but seeing as the mouthpiece is stored inside the unit the chance of it breaking are lower.

As we saw with the original Arizer Solo, the glass for the Arizer units can be a bit fragile, and Arizer does not offer many viable options for traveling with your tubes. If you’ve owned a Solo before then you will know the pain of replacing broken stems, and this tradition will only continue with the Solo 2.

So while the glass helps the Solo 2 beat the Smite Plus in vapor quality, it is the units Achilles heel when it comes to manufacturing quality.

Smite Plus vs Solo 2 Ease of UseEase of Use

The Smite Plus is about as simple to use as any vaporizer you’ll find that also offers precise temperature control.

There is a power button that you click 5 times to turn the unit on, then up and down arrows that allows you to set the temperature to an exact degree.

The chamber is accessed by simply sliding the top cover.

The Solo 2 is also intuitive, though there is one thing I would change. Arizer went with a new method for turning the unit on.

You click and hold the front button for a set amount of time. The default period is 8 seconds, which is a bit long to have to wait.

You can turn the time down to 4 or 6 seconds, but even 4 seconds is longer than necessary. It may seem like a small gripe, but those seconds add up!

Smite Plus vs Solo 2 PortabilityPortability

The Smite Plus is solid and small, which is a good combination when it comes to portability.

When you factor in the fact that the mouthpiece stores away inside the unit, you’ve got a recipe for a very convenient vaporizer for on the go usage.

The battery is also well sized and should last up to 2 hours of continuous use. The downfall of the Solo 2 when it comes to portability is the same as it was for the Solo.

The long glass mouthpiece isn’t convenient to carry, and they’re pretty easy to break. Arizer included a hip belt carrying case with the Solo 2, but I just can’t see myself – or anyone – using it. I’d rather use a different vaporizer for on the go and keep the Solo 2 for using around the home.

Smite Plus vs Solo 2 Battery LifeBattery Life

The Smite Plus has a good battery life, capable of delivering up to 2 hours of continuous use.

Ultimately this will depend on what temperature settings you are using, but you can still expect above average performance from this.

One of the biggest improvements from the Solo to the Solo 2 is the battery life.

The original had a battery capable of about 2 hours, while this one can handle up to 3 hours per charge.

Again, it depends on temperature, but this is still in the upper range of all portables.

Smite Plus vs Solo 2 DiscreetnessDiscreetness

The Smite is easy to keep concealed. The base of the unit can be covered with your hand easily, and the mouthpiece isn’t large or eye catching.

When you turn the temperature down low, visible vapor production and odor are negligible, but it still gets the job done.

The glass stem is a problem when it comes to flying under the radar with both Solos. There are short options, but even those stick up a good way above the unit.

The plus side is that you can still do the Solo in cup trick with the Solo 2, concealing the base inside a cup and making the stem look like a straw.

Smite Plus vs Solo 2 Temperature FlexibilityTemperature Flexibility

The Smite Plus has a range from 40C to 222C. This translates to roughly 104F to 431F. The lower end of this won’t provide much value, but it’s there if you need it.

The Solo 2 has a range from 50C to 220C, which is roughly 122F to 428F. Both of these fully encompass the recommended range for vaping dry herbs, so we’re calling this a draw.

Smite Plus vs Solo 2 WinnerSHOWDOWN

Our winner is the ZEUS Smite Plus!

Calling either of these a winner is pretty tough. They’re both incredible devices, and the overall performance is a real testament to how far vaporizers have come in recent years. The performance is mind boggling, from the full temperature control to the overall vapor quality.

The real kicker is the price. The ZEUS Smite Plus beats the Arizer Solo 2 by over $100. So while their overall performance is similar, the Smite Plus is the better value for sure.

If you are convinced the Smite Plus is the right unit for you, be sure to pick one up from our store.Still think you like the Solo 2 is better? Everyone has their own personal preference and if you are looking to grab one grab one directly from our store.

If you’d like to see another comparison, check out our recent showdown between the Solo and the Solo 2 and to see how these 2 units stack up against the field, be sure to check out our Portable Vaporizer Ranking Chart.

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  1. Philip Groves on

    LOVE my Smite +. Kinda wish it was a bit more free flowing but that is small potatoes when compared to all the advantages this vape possess. Still think it wins for ‘best bang for the buck’. Load this bitch up with a full bowl of herbs and set the controls for the heart of the sun!

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